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Monday, February 6, 2012

My Jason Wu for Target Online Experience

Did anyone participate in the Jason Wu for Target event (online, in-store)? Please share your experience or what you heard from friends/family in my comments section.

I shopped it online and it was definitely an experience (my first time)! Target teased their online customers from midnight until 3am (definitely some Milu the cat mischief going on...haha)!

I scored ALL of the pieces I really wanted, but it wasn't an easy task. If it wasn't for the help of others, I probably wouldn't have gotten my items. So I wanted to share my LESSONS LEARNED, so YOU will be prepared for the "next" high profile collaboration. Sorry this is text heavy, but anyone who participates in these events will hopefully find it useful.

A Guide for Shopping Online (Lessons Learned)

  • REVIEW the entire collection BEFORE the event. KNOW the items you want - Emotions are super high and there is no time to guess about which items you want. Some people got SO excited, they ended up buying items they hadn't planned to (nor fit in their budget). Some waited past 30 minutes (the time to cancel). Now they have to wait on the order and return it. Someone else could've purchased that item.
  • "Like" and Log onto the Target Style on Facebook Page AND Target Style on Twitter: NOT the Target Facebook Page - There are many consumers that have the same questions you do. A Target representative monitors the page and sometimes answers your questions (if not, usually a kind person does). You can gain a lot of insight as to what is going to happen. I logged on around 11pm. The event started around 12:15am (CST).
  • Have a Target User Id and Password - Make sure you have a user id and password (and KNOW it) for the Target Website. This helps when checking out. If you're fumbling trying to remember a password, you may lose out on one or more items in your shopping cart.When you take too long, things will be deleted if someone else wants it. You can check out as a guest, but you'll have to type a LOT of information to check out.

  • When you see an item you like online BUY IT! Don't keep looking for or adding items! - SO MANY people the other night, lost out on Jason Wu items because they were constantly adding to their shopping cart as items became available (trying to save on shipping costs). When they were ready to checkout, items had been deleted because the demand from others was so high. I paid for shipping and handling several times, because items were made available in increments (see next point). I didn't want to pay all that shipping, but to guarantee my items I did.

  • The ENTIRE collection was available for purchase online, BUT IN INCREMENTS - It was possible to buy the entire collection online, but it wasn't until after 2am that people and Target started sharing a link that showed ALL Jason Wu items. I was online shopping and waiting for items from 12 midnight until almost 3 am. Items trickled online about every 15 minutes or so.  
  • Customers worked together and shared LINKS so that others could find and purchase items like ME - Bloggers, Target customers and fans of Jason Wu really helped one another during this time. I really thank them!!! They provided links to specific skirts, dresses and accessories when we couldn't find an item. Why couldn't we find anything? Check out the next point.

  • There were 4 links on Target's website to shop for Jason Wu - Instead of having ONE tab to find ALL Jason Wu products, Target had 4! Maybe this was to prevent crashing of the site, but it was frustrating. You could find some Jason Wu items under Women < clothing, Women > dresses, Women > accessories, and then under the top Header > shop the collection > explore the details. Are you confused yet? I surely was. That's when people started providing links to specific clothing and accessories.
  • The customers (on Target Style Facebook) were the FIRST to say when the collection went LIVE. NOT Target officials! Target officials constantly mentioned this event would take place "early morning".  Well "early morning" started around 12:15 (just after midnight). Many believed it would start the same time Missoni did (I didn't participate in that event, so I can't verify the online time) around 4-5 am (that's what other people said). One thing is for sure! Missoni and Jason Wu went LIVE at TWO different times. So you can't assume just because one collection started at a specific time the other one will too!
  • COMPLETE YOUR PURCHASE and ORDER NO MORE THAN TWO ITEMS - Don't get so excited that you don't officially complete your purchase. Some people thought they had finished a transaction, only to never receive a confirmation number by email. Also, some people's orders were cancelled! Check your email for a confirmation! Don't order more than 2 of the same items!
A Guide for Shopping At The Store 
(Lessons Learned from others that chose this option)
  • Make sure the Target you plan on going to is actually participating in the event - Not all Target's carried/received the Jason Wu collection. I didn't find out about this until the day before the event (along with so many others). Target provided a listing of stores on their Target Style Facebook Page.

