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Friday, May 10, 2019

The Cottage Greenhouse Cucumber & Honey and Carrot & Neroli Rich Shea Butter Handcreme Lotion Review

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Not Sponsored: Hey Guys! Happy Friday! Today, is the last of my reviews on The Cottage Greenhouse. You can read my reviews on their Orange Blossom & Honey Mask and Grapefruit & Blood Orange Lotion by clicking on the links. Yesterday, I reviewed both their Cucumber & Honey and Carrot & Neroli Body Wash. I mentioned yesterday, that their body washes provide light moisture and that if you're looking for more, you need to pair them with a lotion. The Cottage Greenhouse offers the same scents of the body washes in a handcreme. Hand creams are usually a little different than body lotions. They make a Grapefruit & Blood Orange lotion, so I couldn't understand why they would only make a hand cream to pair with the body washes. Usually consumers when buying a body wash, want a corresponding body lotion. But anyway, I purchased these two to test out. Are they only good as hand creams or can you also use them as a body lotion? I'm about to tell ya! You know I'm going to let you know my thoughts!

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The Cottage Greenhouse Cucumber & Honey Rich Shea Butter Handcreme - Supersweet
The first thing I want to say, is that these are some really big tubes (4 0z). I'm use to small tubes when it comes to hand creams. Adorable packaging, just like the body washes. Cute picture of sliced cucumbers both on the box and the tube of hand cream. SAME SCENT (cucumber + water) as the body wash! They do correspond. You guys, to get INTO the tube of hand cream you will need a small pair of scissors to puncture the silver seal (upon removing the black cap). It's a little thing, but something you should be aware of. After that, the hand cream is easy to dispense. It's white in color. Very creamy. Applies well and feels really good on the skin. As a hand cream, my skin felt moisturized and nourished. It dries quickly. This hand cream also works really well as a body lotion! Because it dries quickly, work in small areas: (hands, forearms, thighs etc). Although light, my skin felt extremely moisturized. This lotion is not sticky, heavy, oily or greasy. You'll constantly want to sniff your skin. Perfect Spring & Summer Scent! The key ingredients for this lotion are Cucumber & Honey Extracts, Avocado Butter, Shea Butter and Kale Extract. This lotion is Paraben Free, Gluten Free,  and Cruelty Free. I really love this cucumber blend and feel you will love it as well. Perfect for day or night.

The Cottage Greenhouse Carrot & Neroli Shea Butter Handcreme - Supersweet
I love the Carrot & Neroli hand cream as well! I think you can tell, I love these even more than the body washes. All of the lotions I've tried, have been absolutely superb. Just as I mentioned when talking about the body washes, I feel the carrot is great for daytime. It's effervescent and gives you that morning pick-me-up without being overwhelming or offensive. It's a great scent. This hand cream was an Oprah Favorite. It's made with Carrot Oil, Avocado Butter, Shea Butter and Kale Extract. It also has Beta Carotene, Vitamins A, B, D, and E. Carrot nourishes and helps to heal dry, chapped or cracked skin. Both of these hand creams felt nourishing to my dry skin without any kind of heaviness. I would definitely purchase these again. They would make excellent gifts. Overall, I just don't see how you can go wrong with The Cottage Greenhouse. The body washes were very fluid, that was my only gripe but THE FORMULA for all of the products I tried were very impressive. I was super pleased with my purchases. I'm definitely open to trying more.
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