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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Black Friday and Cyber Monday ONLINE Shopping Tips

I'm making a list and checking it twice you guys! I'm prepping for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Are you guys doing the same? This is some serious stuff! It's almost like homework! It's important to have a plan! TRUST ME, the stores do!

I plan on shopping online (as I usually do). One store is advertising an item I want, but I don't think I'm going out just for that. If I do go out, I'll instagram my adventures.

I'm also in the kitchen right now burning things up...I mean cooking. I'm having traditional turkey & trimmings. I need to taste test something and share it with you guys. It's Thanksgiving themed. Hopefully, I won't be too full to type a review. If I don't post it tomorrow, I'll post it Friday. Yep, Friday sounds good! HaHaHa

Like my hair, bow, mrs. santa outfit and fishnets? HaHaHa Check out the booties! HaHaHa Several years ago, I was into FaceInTheHole and made this picture. Click HERE. I've always been a fun girl.

Below are my tips for shopping the upcoming sales online (some sales have already started). Feel free to share your tips!

What You Should Do BEFORE Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

1. Know What You Want, What You Really Really Want AND PIN IT!!!
You know those secret boards they give you on Pinterest? Use one of the boards to pin ALL the items you want to buy (clothing, books, electronics, beauty products). Yaaay! Everything is one place! Now write down the name of the stores (Loft, Target, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Sephora). This will let you know the stores you need to concentrate on. Group and prioritize the items that are most important to you.

2. Become Social Media Buddies With The Store 
Now that you know what stores you need to shop at, sign up for their email updates, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Stores send you an email (if you're on their list) letting you know what their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales are. Sometimes email subscribers even get perks! Facebook and Twitter are even a quicker way of getting the information. :)

3. Join Ebates and MyPoints 
You're about to make some big purchases! Why not get money back or a gift card for shopping at your favorite store. You'll be surprised how much it adds up! It's FREE. So take advantage of it. Click HERE. If not, you're missing out on free money!

4. Check These Websites Out
Need a compilation of Black Friday Ads? Click on these: The Black Friday,,, and Know anymore? Tell me about them in my comments section.

What You Should Do ON Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

1. Wake Up Early
You must! You must! Shower. Get dressed. Make that cup of coffee. Eat something. Power on the computer! There are a lot more online shoppers than there were years ago. That means things are limited and run out quickly! If you want something in a particular SIZE and COLOR, then you have to be ready. Trust me, others ARE. Selections are best early on. As the day progresses, everything becomes limited. Get what you want FIRST. You can always go back and get the extra things you see.

2. Get The Code...Coupon Code
Write down all the codes the stores give you on ONE sheet of paper. 

3. Happy Shopping!
You've done your homework. You're prepared. Hopefully you get everything on your list and everything your little heart desires. Hope these helped. Now GO AND GOBBLE UP THOSE SALES!!!


  1. The. Pictures is fantastic!!!!good tips!


  2. OMG Kim! I love the pic of you!


  3. Great tips and I am LOVING you in the Santa outfit ;)

  4. My husband neither knew black friday! Instead I'm preparino my self with my wish list!

    New post:
    Facebook Page Bonjourchiara

  5. I love you as hot Santa, lol
    Thank you for the advise, dear Kim.

  6. Super tips doll...I never shop on Black Friday really...just seems wrong after celebrating what I'm thankful for. Plus, there are crazies out there, haha!! It's not safe, haha! I'd just do all my shopping from my home if I was gonna shop. You look super marvellous doll, love those stockings ;-)

  7. Haha that pic is so fun! :)

    Hope you have fun shopping the sales! :D I have all my Christmas shopping almost completed, and the last place I want to shop from doesn't do black Friday so I am taking my time.
    Hope you have luck in the sales! :)

    Away From The Blue

  8. This is so fun Kim! I didn't realize you were the sexy Chic Santa with the cute bow in that photo lol. It's so cute.

  9. Awesome tips, Kim. It's not that big here in Canada (I think) but most of the American bloggers I read do say that they do the bulk of the shopping online, which is definitely more convenient. Mind you, I'm a sucker for chaos some days, so if I'm there, I'd probably brave the stores....bwahahaha!
    Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.

  10. Aww how awesome are you in that picture Kim??? I also love to shop online (well and i'm not in the US now so I have to!) and really like to visit Slickdeals or Fatwallet. I would also recommend Mr.Rebates for cash back - sometimes the rate is higher than ebates!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  11. Kim, first of all the card made me smile sooo much! I know that site, need to made one too later!:P Your tips are perfect, I want to make online shopping with you, you are sich an expert!:) Curious to know then what you will get and also cook tmw!:) Happy Thanksgiving my dear, have fun and enjoy it!:) Kisses and hugs! xo

  12. very useful! thanks dear!

    Inside and Outside Blog

    P.S. reading your blog posts, they became even more interesting! mwaaah

  13. Hahahaha it's like a war.We don't have those sales here.Can you tell me when is the exact time of those sales?Maybe I will get advantage of those prices from online shopping websites.Please let me know :)
    Style Of OzOz
    Style Of OzOz Facebook Page

  14. Hehe that pic is SO cute! I'll be at work on Friday, so no shopping for me. If I buy anything, it'll be on Cyber Monday with some gift cards that I have. :) Happy Thanksgiving, Kim!

    The Tiny Heart

  15. Super tips doll...I never shop on Black Friday really! But I'm going to check out these sites <3 Love your pics honey <3

  16. loved the tips...thanks for sharing!

