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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Some Of The Biggest Gold Finds In Australia

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A lot of people these days are interested to invest their money in a lot of stuff in order to diversify their portfolio. Aside from stock trading, the most common investment they choose is to buy and sell gold. As they wanted to become knowledgeable in it, people try to learn what affects the price of gold and every little thing about this precious metal. Unfortunately, as the deposits on some of the mines producing this precious metal are almost used up, you may be interested to know about the biggest gold finds in history as well as which countries are producing the highest amount of this precious metal. On a positive note, the good thing about the limiting supply of gold while the demand remains high is that you will be assured that its value will continue to rise.

There are only a handful of countries that can extract this from the ground on an industrial scale such as China, Australia, Russia, USA, and Canada. There are many rich gold deposits all over the world but finding large nuggets is a rare thing. Below you can read some of the biggest gold finds in history and see from where all the super-sized nuggets come.

Kambalda, Western Australia
In the Beta Hunt mine in Kambalda, Western Australia, a miner by the name of Henry Dole found the largest ever gold nugget in 2018. The total weight of the nugget was over 14 stone and was part of a more extensive haul of over 40 stone of gold extracted from the mine. It was estimated that of the 14 stone of the gold nugget, ten stone of that was pure gold, giving it an estimated value of about £2 million. As easy as it is to get some cash for gold Australia has this massive nugget which took three people to lift it out and may cost a little more than the average buyer has in their safe when you come to look at selling it.

Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
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In Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, the world’s largest nugget which still exists and has not been refined was found and was called the Normandy Nugget. You can still see this nugget today as it is on display at the Perth Mint and weighs in at a whopping 25.5 kg and is 27 centimetres in size. The nugget was unearthed in a dry creek bed and is the property of the Newmont Mining Corporation.

Moliagul, Victoria
Australia, as one of the largest gold producing countries in the world, is also where the biggest ever alluvial nugget has been found. Called as Welcome Stranger, the nugget was discovered by prospectors in Moliagul, Victoria in 1869 and weighed in at 72 kg. Prospectors Richard Oates and John Deason found the massive nugget and sold this to the London Chartered Bank of Australia for £9381. The descendants of John Deason have a replica of their find as does the Melbourne City Museum.

Kingower, Victoria
In 1980 in Kingower, Victoria, Kevin Hillier found a gold nugget that weighed 27.2 kg and measured 45 cm. The nugget would go on to be called the Hand of Faith, and Kevin went on to sell the nugget to a casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, and you can see this as it is on display. Kevin found the nugget using a metal detector, and it is the largest nugget to be found using a metal detector.

Mount McIvor, Victoria
In Mount McIvor, Victoria in 1853 a nugget which would go on to be called the Latrobe Nugget was found. The Governor of Victoria, Charles La Trobe, was present as the nugget was pulled from the ground and was named in honour after him. The nugget weighed in at 717 g, so it is not the biggest by far. However, it is the structure of the nugget which sets this apart from others and is a beautiful sight to behold. You can still see the Latrobe nugget on display at the Natural History Museum in London.

Image Source: Pixabay
The above list is some of the biggest gold finds in the country over the years.
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