  • Some Target stores may only have a portion of the collection - Many customers complained that only parts of the collection were at stores (the entire collection was NOT made available). Some stores didn't have Jason Wu displays, but merely a simple hanging rack of select items. Some stores didn't have the handbags. Some didn't have all of the accessories (scarves).

  • Greedy Customers / Well Behaved Customers -I read that one lady grabbed a bunch of clothes without even looking at sizes. Can anyone say Ebay? Same for handbags! I thought there was suppose to be a limit, but from what some readers said they got away with it. There were also well behaved customers. One girl mentioned how other ladies SHARED a Jason Wu cat scarf with her. When dealing with the public, know there are different personalities out there. 

Look at this video! Greedy MUCH in Miami! :(

My Final Thought, What I Purchased and Quality!

Shop these collections online if you really want something. Even though it can be a pain with the hours (midnight into the morning hours), websites offer the ENTIRE collection. If you shop online you may get MOST of the items you want. If necessary, go to the store that morning to see if they have something you didn't get that night (hopefully you won't have to). Just realize, as in this case, stores may not have everything. I read many posts where individuals were disappointed once they got there.

Many people were concerned about the quality of the garments, myself included. So I really played it safe! I found out yesterday, that most of the designs ran big (good for me haha). So below are the 4 items I bought. No cat items. I'm not a cat girl (woman) haha. So I left those items for someone who adores them. I'm not greedy. LOL

An example of  FABULOUS behavior is in the video below! As far as the quality of the designs, I found this girl's (Rachel Martino) video showcasing some of  Jason Wu's designs. Fast forward to when she models the garments. I think they look SO good ON for the price. I had to share this with you.

Hope you enjoyed my review! I'll be responding to your blogs later today. I haven't read any of them the past couple of days. I was really busy Th - Sunday. You know I always catch up :) Have a great Monday! Jason Wu was my weekend Sweet Treats :)



aki! said...

I was there this morning... I can't believe those people in that video! Some stores had limits on items... guess that wasn't one of those stores.

Laura said...

Love the pieces you got, well done! :)

Johanna L. said...

Nice pieces chosen, Kim! And great shopping advice, there's lot of things I didn't know before :) xoxo

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Gorgeous items doll! Happy you got them and survived, how stressing!! I stay well clear of those things. I know, they will end up on Ebay for a silly price compared to the shops, it's terrible when people rip others off like that, though sometimes you can find a bargain, when the person is genuine. I hope you recovered, lol. And have a fantastic week!! xxxxx

Unknown said...

I love the pieces that you chose, nd great tips for shopping online! I never heard of the Jason Wu for Target event, how do you get to know of these things? :) xo

Project Curve said...

this is so crazy!!!!
i would never have gone through all this and kept the things you got!

Anonymous said...

im loving this collection

Natalie said...

Kim, this was so awesome and helpful! I have never participated in anything like this because it reminds me of Black Friday shopping, but virtual. Haha. I am not good with crowds and can definitely be an emotional shopper, especially when it comes to sales, but these tips were super helpful should I ever find a line I can't resist (like, say, Valentino for Target). ;D Have a great week, girl!

Ly said...

I knew that I wanted to purchase most of the items so I stayed online refreshing to see when it was available. Unfortunately, everyone was doing the same and by the time I figured it out the items I wanted were gone :(

Everything was going well in line but than one lady started running for the things and mass panic ensued. I'm shocked by how people behave. Sad.

The video is so sad. It really shows how people are in this world.

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

I don't have much fortitude to shop these kinds of sales these days but I'm glad you were able to score some pretty pieces for yourself Kim. You seriously do have to be well prepared even to shop online now. Those people who buy all that stuff to try to re-sell on eBay are just ridiculous. A friend of mine who went to Target yesterday morning said that our local store limited each customer to 6 pcs. which I think is fair.

Fenni Yorena said...

wow, I'm loving your blog! and such a cool post and informative :) I'm now following you! hope you'll follow back :)

Sam said...

