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Monday, March 11, 2024

4 Tips for Buying Lace Front Wigs Online

The right lace front wigs have the power to transform one's looks. When buying lace wigs online, searching the internet may yield endless options. So, how do you narrow the list? 

While the internet brings the convenience of shopping for lace front wigs online, it also becomes easy to buy the wrong one. While some sites give accurate information, others offer empty promises. With the following tips, you can hack into buying lace front wigs online without surprises.

 Image by Michael Drummond from Pixabay

1. Check Reviews and Customer Photos

The best way to "try on" wigs without being able to view them in person physically is by reading reviews left by other buyers. Reputable online wig retailers will have photos of the wigs for various skin tones, face shapes, and hair textures.

Surprisingly, even reputable retailers can sometimes use outdated or altered stock photos that do not accurately portray actual wig styles and details. Thoroughly examine all product images uploaded by reviewers, not just the promotional pictures provided.

Look closely at hairlines, fronts, curls, color variations, caps, and more from every angle. Also, watch user-generated video reviews if available, as a few minutes of footage can reveal much more about an outfit's appearance, movement, and styling options than static pictures alone.

Reading reviews provides valuable insights into the wigs' fit, feel, and overall look. Pay attention to common complaints and stick to wig styles that receive positive feedback.

2. Measure Your Head Carefully

Accurately measure your head's circumference to obtain the correct wig size. Have a flexible tape measure to determine your hat or head size in inches. Most wigs come in standard sizes like Small, Medium, and Large or provide an inch range like 21-22 inches. Order wig caps and adjustable straps if your size falls between numbers. You can go up one or between sizes for a more comfortable fit. Take time to measure correctly to avoid wasted returns.

3. Choose The Right Color

Selecting a wig color online is challenging without being able to assess it in person. Consider your skin tone, eye color, and preferences for highlights, lowlights, or tone when ordering. Study color swatches and refer to customer photos to gauge how different hues appear on others.

Darker or brighter colors may photograph differently than how they look to the naked eye. Choose wig colors you know flatter your features to minimize the odds of needing to return for an exchange. Look for tone-on-tone rooting and dimensional shades.

4. Test Front Lace Wigs Material and Density

Synthetic and human hair wigs have distinct textures. Check fibers and wefts carefully, as the cut and thickness affect appearance. Most density wigs look natural, unlike very thin or overly thick ones. Synthetic fibers range from soft and lightweight to coarse.

Before settling on a wig, reference the material type and understand the difference between synthetic and human hair qualities. More importantly, check for heat resistance, as high-heat tools may damage synthetic wig fibers. Base that on your styling habits.

Switch Your Style with Lace Front Wigs

With diligent research, measuring, and product consideration, buying lace front wigs online can yield beautiful, natural-looking results. Reading reviews, examining photos, and choosing the right size, material, and color increases your chances of getting your desired style. Online wig retailers make it simple to build an entire collection from the comfort of your home.

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