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Friday, November 22, 2013

Nabisco Wheat Thins Holiday Snacks

This is a product review for Nabisco Wheat Thins. It was designed & written by A Very Sweet Blog
I was given two (2) boxes of Wheat Thins Holiday to sample. All opinions are 100% my own.

Happy Weekend! How's everybody doing? I'm doing my Friday dance! Are you guys ready for the holidays? I say bring them on! I'm already in my Christmas pajamas, playing Christmas music, rockin' my Christmas tree headband and munching on a delicious holiday snack. The fabulous people at Nabisco sent me several boxes of their limited edition, Wheat Thins Holiday, 100% whole grain snacks to review. I knowww! My life is so hard ;) HaHaHa.You can send me snacks anytime Nabisco! Pay me a really good salary, including snack perks and I'll work for you! HaHaHa Back on topic! These Wheat Thins have snowflakes, a candy cane, bell and gingerbread man imprinted on them. I found them to be super cute, fabulously festive and most importantly yummy delicious.
I paired my Wheat Thins with grapes, mild cheddar cheese and dijon mustard. They were fresh, crisp and very delicious. One box is already G-O-N-E. HaHaHa I love the fact that Wheat Thins are baked and not fried, made with no high-fructose corn syrup and are 100% Whole Grain (21g whole grain per 31g serving). They retail around $3.69 and are sold nationwide. The next time you're at the store, grab a couple of boxes for the holidays. Your taste buds will thank you and they definitely get my seal of approval :) Follow Wheat Thins on Twitter @WheatThins and "Like" their Facebook page to learn more.

Do you guys like my Christmas pajamas? They remind me of Christmas sugar cookies! I just purchased them from JCPenney. They have a really nice selection of flannel pajamas and they're running some awesome sales right now (click HERE to see them). My Christmas tree headbopper was purchased at Party City and my Marc Jacobs lipstick is really coming in handy this holiday season. HaHaHa Have a delicious weekend everybody! The holidays are here! Let's enjoy them & have fun!
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Nabisco Wheat Thins Holiday are SUPERsweet


  1. Those holiday Wheat Thins are so cute, perfect for holiday parties. Your pajamas and headband are too adorable!

  2. Those Wheat Thins are so cute
    and love their taste too.

  3. Yum! I would have polished off that box too. You look fabulous Kim and I would totally work somewhere with snack perks too!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  4. hey kim...i lov ur vines!


  5. Aww, so Christmassy! :D We just got our Cooper Christmas photos ready to go out into our Christmas cards this year, my Christmas candle has been getting a serious workout and I haven't been skipping past Christmas songs as they come up on shuffle. I'm hoping this year is a really good one! :)

    Away From The Blue

  6. I am so hungry for those Holiday Wheat Thins. I like cheese and grapes on crackers too. I hope we get those Wheat Thins in Australia. I love your Christmas PJs too. Have a great weekend Kim!

  7. I love these...they always remind me of the holidays as my Aunt always had them sat out with dips and things & of course i never left the table and ate them all, hahahaha! But, they are fabulous. Am glad to see they still are :)) Happy Friday doll - wooo!! I hope you have some fun :)) xx

  8. I had no idea they had "holiday" version of this. I love wheat crackers, and the Triscuits are good as well. A good cheese plate is all you need with it! :) Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Love your comfy holiday PJs and headband! Wheat Thins are fab--and I applaud your choices of what to serve them with--yum! xo T.

  10. I love your pijamas!!!! I have already decorated my Christmas tree, what about that? Those snacks look super yummy and healthy as well.
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  11. You look soooo cute! I love your pajamas and headband! You're ready for Christmas. And those whole wheat crackers are cute too.

  12. Kim, you are just too cute. :D Those pyjamas are sooooo you! Hehe
    And my kids love wheat thins! They're soooo good.

  13. They look adorable and very christmas-appropriate. :) I am not ready for Christmas yet, but do like seeing what others have been up to. :) Such a lovely and positive post! x

  14. Ah Kim, I wanna taste these snacks too now! They look so delicious, but what I really like is that they are also festive! Love love your pajama, I want one too!!! And also the Xmas tree headbopper is too funny, you are just sweet Kim!:) Happy weekend dear, kisses! xo

  15. glad to know they get the SUPER SWEET recommendation! yum!

  16. Mmm I love cheese and crackers! How cute that they made these in a holiday edition!

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    Uncommon Goods Giveaway!

  17. I haven't Wheat Thins in forever. They're so good with cheese. It's so cute that they made a special edition for the holidays. You look super cute in your Christmas pj's Kim!!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  18. Kim you are so cute with your headband and pj's! I will have to get some of these, Kyle and I LOVE snacks!

  19. Another really amazing post and this made me realize that christmas is really just around the corner. Happy weekend dear!

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  20. I love when holiday crackers come out. <3

  21. Those cookies look delicious!

  22. Awww i love that photo of you, you are too cute Kim! We don't have Nabisco here but I think we get something fairly similar, its always great for snacks.
    Thanks for your insightful comment, have a splendid weekend doll!

  23. How cute! I'm such a marketer's dream I swear and of course, it helps that they are delicous too. Ha ha... Friday dance. Have you seen Van Dam Friday? We send it around at work on Friday. His 'dance' is so funny!


  24. I love to see your beautiful smile.

  25. Wonderful ,love the Photos ,soooo cute :)

    Happy Saturday!

  26. Oh wow, how cute are these! Wine and cheese and crackers are one of my most favorite things to eat ever!!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  27. Love those lovely snacks
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  28. ooh those biscuits seems so delicious!!
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  29. Ummm..Yumm.. they look cute and delicious. Have a lovely sunday evening.

  30. Love your cosy Pjs Kim and cheese and crackers are my favourite nightime snack:) Hope you had a good weekend:)

  31. They look delish :-) Happy Sunday Kim,

  32. Your PJs are so cute and I see that you are really in the festive mood. I've never seen savoury biscuits
    with a Christmas theme before. I shall have to have a look for them over here. I'm a real cheeseboard fan and these would be such a cute addition.

  33. It must be cracker season because I went out and bought crackers and cheese the other day because I was craving food from my childhood (they served this in nursey school, lol--the best snack ever!)

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

    xo Mary Jo

  34. These holiday wheat thins are adorable. They would be perfect for any Christmas gathering!

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  35. WWHHHAAAATTTT!!! I freaking love Wheat Thins. And, now that they are in fun shapes I am so excited about this! Haha.

    Oh -

    If you like Wheat Thins, you should try the Nature's Path version; they are amazing!

  36. Ah, I'm totally in love with the holiday crackers. What a cute and fun way to add some cheer in a snack!

  37. Hey Kim, I love wine and cheese! And I spy a Mariah's cd. So classic ;)

    xo Jo

  38. I haven't try them yet but I bet they are delicious, I`m going to buy some a.s.a.p, also your pajamas are adorable, you look so cute!
    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  39. super cute. i love holiday themed goodies. we're big on wine and cheese, so i'm always buying crackers! these will be great for christmas get togethers!

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