This is tragic that we won't be able to be part of the Jason Wu brand feature in SA :( It looks so amazing, great tips, I think I will be able to utilize some of them over a general types of sales. The mustard yellow top you choose is so pretty!

MosaMuse said...

i missed out this wknd... i completely forgot and i was IN target! i dunno what i was doing. anyway... glad u remembered and found some good pieces.

Unknown said...

I'm totally jealous that you got those amazing little clutches. I got a dress & the blush top with the black pussy bow. I may have to head over to a different target to try to find something else!

Mimi said...

I love the shopping tips you posted and the 4 items you ended up with are so classic and and would go with anything!

Aesthetic Lounge

Nelah said...

Kim: I thought this was an Amazing Race. It sure sounded like one when you joined the crowd online to compete and score the hot commodities. These are awesome..awesome tips you shared. Very thoughtful to others indeed.

I have yet to have such experience with Target collaborations but enjoy watching from afar. You sure scored some nice looking items. Please model them :D

jas said...

great tips!

Sheri said...

Oh my gosh, Kim, you are so sweet for sharing your tips with everyone! It sounds like quite an ordeal! haha...but you scored some beautiful things. I especially love the yellow top. Pretty, pretty!!!

Glad it worked out for you!!

Rebecca said...

I haven't been able to get over to Target yet. I hope it's not picked clean!

See Me Rwar

Jax said...

I did not participate in the Jason Wu release, and after reading your tips, I'm glad I didn't!! When I shop I get vicious, even if it's virtual!! hahaha You don't mess with a girl and her wardrobe.

I am famous for the shopping until I get free shipping thing though. You're right. You buy meaningless items and may lose the piece that you REALLY want.

Crazy for fashion said...

I love evrything you bought! have a lovely week <3<3

amy b.s. said...

this weekend totally got away from me, but you can bet i'm headed there after work to see if anything is left. so sad!

Mary Ann said...

Awesome tips! By time I got to Target, most of it was gone. I did pick up that same black pleated skirt you bought, but it's a size too big. I'm going to see if I can exchange it at some point (there's got to be returns, right?). It has a very nice soft and swishy/floaty quality! ;-)

Haus of Style said...

I love the items you've chosen and esp. the 2 clutchs. I've never gone crazy for these targe releases but end up liking them after finding returns to the store so maybe I will run into something. Great tips though!

Corinne said...

I am literally dying to head to Target to pick up that navy blue splendor of a dress! I was up at midnight on the website freaking out going "omgod did the site crash?!" LOL! Hopefully I'll get my hands on some Wu goodies, they are just too lovely to be true (& SO in my price range!!) Fab entry, love your grabs! You must model them on an entry! Love ya Kim!
xx Corinne

Dawn said...

ok can I just say fantastic critique and I love the videos. I will have some of these pieces. I love what you purchase, classy just like you girl. have a great day!!! dawn suitcase vignettes xo

Unknown said...

I ordered a bag and a skirt online, hoping I like them. I'm way more excited about that bag than the skirt, hahaa :)

Unknown said...

Holy Wu! This is such a great review of shopping at Target for this collection from soup to nuts. I have not got my hands on it just yet, but if I do will have to keep this great cheat sheet handy! Btw, loved the pieces you chose. :)



Lindsay said...

Really good choices, Kim! So classy! I have been so turned off by all of the chaos that surrounds the diffusion lines, so I try to stay away from that world. The tips help, but so far, I haven't been able to get the guts to even try.

Jacqueline said...

I really wanted that yellow top! I went to (a not so local target :( )
and got soon after it opened, but apparantly the employees bought everything! Nothing was left online by the time I checked either... :(


Anonymous said...

I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SO sad that I couldn't make it out 'cause I wa sick!!! I was dying to get that cat scarf (I'm a cat and bow addict)...and dying to pick up that mustard yellow top and a dress. Alas.

<3 Cambria

Sayaka said...

Thank you so much for sharing your experience Kim!! I missed the whole Jason Wu thing but I'm kind of glad I didn't go early in the morning. The YouTube video is unbelievable!! I'm happy you got what you needed on-line and thanks for sharing the tips with us :)

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I watched the video and now regret it, because those people made me aaaanngry!
Though I adored a bunch of the Jason Wu items and consider this collection one of the nicer more wearable ones, I just didn't see anything I had have. Ah well, hopefully they'll restock online in another few weeks and I'll have another look!

