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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Can Weather Changes Be A Trigger For Addiction Sufferers?

Almost anything can cause issues for those who are trying to recover from an addiction. Something as basic as the weather outside can actually be a trigger, which could lead to a relapse if the person doesn't recognize what's happening and seek further assistance. Some of the ways the weather can be a trigger include the following.

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Physical Inactivity

Poor weather outside means staying indoors, which can mean a lack of physical activity. When a person who has a substance addiction can't get out of the house or find something to do, they may end up using the substance again. Attending one of the best drug rehabs can help with this, as can finding things to do indoors for the duration of the poor weather. It may be helpful to look into hobbies that can be done at home or find other ways to keep busy.

Cause Depression

The weather has been linked to mental health. If the poor weather continues for a period of time, it can end up causing depression. When someone who suffers from addiction is depressed, they're more likely to turn to the substance to feel better, even though they know the negative consequences of that decision. Instead, they may want to reach out to a professional for assistance to learn how to overcome the depression and continue avoiding substances.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) typically occurs during the fall and winter seasons when the days are shorter. The reduced sunlight and staying indoors more frequently can cause many people to start to feel depressed. For those with an addiction, this may make it more likely they'll relapse and start taking substances again to self-medicate. It's better to talk to a professional about getting assistance for SAD and preventing a relapse.

Pressure Changes

When the weather changes, the barometric pressure changes, too. Though more research is needed, it has been shown to impact mental health. For those who suffer from addiction, they may find they struggle more when the barometric pressure changes. They may have physical signs, like pain, or may be triggered by the feelings they get when the barometric pressure changes. Seeking help from a professional can help them learn to navigate changes and avoid relapse.

Triggering Memories

The changing weather often brings about memories of the past, and for someone who suffers from addiction, this can be challenging. They may have negative memories they want to forget or could have positive memories from the addiction that lead to a trigger. It's a good idea to think of the negative sides of substance use before giving in to the trigger and to talk to a professional to learn how to navigate the triggering memories without it leading to a relapse.

The weather has a huge impact on our lives, from keeping us inside when it's raining or dangerous to go anywhere to bringing up a range of memories. For someone recovering from an addiction, the impacts of the weather can be triggering and can lead to a relapse. It's crucial to recognize the signs that the weather is having an impact and to seek help. By acknowledging the impact the weather can have and recognizing the signs, it's possible to get past the triggers and avoid a relapse into addiction.

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