  17. Kim this is great tip and just a perfect timing. I usually start online shopping on Thanksgiving night after stuffing myself with big dinner. Totally agree that it is like a chore. I hate that but thinking about the amount of $$$ you can save makes things more tolerable...haha. The photo is too cute. Happy cooking my dear.

  18. Being social media buddies with the store is seriously SUCH a great tip!!

  19. You're the best. These are awesome. Thank you for always giving us great feedback and ideas. Happy Thanksgiving.

  20. Happy Thanksgiving!

    always, koru kate

  21. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Kim:)

  22. I'm with a national evening news show + we want to talk to some people planning to shop black Friday Deals online Thursday night and Friday morning! Let me know what your plans are!

  23. That pic is super awesome! These are such great tips! You sound like you're set! I agree that knowing what you want is so crucial.

    Happy shopping and have a safe and happy Thanksgiving Kim!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  24. SOOOOO helpful! Pinning this post too!!!

  25. Great tips Kim! I loved that little pic of you, so fun and cute! I hope that you get some great deals and have a happy Turkey day!

  26. All great tips! This year I actually did my christmas shopping early (gasp, if you only knew how last minute I usually I am). But just in case, it's good to keep these things in mind :)
    p.s. Did you get my email I sent earlier this week? I never heard back so was just wondering.

    xo Mary Jo

  27. Great tips! You really know your stuff when it comes to shopping online for Black Friday!

  28. Love that i really wish we had some type of equivalent of Black friday sales here, sounds scary but fun at the same time, hahah, Have an Awesome Thanksgiving Kim!

  29. Love it your pic Kim! interesting tips! enjoy your black friday dear :)

  30. Brilliant tips Kim. Yes you are a fun girl, I love that pic of you! Good luck with your shopping, great that you've got your game plan sorted. Thanks for sharing it with us. :D.

  31. Phenomenal tips Kimmy! Yes a plan is so important because it can get pretty cray cray on these days. PS: You make one sexy Mrs. Santa there. ;)

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving doll!


  32. These are great tips, Kim! Black Friday is new here in Canada - our Thanksgiving is earlier in the year so this coming weekend isn't a holiday for us. But like everything does eventually, it's crossed the border... and this will be my first year taking part in the adventure. I can't wait! I'm definitely keeping your recommendations in mind :)

  33. Have you seen this musical ode to Black Friday?

  34. Kim this is such good advic and I will definitely be taking it! What a realistic way to stay on track and to avoid those little temptations that will (and always do) ultimately pop up that we all don't need. I get so flustered with the black Friday/Cyber Monday sales with remembering what store has what and then I get it in the basket and have codes on post it notes everywhere! It's a messy, stressful experience. Who knew saving could be that much hard work! A hope you manage to pick up a few items.

    PS thanks for your absolutely lovely comment! You really made my day.

    Oh... and the Body Shop gingerbread set you did the review on was the best! I have been looking for something like that for my daughter for Xmas and this was exactly what I needed. Thanks again for the honest and brilliant reviews.

    x Mandi

  35. lol love the photo Kim! these are great tips -- happy Thanksgiving!! happy to have a blogger friend like you :) xoxo

  36. Ecellent tips and so fun too. Enjoy the turkey;-)

  37. You are certainly getting organised for your big shopping event! Great tips here - knowing exactly what you want and getting up early is definitely good advice. What a fun picture of you too! We shall have to wait a few weeks longer for our turkey and all the trimmings. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thankgiving Day, Kim.

  38. Hey Kim, these are awesome tips! I'm lucky I don't live in the states or else I'll be so broke. Hahaha!!

    xo Jo

  39. Love Posts like that! Great Tips :)


  40. So funny and really great tips! Should have done this many many black fridays ago!

    Fang Ting

  41. Fab tips!!! I am happy to say I'm spending Black Friday--in decorating for the holidays--except for dinner out! :) Hugs & a happy Thanksgiving to you! T.

  42. ebates is a great idea. while i have outgrown black friday shopping at the malls, my daughter seems to be picking it up!! i'm taking her and her friends and my niece...430am!!! hahahha.

  43. So true that they are more online shoppers now. I did a little back friday shopping today and it wasn't too bad but I am waiting on cyber MONDAY!! LOL.

    Happy Shopping Kim!!

  44. I did some on-line shopping too. I agree that you have to be organized and really know your stuff. Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy shopping.

  45. Dear Kim, I'm depressed. As it happens, if I access the body shop site through Ebates I can only shop the American site, and thanks to postal service I won't risk ordering cosmetics from the USA. By the way, I'm arguing with the Customs to get your pack, I'm ready to go there personally and shout that I didn't buy anything dangerous from Ms. Kim Alston, she is my friend and sent me a gift. Believe me I wrote it in capital letters on the pack of forms they sent me to fill in. Plus, can somebody explain to Italian estores what Black Friday and Cyber Monday are?!?! I'm so disappointed!! Thank you for listening to my ramblings!
    Coco et La vie en rose
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    Coco et La vie en rose on Facebook

  46. Ps. You look smokin' hot in that Santa attire! ;-)

  47. Very interesting !

  48. Hello,
    This online event, originally scheduled for September 19th at 11 am ET, has been postponed. We will announce the new day and time here and via #GreatChallenges.
    Brit Online Sopping

  49. Hahaha. You look awesome in fishnet stockings and boots! And thanks for the tips. I'm going nuts collecting coupons left and right. lol.

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