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Monday, July 4, 2016

Aveeno Summer Essentials & #SummerSkin @AveenoUS And A $25 PayPal Giveaway

Sponsored: Happy 4th of July everybody! I hope you're having a wonderful holiday weekend with friends & family! Aveeno sent me the cutest package. All its contents are perfect for your health & Summer Fun! Let's take a look (you can see more on Snapchat --> averysweetblog)! I also have a $25 PayPal giveaway just for you (Open Worldwide). Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter.


Aveeno Protect + Hydrate Sunscreen 

Aveeno wants you to protect + hydrate BEFORE you head out into the sun! Drink LOTS OF WATER you guys! Apply sunscreen protection 30 minutes before going out into the sun! Make sure it has an SPF of 30 or higher. Don't forget to reapply every 2 hours! Aveeno sent me their Protect + Hydrate Sunscreen SPF 30. As you can see, I use ALL of their Sunscreens (that's my collection below). I've mentioned before how my face is very sensitive to sunlight. Without protection, my eyes will swell. So I use Aveeno for FACE, Sensitive Skin, HydroSport (water protection) and their various sunscreens for BODY. So as you can see, they have a wonderful assortment of sun protection.

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing SHEER HYDRATION Lotion (for SUMMER)

Last year, when Aveeno introduced their Sheer Hydration Lotion it was a game changer for me. You can read my full review here. This lotion is perfect for Summer, because it's lightweight & dries fast. But it doesn't compromise on moisture! To show you how much I like it, I purchased 2 LARGE bottles of it right after Christmas (on sale). I just started using it (the first day of Summer). Our Summers are long here in New Orleans. So thanks Aveeno for sending me another bottle. I will need it. So use your Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Sheer Hydration lotion AFTER to keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful.

Band-Aid Water Block Band Aids

Unfortunately accidents do happen! Cuts & scrapes are inevitable! We're more exposed during the Summer months, leaving us vulnerable to infection (barefoot in sand, poor water quality in pools & water sources etc). Protect your wound with a band-aid that blocks out water! Not all band aids are the same. Ever have one that slips & slides off as soon as you touch water? Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt! With all the diseases going on around and officials telling you not to enter water with open wounds (even a cut) these will be your best friend. Protect yourself!

Sunnylife Beach Sounds & Vagabond Beach Round Beach Towels

Ok, I'm ready for the beach! Aveeno sent over the cutest mp3player & radio. It's by a company called Sunnylife (out of Australia). I love my navy blue one, but they come in assortment of super fun colors. I can insert my cell phone or tablet inside and play music. I can listen to the radio. Has a great sound. I'll attach the link. Also, how cute is this round beach towel!?! Rectangular one's are great, but if it's round it gives you more room to spread out and place your things. The company that makes these are called Vagabond. I have a lovely blue & white one that matches my mp3 player >.< Aveeno has spoiled me this Summer. Now enter my giveaway below! Open worldwide! Good Luck!



  1. I want that MP3 player in my life.
    I love it!

  2. Oh that mp3 player looks awesome! You got lots of great things!

    I'm going to have to hunt out aveeno sunscreen too now, had no idea they did it but I know it will be great for my skin - will keep my eyes peeled when our current cancer council one runs out.

  3. Aveeno rock for hair and skin. Hi Kim have a great 4th to you and family.

  4. Amazing products! Love that MP3 Player so much!
    Kisses and hugs from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  5. For some reason, I didn't even know Aveeno makes sunscreens! Thanks for the heads up, Kim. And I love those waterproof Band Aids. Such a life saver during the summer when the kids are in the water a lot:)
    Happy 4th!

  6. That MP3 player looks super cute and the round beach towel is so cool. You're set for the beach! I'll have to check out Aveeno's sunscreens! Happy 4th of July Kim! Hope you're having a great long weekend! Good luck to everyone. I don't need to enter since you already gave me such a sweet surprise :D

  7. Great post; I feel like I need a beach trip now. :)

  8. Nice and ready for the beach dear friend! Happy 4th of July! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose NEW POST

  9. I actually picked up some of Aveeno's Protect and Hydrate sunscreen for our trip to San Francisco. I'm not particularly sensitive to the sun but I still know that protection is important and this formula is one of the best I've tried. Happy 4th of July, Kim! I hope you're having a wonderful time celebrating with friends and family.

  10. I love Aveeno products so much. They're always so hydrating and making my skin feel good :) Also love the MP3 player!
    Love from Boston,
    Charlotte Luisa |

  11. Oh wow... I could really use this !

  12. Another great giveaway, Kim, thank you! I have that Aveeno sunscreen in my list to purchase but for now, I am using Garnier and Coppertone.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  13. I would love to work with Aveeno! very lucky girl you are! I love Aveeno- they have amazing products and they are actually good for your skin with great ingredients.
    thanks for the chance :)

  14. Oh I love, I am participating and hope to get lucky, towel fascinates me you're going to get a lot out this summer Kim!

  15. How adorable that mp3 player looks, I love the vintage look! I haven't used any Aveeno products, however I keep hearing how good it is.

    Ela BellaWorld

  16. What a super cool package for summer! Round towels are definitely fun for the beach. I love, love Sunny life and got the swan and watermelon floats. The sheer hydration lotions look fab for summer!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  17. These are great products everyone could use! I hope you had a great 4th Kim!

  18. Such a lovely package, Kim! They radio is sooo cute! And I love the round beach towel! So cute and perfect to lay on the beach with! I definitely need to checkout their sunscreens too!

  19. They sent a cute package! I'm glad you mentioned band-aids because I cut my foot on something in the ocean the last time I went to the beach. Those water block ones work really well! I've used Aveeno sunscreen before, and I liked it. I like the extra hydration.

  20. What a cute package! That round beach towel is adorable! I honestly didn't even know Aveeno had sunscreen I just knew about their body and face care. I should have known!

  21. Hope you had a wonderful 4th July! I enjoyed your snapchat on this. How amazing that they sent you a mp3 player?! Too cool!

  22. Yay! Fingers crossed! Thanks, Kim!

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