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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Harvest Snaps Product Review

You guys know I love my cupcakes, candy & chocolate! Well I recently received an email, asking if I would be interested in a 6-pack sample of Harvest Snaps. Harvest Snaps? What's a Harvest Snap? I stared at the email for a minute and continued to read. It went on to say it was a "good-for-you-snack"! To me, that meant HEALTHY. I've had healthy snacks before <side eye> ! It also stated, "move over potato chips!" A healthy snack that's better than potato chips? I raised my eyebrow! Then the clincher was, "Now you can indulge in guilt-free snacking!" So they want me to try a healthy snack, that's better than potato chips, but looks like a pea pod. I thought about it and said to myself, NEVER JUDGE A SNACK BY IT'S COVER. Send them to me!

I received them. They are SO GOOD! I'm still in shock! 
They're shaped like pea pods, but they don't taste like peas at all! They have a potato taste (to me)! 
Let me rate the different flavors for you. You guys know my scale.

I received FOUR bags of Snapea Crisps!

Caesar Snapea Crisps - SUPERSWEET
This was my favorite flavor! It has a wonderful Caesar taste. Crisp. Fresh. Light. 
The potato chips I like have 150mg of sodium / 150 calories (12 chips) and this snack has 65mg of sodium / 120 calories for (22 pieces). *The nutrition for each flavor varies. Check Harvest Snaps Website!

Lightly Salted Snapea Crisps - Sweet
This flavor is for the person that likes barely there or no flavor snacks! They taste really good. 
Super Light. Crisp. Just a smidgen of salt! A very fresh taste.

Wasabi Ranch Snapea Crisps - Sweet
This flavor has lots of kick! They're zesty! I taste ranch. I definitely taste wasabi. It's not my personal favorite flavor preference, but they don't taste bad at all. It depends on a person's palette. They have zing!

Black Pepper Snapea Crisps - Bittersweet
These have a black pepper taste. It's not my preference taste wise.
The black pepper taste lingers after you've eaten it.

I received TWO bags of Lentil Snaps!

Onion Thyme Lentil Snaps - Sweet
Lentil Snaps are HEARTIER than the Snapea Crisps above. They have a little more crunch, but it's definitely not a bad thing. This particular flavor has a great onion & thyme taste. It's very good.

Tomato Basil Lentil Snaps - Sweet
I thought this flavor would be overwhelming because of the tomato, but it wasn't
It has a very light tomato & basil taste. I really liked it.
Harvest snaps are baked, not fried! Snapea Crisps are made from naturally dried peas, which make up 70% of the product. Lentil Snaps are made from 65% lentils and contain 5g of protein and 13% of your daily fiber. They're really good and I would encourage you to try them. They REALLY impressed me. Here's to HEALTHY SNACKING! Here's where you can find them! If you do try them, share your comments on this post. I would love to hear your thoughts. The only thing I would suggest to Harvest Snaps is to make the bags resealable. I can't eat an entire bag in one sitting and so I put what was left in Ziploc bags to retain freshness.

This is a product review for Harvest Snaps. I was given SIX bags to review.
All opinions are 100% my own.


Unknown said...

These actually look pretty good. The appearance almost reminds me of those "Veggie Sticks" that used to be really popular except these look way tastier and healthier! I wonder where you can buy these?

I recently started eating dry roasted edamame with dried acai berries as a healthy snack and it is pretty good.

Thanks for the review Kim! :)

little luxury list said...

I love LOVE to snack! I would definitely try these. The lentil ones also sound different and tasty. I've been looking for savory snacks and these sound great!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Laura said...

They sound delicious! :)

Annie Sand said...

This sounds really good! Have a sweet day dear Kim!

Flora Fascinata said...

Yum! I could easily crunch through a packet or three of those! Xxx

Anonymous said...

All of a sudden I'm so hungry reading this. I'd really like to try the Onion Thyme Lentil ones. That was so funny how you ate all the ones in the first packet LOL. I'm definitely going to try and source these in my area!

Carole Poirot said...

