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Friday, May 3, 2019

My Mom's Birthday Weekend & The Jackson Concert

Not Sponsored: This past Monday was my mom's birthday. She turned 71. I asked her, what would she like to do for her birthday? She said, just relax :) So we did a weekend getaway at Beau Rivage. Their Spring decorations were lovely. I loved this vintage pick-up truck, loaded with blue hydrangeas & butterflies floating about. Colorful. Very Springtime.

I stopped by Haydel's Bakery before the trip and picked up an almond & buttercream birthday cake.
It had a pineapple filling and was really delicious. Haydel's makes really good cakes. 

The Jackson's were in concert that Saturday. So we attended it. The night before was Bobbi Brown and Bell Biv Devoe. We did not go to that one! I could just imagine them singing Do Me, Baby (not cool sitting next to your mom LOL). It was truly amazing to see The Jackson's in person. I've only seen them on television. Its totally different when you see celebrities in person. I attended the Mariah Carey Caution Concert in March and I have a new respect for Mariah's voice (It's absolutely amazing to hear in person). The Jackson concert was a montage of songs & video from when they were the Jackson 5 (Motown) through Victory to now. They also sang several Michael Jackson songs. They didn't talk much during the concert. They sang. They also had really good back-up musicians. They were out of Memphis, Tennessee. I've been to Memphis, but I really need to explore the music scene on Beale Street. I've heard its amazing. Lots of talent there. What I thought was quite interesting (considering their family's popularity) was their humbleness. They consistently thanked the audience throughout the performance and gave an amazing performance. These guys are in their 60's and were founded in 1964. You could see how seasoned they were as performers via their dance steps and singing. Very disciplined. They sounded really good. I'll try and post some clips for you on my Instagram page for you to hear. It was a fun time. There was even a MJ impersonator.  My mom really enjoyed herself. I just sat in amazement.

My mom is in love with Beau Rivage's Strawberry-Banana Daiquiris & seafood gumbo. I made sure she had her fill. Overall it was a really fun & relaxing time. She told me, Kim I really enjoyed my Birthday. Isn't that what it's all about? Fill your days with things you love. You should celebrate whether its your birthday or not. Enjoy your life!
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