Fashion-isha said...

That was really entertaining. I can't believe how people just grab anything to sell on! I try to stay away from anything the whole world is rushing to go for. There's enough beautiful stuff in the world for everyone. But your stuff is great, glad you got it!

JustPatience said...

I missed the shopping frenzy for this. I am hoping since I am in a small time the merchandise will not go as fast Want that navy dress so bad.

Cee said...

The launch of this collection sounds like utter madness. I love fashion but there are some things I'm just not willing to suffer in order to get certain pieces. I'm head over heels for Lanvin, but I refused to line-up at H&M and I wouldn't have done it for Jason Wu, either. But your perseverance certainly paid off, the items you got are so lovely and classy. Hope we'll get to see you wearing them!

Kassi said...

I don't think I will ever participate in these the day they launch. I get frustrated too easily and I don't need anything that bad. I do especially love that yellow top you got - it's so pretty!

Julie (Little Pink Rain Boots) said...

The pieces you picked up are fab! Thanks for all the tips, I don't know if I'll ever be brave enough to shop such an event (hehe) but if I do I'll definitely be following your advice.

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

I was out of town over the weekend and stopped at Target on Saturday and asked about Jason Wu and was told it was coming in that night. Since we were in visiting friends, I missed out on the Wu experience! LOVE your tips, Kim, and plan on following them for the next Target moment not to miss! I'm not a cat person either, but this was the first time I was even tempted to buy womething with that cat simply from the tv commercial! Haha

Thanks, sweetie-pie, for stopping by and leaving your always darling comments. Have a wonderful, wonderful week! ~xoSM

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou

Skinny Moonstick said...

You picked out very pretty pieces! I thought of going to Target for this event, but I decided not to. I always ask myself- if there wouldn't be that designer tag, would I still buy it?
Good luck!

Oh to Be a Muse said...

FABulous post, Kim! i liked it so much i had to comment on your Facebook page too.

*i previewed the entire collection beforehand.
*i followed Target Style on FB & Twitter. would not have found the Jason Wu link without doing that.
*i had 2 separate transactions because I didn't want anything leaving my cart. so when i saw what i wanted, i bought it!
*i kept refreshing the Target site to see the collection go live, and then I also heard from another blogger on FB that it was live.
*i got my confirmation emails and even got an email today that send my orders have shipped and should be here within the week!

SO glad i didn't shop this in the stores. I've heard both good and bad news. it's so much easier when you do these sorts of things online. (another reason H&M needs to start selling online).

can't stand when people pack their carts full of items they're going to sell on eBay. they have no respect for other people. and i hate when stores don't enforce limits. but it's always nice to hear when people do good things like actually give someone an item they don't really want or that doesn't fit.

loved both of the videos and everything you ordered. i am secretly hating you for getting that gold peplum top! (j/k) it was all sold out when i got online.

I did get everything else that I wanted though, including the white dress, the black dress, a bow top and that amazing satchel.

so sorry this is so long, luv! <3

ShinyPrettyThings said...

u got some awesome things!! i love the lace clutch you got. i was thinking about getting but wasn't sure about the quality so i skipped out. can't wait to see u review them when they arrive!

Shabby, Chic, & Cheap said...

I wasn't able to get my hand on anything :( i went to the Target closest to me and they told me they weren't even getting the collection!! Total bummer :-(

Bad Joan said...

Great tips! Can't believe those people in the video hoarded all those items!


A BRIT GREEK said...

well done you on scoring those gorgeous pieces! I would not have the patience to do something like this, the last time I did a score like this was for my convertible dress but it was so stressful! Hilarious experience too, but I wouldn't do it again.

Have a fab week Kim and thanks for yout tips!

Unknown said...

OMG Girl this sounds fun and really crazy at the same time. The collection is amazing, but I will probably be shopping the returns!!!! I love the mustard top you picked up. I had my eve on it too.

Katrina said...

Girl you are a super fashionista for staying up that late. I think the pieces you got are adorable. I wanted to go to the store, but I got held up making cupcakes and nachos. :) What can I say, the tummy prevailed over my inner fashionista. :)

miss b said...

