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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Guess What Day It Is? $25 PayPal Giveaway

Has everyone seen this commercial? That camel is so funny. Are camels usually mangy looking like that? Oh gosh his knees. HaHaHa Sorry, never saw one close up. I don't even remember seeing any at our local zoo. Oh well, I'm giving away $25 PayPal Cash. See the Rafflecopter widget below! A winner will be announced Friday! Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Sheila said...

Great giveaway Kim! I think one thing I've always known of camels was that they retain water in their humps.. I believe that was true.. haha.. not sure. If not, I was naive as a little kid. ;)

xo - Sheila

Unknown said...

I actually had never heard of hump day until this commercial! How sad is that :/ my friend des laughing at the camel!

Unknown said...

Sorry dies*


Unknown said...

Fantastic giveaway Kim!

I'm scared of camels since I petted one tethered outside a circus and it spat in my face!

anyaadores said...

Great giveaway Kim:-)
The camel is sweet - i love his voice ha ha.
Fingers xxx
have a great day - much love,

Cee said...

Thanks so much for this great giveaway, Kim! Your blog is such a pleasure to read and a gift like this is just the icing on the cake :)

Cee said...

PS: My interesting camel fact is that my brother once had a stuffed camel... or so I'm told; I always thought it was supposed to be a moose!

Annffashion said...


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Please let me know.
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The Dainty Dolls House said...

Hahaha...I entered this not even knowing if it was opened worldwide, thank heavens once I was finished the thing said it was opened worldwide, hahaha!! So funny. This is really generous and sweet. Good luck to everyone!! Have a gorgeous day my sweet!! xx

Mica said...

Yey for international giveaways! I've never seen that ad before either, we don't have it here, so it was really funny. Thank you for sharing :)

I have a story about a camel if that counts as an interesting thing about them! :) There is a place nearby that has a famous camel - it was in some movies, I forget it's name. But you can go pat it and hand feed it. And I have a hilarious set of photos my dad took as he was "trying to get the perfect shot" as the camel came up to my aunt standing by the fence for the photo....and tried to eat her hair. Such a funny set of photos! Her reaction was priceless!

Away From Blue

Tina Bradley said...

How appropriate--the adorable camel on a Wednesday! I always smile when I see that commercial. :) Great giveaway! xo T.

Unknown said...

How is beautiful!

Lilli said...

Lol how funny! The commercial is really amusing Kim, I want to see a camel now!:P Kisses dear, have a good day! xo

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, I like that camels can kick with each of their legs, in all four directions (but not all at once LOL). Great giveaway. You just keep coming up with surprises all the time girl!

little luxury list said...

You are too funny and this is a great giveaway! Hmm, I do like that camels have such great endurance in the heat!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

ALLIE NYC said...

OMG so weird yesterday late afternoon my coworker was telling me about a commercial with a camel in and asked if I had seen it. I hadnt't haha now I can tell her I have!

Ali of

Dressing Ken

TheTinyHeart said...

That commercial makes me laugh every single time I see it! I don't know much about camels but I do love their long eyelashes :)

The Tiny Heart

TheBeautyFairy said...

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Coco said...

I'm in, thank you for the giveaway!!
I think camels are super cute more than funny :-)
Coco et La vie en rose
Coco et La vie en rose on Bloglovin
Coco et La vie en rose on Facebook

Vett Vandiver said...

haha I love this commercial, Kim! perfect time for a giveaway!

Jen ♥ said...

Fave commercial! A close second - Dracula at a blood bank..hehe. And yes, camels usually look like that - usually worse from what I remember!

I don't have a paypal so can't enter but had to stop by & watch the commercial :-)

Sara said...

Awesome giveaway!! I love that camel! :)

Unknown said...

I've never seen the camel commercial before- how cute!

always, koru kate

Love and Ace said...

Omg hilarious - that camel's face is so cute! I've never seen this! xx Kat

Love and Ace

Jessica said...

What a great giveaway!

Tracy @

Unknown said...

Awesome giveaway :) camels are so funny! I really want to ride one! Xxx

Sam said...

This is such a great giveaway idea!

Emmylou said...

Hahaha....I've never seen this commercial before! Priceless!
And great giveaway, Kim.

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

I've seen this commercial before and it always cracks me up. Perfect for hump day! Thanks for another super sweet giveaway Kim!

Rowena @ rolala loves

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

Forgot to leave you a camel fact. Their humps don't actually store water but fat.

Rowena @ rolala loves

Unknown said...

CAMELS! I'm deathly afraid of camels. I was bit by a baby camel when I was younger while trying to feed it a carrot. Maybe it didn't like the carrot. This one is kinda cute though... I like the way it walks haha, the knees buckle :) Thanks for this giveaway, could definitely use some extra cash in my paypal account!!


CoastWithMe said...

Hey Kim! Great giveaway! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Following you now on GFC & Bloglovin:)!

The Equinox Fashion by Paweerata said...

this is awesome!

Unknown said...

How cool...I entered each one! Hope i win! hehe


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