They actually look rather good and if they're "guilt-free" than that's a great thing too ;-) I'd go for Wasabi - love that stuff! xo

Cee said...

Oh Kim, I know why you initially gave these the side eye - healthy snacks? I've had so many bad experiences with things that are allegedly guilt-free and, well, taste that way, too. But I'm taking your word for it and plan to try these out when I'm in Minnesota in September. You can't argue with anything that taste like a potato chip but packs so much protein!

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

Never thought of making chips from sweet peas, but can absolutely see how wonderful it work! Must admit, I am not a huge fan of any snacks, healthy or not, but carrying something like this when out and can't grab anything would be a good idea.
I just wonder what other ingredients they used because, as I've mentioned before, I am pretty suspicious about "natural flavours" or any kind. :)


Anonymous said...

Hee hee, that memo... :-) That would so happen to me too. I think Tomato Basil and Onion Thyme would be flavors I'd like.

Tina Bradley said...

I love salty even more than sweet snack foods--so this looks awesome! Love your side eye comment--made me smile, Doll! Have a fab Tuesday. xx T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

meghan silva said...

I can see myself constantly checking the stores around here to see if we have them haha who doesn't love a healthy yet yummy snack .

Mica said...

Oh these look like they would be so interesting to try!

Laughed that you ate the Caesar ones too quickly to stop and take a photo - that's how you know they are good! haha! :)

Away From Blue

Style Journey said...

These sound interesting and really good. Your comment about the Caesar flavored ones made me giggle, ha ha! I am currently growing snap peas in my garden and never even thought about baking them with flavorings and eating them that way!

Lilli said...

Harvest Snaps?! Oh my Kim, now I need to find out if they are available also here in Italy! They sounds too good and you just made me want to give them a bit! Lol for your memo note, I bet that was your fav flavor, I would taste it as first too!:) Have a good day dear, kisses! xo

Coco said...

You must know that I love crisps/salty snacks A LOT!
These look super yummy!!!
Big hug love!
Coco et La vie en rose
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Sam said...

Healthy and delicious snacks! Sign me up! These look and sound delicious and I have more of a salt and sweet tooth so they seem right up my alley.

TheTinyHeart said...

The tomato basil ones sound really yummy! I am always skeptical about these healthy snacks tasting as good as the bad snacks but you've convinced me :)

The Tiny Heart

Unknown said...

These sound lovely and yummy and healthy which is a bonus

Carrieanne x


Lorena said...

You know KIm, I am starting a list of products I want to buy when I go to the US again. This is one of them !

Vett Vandiver said...

I love beans and peas so I feel like these would be really good and an easy snack to carry around. Thanks for sharing, Kim!

welldressedmaker said...

I LOVE these! They are super delish and I can eat them like no one's business!

Mighty B said...

Hi Kim! Your posts always make me smile and want to buy things...starting with these Harvest Snaps! Haha, I love a good salty snack so I may want to give these a try.

Thanks for posting this review!


The Dainty Dolls House said...

These sound great. I've tried something a bit like them here and I enjoyed them. It was peas and I didn't think I would like it at all, but it was quite nice. Am glad you liked them. Super review :) xx

MaysaAndSunshine said...

Yay to healthy snacks. They do sound healthy Kim. I hate those stuff that they just add veggie powder and claim to be healthy, so ridiculous. I have been trying to eat cleaner and cut chip to a minimum like once a week but i sometimes crave the crunchiness of chips. This stuff is seriously looking good.

Jen ♥ said...

Hmm..I'm always skeptical of healthy snacks. Are they really healthy? Do they actually taste good? I'm impressed with these though..they sound great!

Always Maylee said...

I've never heard of these, but they sound like they are a really great snack!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Sara said...

Kim, I bought the lightly salted ones and ate the entire bag and then had the biggest stomach ache ever. It was worth it! I will have to go out and try the others, the lentil ones sound really cool!

Tales of Whimsy said...

Ooooo I want some.

It reminds me of Inner Peas by Trader Joe's.

Unknown said...

