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Wednesday, March 20, 2024

10 Early Warning Signs Your Child Has ADHD

More kids are being diagnosed with ADHD these days. What’s not entirely clear is whether that means more kids have it in the modern era or whether doctors are quicker to diagnose it. Either way, it’s a common condition, and parents need to watch for these possible warning signs.

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They Get in Fights a Lot

ADHD treatment might be necessary for a child who receives this diagnosis. If they seem to get into a lot of fights, that could mean they have ADHD. That’s because outright defiance and impulsiveness are part of the condition. 

They Seem Hyperactive

ADHD can cause some children to seem hyperactive. This happens during the upswing of the condition, an emotional high that can make the child seem almost manic.

They Go Through Fazes or Fads Very Quickly

A child with ADHD might latch onto a TV show, musical group, or something else very fast. Just as quickly, they may give it up and think it’s boring. This can seem dizzying to parents, but it’s normal for individuals with the condition.

They Talk a Lot

Kids with ADHD can become very talkative when they’re in one of their hyperactive moods. They might seem to babble on a mile a minute when they’re at the height of an emotional peak.

They Appear Very Down Sometimes

Kids with ADHD can seem down and listless just as often, though. That is why medication is often prescribed to help even them out.

They Don’t Learn as Easily as the Other Kids

Some kids with ADHD have a hard time paying attention in school without medication. Because of this, they may fall behind the rest of the class and get bad grades.

They Have a Lot of Ideas

A child with ADHD may seem to be overflowing with ideas sometimes. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as parents and teachers like to encourage creativity. However, if the child is focusing on the wrong thing instead of their studies, that can easily prove problematic.

They Seem Argumentative

Kids with ADHD quarreling with their playmates is not usually the extent of their argumentative natures. They might just as easily disagree with a parent who wants them to do something. A parent often needs to learn to have patience with a child who has received an ADHD diagnosis.

They Get Frustrated Easily

Someone with ADHD might become frustrated easily, especially if they are being forced to comply with rules or regulations they don’t like. This is why a child with this diagnosis may not do well in school, but it can also continue into adulthood when they can’t hold down some particular types of jobs.

They Start Many New Projects

Sometimes, individuals with ADHD can feel like they are bursting with creativity, and they must get those ideas out. Don’t be surprised as a parent if you come across a notebook written by your child that’s crammed full of hastily scrawled ideas. It’s unlikely they will follow through on all of them, though.

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