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Monday, September 12, 2022

How To Freshen Up Your Favorite Jacket

Photo by Damian Barczak from Pexels

Everyone has a piece of clothing that is close to their heart because it has emotional meaning or looks incredible. Let's take, for example, a jacket. Usually, people have had one for years and don't change it too often. And because of that, they get pretty boring after some time, especially the denim ones.

You may want to freshen up your favorite jacket instead of throwing it away. But how can you do that? Besides the regular deep clean, jackets are very easy to change. According to Printful, various designs and techniques can drastically help you modify your clothes. And who wouldn't want a change of wardrobe at an affordable price?

Let's find out what methods are out there for you to keep your favorite jacket longer and give it a new look!

Art And Graphic Design

Like technology, art has come a long way in recent years. Paint has become fabric safe and also water resistant. That means you can get any design you want on your jacket. Maybe you got inspired by the street style in Japan or the hip-hop culture of The United States.

The most common jacket art style includes skulls, tigers, flowers, and dragons. However, it differs a lot from region to region. Regardless of what you want on your jacket, you can find the proper artist and materials at a reasonable price.

Better yet, you can look on the internet and do it yourself. You have an unlimited amount of options. There are, for example, even paints that look normal during the day but glow in the dark. In the long term, this practice will not only save you money, but it will help you create an awesome wardrobe.

Embroidered Patches And Pins

Maybe you want to freshen up your jacket and nothing more. Then, looking into embroidery and pins may be your best bet. When it comes to pins, you can look for them in antique stores, retailers, or online. If you are lucky, you can find incredible pieces that will transform your jacket forever.

Despite common misconceptions, embroidery is a very simple and practical way of redesigning older textiles. For example, simple embroidery go well as details around the pocket and the sleeves.

At the same time, more significant patches look incredible on the shoulders and the back. You can contact stores offering this service and consult with them about your wants. There are plenty of options. You only have to choose!

Buttons And Extra Fabric

If you want a total change, then some design modifications are the solution. If you enjoy sewing, you can remodel your favorite jacket. Longer or shorter sleeves or different patches are details that can make a difference.

The only disadvantage is that it can take a long time and can get quite messy if you are not a professional. If you just now started sewing or only know the basics, then stick to the basics.

On the other hand, you have buttons. Buttons are a cute and funny way to add some sparkle. You can change the old ones, switch out their place or use them to create patterns on the fabric. For example, you can create 3D flowers sewed into your jacket out of more extended buttons.

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