Huh, I haven't noticed them in stores yet. I would try them!

always, koru kate

A BRIT GREEK said...

Healthy snacks huh? Sounds good to me. I love that you forgot to take a picture of the first one. I did that the other day, someone went to the bakery in China Town and brought all my fave things and I literally stuffed my face and forgot to take a pic to tweet! lol!

Emmylou said...

I know the Wasabi one was not your fave, but that sounds right up my alley:D Mmmmmm...and agree with having them in resealable bags.

fabulouspetite said...

I love veggie sticks. have them before but different brand. Healthy snacks without the guilt not bad, eh.


i.s. said...

oh these look good! xx

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

yum! I tried those at a store and absolutely loved them!


Corinne said...

These sound so yummy! I want to try the wasabi ones!

Corinne x

Sheila said...

Omg these are SO good! I've only had the original thought. I didn't even know they had other flavors!! Mmmmm.... now I want some!

xo - Sheila

LoveT. said...

Interesting Products! :)

big Hugs <333

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

These look great - sim to a Chinese snack my mom used for buy for me. Thanks for the review!

Sakuranko said...

Oh healthy snakc interesting sweetie!


Jessica said...

omg these look good i like the veggie ones that come in a big bag from costco!

Thrifted Shift said...

It looks like caesar flavor's the big winner! I'll look for it!

Rebeca Muñoz López said...

They look delicious and healthy Kim!


Chic Delights said...

Oh Kim, these looks delicious and healthy too. I like it that it is not fried. I sometimes crave for some salty snacks. But a healthy salty snack is yummy. I hope they have some here in Canada. I will check it out at Wal-Mart, Target or Costco. Thanks for this feature. Pamela

Blond Duck said...

I think I might eat the whole bag!

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

YES! I've had these. I get them for my toddler all the time. They are really good. Uber-sweet in Seattle terms.
Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Style

littlemissandrea said...

These look super interesting! Definitely worth me going to pick them up when I'm down in the states next month. Thanks for the introduction, Kim!

The Dragonfruit said...

I've had snacks similar to this, and they're pretty tasty! I may have to try this particular brand :)

The Dragonfruit Diaries

Unknown said...

Omg!!! I have never seen snacks that looks so interesting and yum like these ones. I am not a snack person but these ones looks chunky and yum. Please can i have some now? Lol, kim i can't get any of these here in the shops it's so annoying. Love the way you feed me through your lovely post.

oomph. said...

i actually like "healthy" snacks, lol. these sound right up my alley :)

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noone said...

those look more healthy than regular chips esp when they are baked instead of fried! i'll keep an eye out for them thanks!

Unknown said...

looks really good I really love lentil snacks! ill keep an eye on this one and try it thanks for sharing

bridechic said...

So glad to hear that Safeway has them. Hubby loves to munch and I want to keep him healthy--thanks so much for this post!!!

bianca said...

uhlala this looks delicious!


miss b said...

I think I would be better snacking on these than my favourite chocolate biscuits! Baked not fried and interesting flavours, I would try them if they ever sell them in the UK. Your little memo really made me smile - they must have been good!

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

You had me at healthy snack that actually tastes good Kim! Thanks for your honest review! I will have to look for these the next time I go grocery shopping. I think I'll have to find the Caesar flavor since you liked them so much haha ;p

I don't really like the color brown cause it makes me look so washed out but I've seen pics of you in it and you make it work girl :)

Rowena @ rolala loves

Nails My Dreams said...

Oh wow! Those flavors are intense! lol. Caesar? I want to taste some! Haha. We have snapea crisps here too but they don't have a lot of flavor. Wish I can just grab one of those out of the monitor. lol.

Unknown said...

I am juicing and the problem with that is I need to chew!!! I think I will try the lightly salted ones. Thanks for the review.

Sunshine said...

Tried the lightly salted very good better than potato chips and healthier really like

Sunshine said...

Tried the lightly salted very good better than potato chips and healthier really like

Anonymous said...

They are super good. Not sure how good they are for you. The ingrediants are rather basic....I just feel like I,m eating potato chips....

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