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Friday, July 5, 2013

A Berry Good 4th...After All!

How's everybody doing? It's Friday-YAY! I hope you all had a great week and for those in the States & Canada, a fantastic holiday! May the fun continue.

You may be asking, why am I giving the "side eye". Well, this has been a hilarious 4th of July for me! Let me explain. For about a week, local meteorologists have said it was going to rain on the 4th of July! They said there would be a "100% chance (ok, maybe not 100% but close to it) of rain!!! Don't plan ANY outdoor activities!!! Anything you do, should be done INSIDE!!!" That's what was repeated and exclaimed!

So I and many others planned accordingly for the 100% deluge. I picked out a rainy day outfit, went to the crowded supermarket, stocked up on food, stocked up on spirits and planned to stay INSIDE. C'mon rain! Bring it! So I waited and waited and...
Well, wouldn't you frickin' know it! Does this look like rain to you? The grass is crunching underneath my feet it's so dry. LMFAOOO It didn't rain ONE damn drop! As a matter of fact, the sun stayed out and it was super HOT! I need to go to meteorology school if that's the case. Make bad weather assessments and still get paid? Sign me up! Are your meteorologists pretty good at determining the weather? Or do they get it wrong also? HaHaHa One channel here always gets it wrong. I need to stop watching them.

I changed my red rainy day outfit to this head-to-toe Old Navy blue & white number. It's a navy blue chevron print fold over skirt (that I purchased last year and never wore), that I paired with a summer white cardigan and ankle wrap sandals. The red nail polish on my toes is Butter London's "come to bed red" and my red lipgloss is MAC's Archie's Girls "strawberry malt". So that's my red, white & blue! HaHaHa I think I did pretty good with my last minute change.
My menu for the 4th was barbeque chicken, baked beans, and potato salad. Everything was really good, but what I enjoyed most was the strawberry shortcake and watermelon! :) So refreshing! It made up for what the meteorologists got wrong. HaHaHa Guess what they're predicting NOW? Rain thru Tuesday of next week! I don't know what to believe anymore. HaHaHa
Click HERE to see what I did last year.

How do you guys like Lanvin's Statue of Liberty?
Pretty CHIC huh? I thought it was so cool!
I know our real Statue of Liberty just had a makeover,
but I think this would be more FUN. HaHaHa

After checking all entries for the Lancome giveaway,
there were 110 that qualified. So without further adieu...

The winner of the Lancome Alber Elbaz Giveaway is Kizzy from 
The Dainty Dolls House Blog

Congratulations Kizzy and Enjoy Sweetheart!!!
I will contact you later today and get your prize to you. :)

Have A Great Weekend Everybody!
Be Safe!
Be Nice!
Have Fun!
Do Something SWEET For Someone!
When you do, it always comes back to YOU!

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  1. Haha, I'm (sort of) glad to know that your weather forecast is just as useless as ours! If we want to have a picnic or bbq, we literally have to decide on the day as it's near-on impossible to plan anything ahead with our rubbish weather (forecast). I like your blue/white outfit with some red touches, very classic. :-)

    Congrats to Kizzy on winning the giveaway! Have a lovely weekend - hopefully with sunshine xo

  2. WOW you look fab in this amazing outfit, the chevron skirt just rocks!! And fab with nice weather - when we celebrate midsummer day (23/6) it is ALWAYS raining - no exception, the same this year. ha ha. Loved that you had a fab day, happy weekend love,

  3. Love your cute outfit and the menu. That strawberry shortcake looks so good!!! I've never had one, I'm going to go look up a recipe right now. Thanks for this fun post.

  4. You look marvellous doll :) Love that skirt design, so chic!! Am really pleased the sun was out and it was wonderful for everyone!! Hahaha..yay me!! I shall put that to good use indeed, so cool :)) I appreciate it :))) I hope you have a marvellous weekend my dear girl!! <3 <3

  5. Hahaha...don't you just love these "accurate" predictions from meteorologists! Last week, our local weather guys said the weekend was supposed to be super nice, but it ended up raining the whole two days. I can't even!
    Anyhoo, love your chevron skirt, Kim:) You look soooooo fab!

  6. Here it happens all the time! As the weather is unforeseeable because of the climate change due to global heating but they don't want to sack meteorologists during the recession, here you go! Ahaha I don't waste a second of my time listening to weather forecasts. Maybe that's why I'm so pissed when I've planned to wear sandals and it rains cats and dogs! By the way, you look fabulous in this navy and white outfit. I think I will definitely buy that foundation though I'm afraid of its dermo unfriendliness... Ok today I'm that tiny bit talkative. Too much caffeine!! Big hugs Kimmy. xoxo
    Coco et La vie en rose
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    (Please don't forget to follow me via bloglovin if you haven't already. Huge thanks!!)

  7. I am glad you had a lovely day Kim! Our weather forecast is always wrong too!!Enjoy your weekend:)

  8. Chic attire--I adore Chevron stripes. You look fabulous, Kim! Yay--it didn't rain. We have some forecast (um) issues up this way (fairly consistently) as well. Happy Friday!!! T.

  9. Haha, our meteorologists always get it wrong too! I've learned to carry an umbrella, even if it's supposed to be sunny. :) That strawberry shortcake looks delicious!

