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Monday, August 20, 2018

Lolli & Pops: A Visual Overview | Kenwood Towne Centre Cincinnati, Ohio

Not Sponsored: I've been following Lolli & Pops candy store on Instagram for a couple of years now. Their stores are always so appealing to the eye and their assortment of sweets are always displayed so beautifully. I've always wanted to visit one. The nearest one to me is in the Mall of Louisiana Baton Rouge, Louisiana (which is a little over an hour away from New Orleans). But while I was in Cincinnati, Ohio I found out they had just opened a store in Kenwood Towne Centre. It was a mere 10 minutes away! I was so excited and made the "small journey" ;) So, what did I know about Lolli & Pops? Not much. Only that they began in San Francisco, California and they carried all of these beautiful sweets. Well, the manager at their Kenwood store told me a lot more! He was SO NICE! He explained the history of the company and showed me all around the store. I learned a lot! Lolli & Pops was founded by a man! His name is Mr. Siddhartha Gupta. They offer a wide assortment of candy, such as marzipan! I find them so fanciful. They were in the shape of fruit, eclairs, waffles and even cute pink pigs. They sell candy from Europe, Asia and Mexico. They sell all types of artisan chocolates, pineapple cotton candy and vintage sweets from the past. And what tickled my senses was the variety of soda pop! The names will make you giggle. I wanted the Pac Man one. LOL They also offer gluten and allergen free candy. I could've taken a million pictures but I felt a video would be much more useful. I wanted everything in the store and had to maintain my composure. LOL It's easy to lose control. Plus as a neat freak, the store was simply impeccable! The floors were so clean you could eat off of them and everything was neatly arranged and in place. Such a joy to visit! If you click on the picture below it will lead you to my video. I tried to tape everything in the store! :D If you've never visited, I encourage you to do so. I thought this would make your Monday a little sweeter :)

(click on the picture below to see my video overview of Lolli & Pops)

This was my stash of goodies I purchased. You guys know I love mugs and I absolutely adore these. Everything is so good! I SUPER LOVE the milk chocolate tiles. So satisfying! Once you've had these, they'll make you feel guilty for ever eating an entire candy bar. They will satisfy your chocolate craving. I love taffy and these Neapolitan (like the ice cream) & Watermelon/Strawberry ones are delicious. SUPER LOVE the Korovka chocolate wafers. The wafers are light & flaky and drenched in chocolate. I haven't tried the fruit pastilles or banana Laffy Taffy yet. I can't wait to go back >.<

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