Such an interesting post, Kim, with good tips for shopping in general. (We don't have Target here in the UK)
I'm pleased you were successful and I love those two bags which are perfect for spring. I was amazed by the greedy shopper video!
Thank you for your thoughtful comment about perfume!

Mica said...

Great tips! :)

Unknown said...

hey, kim! this is by far the best jason wu for target review i've seen! you're so organized, and you covered all the details. love you for that, kim! :) so glad you were able to get all the items you wanted. for me, it didn't work out that way... because by the time i remembered to shop, i was basically looking to see if my sizes were available, not to see if the items i like were there, because it wasn't. i shop at all the time... so i've had a password and id for a long time.... but yes, i did hear that target was teasing its customers. :) i love the designer collab at target... but they should have more quantities. :) thanks for your tip... i went online but it wasn't available anymore... i'll keep checking back. :) that video is hilarious!

have a fabulous day, kim. you're a gem. :)


Heather said...

I'm so glad I scored some items - people are crazy out there!


Unknown said...


I wished I would have had this info earlier it totally make sense.

However let me tell you about my embarrassing story although i mentioned Jason Wu Friday on my post I totally forgot and overslept oooopppppps.

So glad you got everything you wanted and thank you so much for sharing these tips this will def help next tine.

Oh My Style said...

great post! love what you got!

Megan said...

Yay! I'm glad you got what you wanted :) I really wanted that striped tote, but I slept in on Sunday and missed out on it. I did find the black pleated skirt in my size near the fitting rooms, so I snagged that!

prettymeggy said...

wow dear thanks for these tips! many people like me ignore some fact of buying online! great post dear and congrats for your new items they're beautiful :)
xoxo, Haus of Gala

Samantha said...

Thanks for sharing all those tip! I consider myself an expert shopper, but not when it comes to the online craziness of Target collabs. I didn't go to the store on Sunday, but I went yesterday. They still have quite a few things, but I was specifically looking for the black dress and floral purse. So I ended up leaving with nothing. {I'm trying to edit my closet so I'm being really picky about things I buy now!} Glad you got those 4 items! :)

xo, sam

hope in high heels said...

Fantastic tips - thanks so much for sharing! You're skirt choice is fabulous, so elegant and versatile. I may have to look out on ebay for it (assuming there are none left in stores!)

Anonymous said...

This is so helpful Kim!
Love your purchases! :)

Lorena said...

These are some smart tips, thank you for sharing.
The only item I want (ed) from the collection is the gorgeous peplum top you got :) It's no longer available on line and when I want to check if its in stores in VA it does not let me trace it :(
AND TO THAT couple in MIA - i think its wrong Target allows them to purchase that many pieces as it is obviously for resale. I hope nobody buys it from them.

Jen @ redsolesandredwine said...

Kim - what a fantastic post and advice - great for me next time :) I didn't do the stalking for this collection as I did for Missino so I did miss out on all the good stuff. Heard there was more stuff online today so I'm taking a look but like you said I heard the quality was an issue so ordering conservatively is good. Amazing what you can hear from twitter!

Keep up the fantastic work on the blog Kim!

Chocolate Cookies & Candies said...

I would've loved to see Jason Wu clothes. So feminine and well priced. I'm just not into the Versace for H&M but this is wonderful.

FashionableAsians said...

The Targets I went to were complete mayhem! Luckily my friend thought of checking the fitting rooms so we were able to pick up a few pieces from there!

Lorena said...

Great collection:)

Nicole Marie said...

Great tips Kim thanks!! Looks like you got some great stuff! He really has some great pieces. And wow, I cant believe those people in Miami, people are out of control!! hahah

Nicole Marie

Unknown said...

Interesting tips! The first video is really sad..can't believe people behave like that. The second one shows all the beautiful details and the girl seems so happy wearing his pieces. Glad you scored all the pieces you wanted :)

Heel in Mint

Marianna said...

oh wow i guess shopping is really a competitive sport. i can't believe how unorganised they seemed to be and how fast the items were gone. it was like you blink and u loose the item u want.
so sad.

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