    The Tiny Heart

  10. Kim you look so cute!!! I loved your collage on instagram :) and that cake, omg amazing!!

  11. happy 4th of July! it looks like a great holiday

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. I’m hosting cool glasses/sunglasses giveaway here check it out!

  12. You look so chic in your outfit, rain or shine. Wow, your July 4th feast sounds delicious. The Lanvin Statue of Liberty is tres chic. Enjoy the rest of the Holiday weekend!

  13. I really like what you wore for the 4th, and I'm happy to hear that it did not rain even if the forecast said it would. No one likes rain on fireworks day.

    Oh to Be a Muse
    Shop Layered Muse

  14. Happy Fourth of July! Hihi. Our meteorologists are usually wrong too. They predicted that a typhoon will hit us by midnight but it actually hit us at around 8am in the morning. Of course, they cancelled all the classes immediately but the streets were flooded so the students were stranded inside their schools.. Of course, the first time that happened, I can understand but it keeps on happening... *sighs*

  15. Yay, congrats to Kizzy! i know she'll really enjoy the makeup! The weather can be crazy as can be meteorologist's predictions!
    Mmm, I hope you still have strawberry shortcake to enjoy!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  16. Kim! I think this is the first time I've seen an outfit post! (I guess I haven't been following that long). You look SO CUTE! And I bet those meterologists are hanging their head in shame. Actually, they've probably use to being wrong, so this didn't phase them either. Anyways, I'm glad you had a great 4th of July... the watermelon and strawberry shortcake look delicious!! You're making me hungry again! All your posts somehow make me hungry.. especially that one with the baked goods made out of soap! hehe

    Sunny with a side of...

  17. You look so adorable! I love the stripes! I am glad that you got to go go outside and enjoy the sun!

  18. Kim you look fabulous in these photos - love your outfit and the picnic sounds AMAZING!

  19. Kim, you are utterly adorable! The choice of the outfit is perfect, love the chevron skirt and it goes so well with white! Looking too nice, glad that at the end isnt rain!:) Yum for the sweet! The Lanvin's Statue is freaking chic!:) Kisses dear, have a good weekend! xo

  20. Haha, they always get the weather wrong in England. I check the app on my iPhone and it can change every half hour! Glad you got to have nice weather though!

    Corinne x

  21. Hey Kim, you can't rely on the weather forecast nowadays although I secretly still depend on my weather app. Lol. Hey, at least you had good food and I love that chevron skirt on you. Perfect pairing with the white cardigan too! Congrats to Kizzy! Have an awesome weekend, my good friend!

    xo Jo

  22. Haha, those weather people! Gee. We actually did get rain but fortunately it wasn't enough to keep us inside ALL day.

  23. I just love it when the weather forecast is WRONG!
    Here we have a joke, whatever the weatherman says, well the contrary will occur.
    I love your blue chevron skirt - arent you lookink pretty ?

  24. same thing in NYC! these weather folk are not to be trusted! ;) but it's always great to get out on the BBQ day of the year :D hope you enjoyed a little sun!
    xx Corinne

  25. Good food was definitely what I was missing from my Canada Day! Luckily, it didn't rain here either.


    P.S. I've got a giveaway on ma blahhg.

  26. Nice Kim you hai a nice day! The wheather forte cast are always wrong here too!

  27. FUN. It was rainy rainy rainy here. We still met with friends for a cookout though.

    Glad you had a great day!

  28. So glad it didn't rain Kim. I love your outfit and the bright pink lips. You looked so pretty!!

    Now that strawberry cake looked amazing! I bet it was yummy!

    xx, Gina

  29. Happy 4th July! I am here visiting and went out yesterday to watch the fireworks! It's definitely an honor to celebrate with you guys.
    You look gorgeous in that outfit. I like your skirt and the touch of redness =D

  30. Glad you had a good day - and the weather held out! :)

    Love that chevron striped skirt on you, it's beautiful :)

    Away From The Blue

  31. Lol...they always messed up forecast here in I'm kinda used to it..I hate it when it happens...nyways..I love your lipstick and your skirt I adore look great I love your look

  32. Hehe I never used to trust weather forecast because they' re usually never met in Spain. But sinc I'm in the Netherlands I look at hem daily and plan my outfits accordingly because they're soooo accurate, you can track he rain forecast hourly!

    You look great, seems like you had a great celebration :)
    Have a great Sunday!
    do Irene

  33. FINALLY i'm able to read this post !! haha I never trust weather reports , like they always seem to be a tad off base , love what you wore and helloooo where's my slice of that delicious cake?

  34. I love your skirt! I'm obsessed with stripes :)
    Suzanne from written by suzanne

  35. You look adorable--so crazy how the weather predictions can be so off sometimes! Your food also looks yummy--hoping you had a great 4th!

    xo Mary Jo

  36. lol its vary vary rare my metorologist get the weather wrong and when he does hes off just a tad bit not from thunder n lightinig to 100 degree out lmfao thats just crazyyyyy.. he needs to get fired for sure. that sucks. you looked super cute

  37. I love your patriotic outfit Kim! You looked so fabulously chic! I don't know abou those meteorologists sometimes. They've been predicting alot of rain that hasn't arrived in NYC lately and I sure wish it would cause the air has been so humid.

    Rowena @ rolala loves
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