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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, Magic Night Cream, & Wonder Glow Face Primer Review and Swatches

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Not Sponsored: Charlotte Tilbury products have been on my wishlist for awhile. I purchased this Charlotte Tilbury set, The Gift of Magic Glowing Skin, during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Charlotte Tilbury's makeup & skincare is pretty pricey, so I felt this was a really good deal. You get deluxe samples of her Magic Cream, Magic Night Cream and Wonderglow. I've been testing it out for weeks now and I'm ready to give my opinion. My review of each are below.

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff)

Charlotte Tilbury | Charlotte's Magic Cream - Sweet
I've been dying to try Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream Moisturizer. The full size 50 mL jar costs a whopping $100.00. So is it magic? It's described as a hydrating moisturizer with hyaluronic acid, along with a host of other skincare treats I listed below (rosehip, vitamin E, etc). Let me share my thoughts. It's a marshmallow-y creamy white cream. It has a soft scent of rose petals. It lays beautifully on the skin. My dry skin really absorbed it. There's a layer left on the skin (transparent though). My skin felt very soft after using this cream. Very supple. It's a very good moisturizer. But for my dry skin, it wasn't enough. I was wondering if I would replace my beloved Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base (review here) or REN Ultra Moisture Day Cream (review here) with this. The answer is NO. Those two are better for my dry skin. Plus the Bobbi Brown is $60 and the REN is $57. I think Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream is really good, but better suited for Normal, Combination or even Oily Skin Types. I still give it a Sweet Rating.

• Unique ‘multi-tasking’ anti-age BioNymph Peptide Complex encourages beautiful skin from within whilst fighting free radicals
• This multi-tasking treat & transform moisturizer features a secret blend of patented ingredients to give you plump gorgeous skin every day!
• Hyaluronic acid and wild pansy extracts seal-in moisture so your skin feels renewed and rejuvenated
• Rosehip and camellia oils and antioxidant vitamin E transforms dull complexions so you can get hydrated, youthful skin
• Perfect if you want to cheat the appearance of 8 hours sleep for glowing skin in a flash!
• Paraben-free

Charlotte Tilbury | Magic Night Cream - Not Sweet
I didn't like this stuff. I didn't like this stuff at all. The full size for this night cream runs $145. This night cream promises youthful, radiant and firmer skin. This is a peach color cream. It smells like vaseline. I was totally put off by the scent. It starts off ok. You work it into the skin, but it looks oily & greasy. I took a picture of both my hand & face to show you. Once you apply it, then it feels sticky & tacky. I waited for this feeling to go away, but it didn't. I don't like sleeping with anything sticky or tacky. LOL By morning, I washed it off my face and my skin felt soft & supple. But it didn't feel moisturized. So this was a no go for me and I can't recommend it to my readers. I didn't like it so, that I threw the jar away. LOL One night was enough for me.

• Treat and transform dull, dehydrated skin with 8 youth-boosting ingredients for a radiant complexion!
• Winter Daphne Stem Cell Extract, Time Released Retinol and Red Algae Marigel all work to rejuvenate, improve and protect your skin
• BioNymph Peptide Complex helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and boost elasticity

Charlotte Tilbury | Wonder Glow Face Primer - Sweet
I really liked her Wonder Glow Face Primer! This primer can be worn under your makeup, over your makeup or on it's own. It looks like a gold non-bronzer. It has gold specks in it. It illuminates your skin/face. It gives skin such a health natural looking glow, without looking oily or greasy. I can see myself using this year round (summer & winter). How does it do blurring imperfections? I wouldn't say so great, but it does make skin look healthier. This runs $55.

• Use the Wonderglow face primer underneath your foundation OR on its own for a relaxed dewy look.
• State of the art fluorescent core light diffuser absorbs UV particles from the sun and reemits their energy as visible light, illuminating your skin.
• Soft focus ceramic microspheres smooth over wrinkles and imperfect skin tone, creating an anti-ageing optical illusion for a flawless, poreless complexion.
• Anti-aging BioNymph Peptide Complex stimulates collagen to promote elasticity in your skin.
• Ideal for those seeking an effortlessly dewy look.
• Paraben-free

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