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Monday, July 25, 2016

Snapchat Story Favorites No. 11

Here's a round-up of my favorite Snapchat Stories! See others HERE
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National Junk Food Day

via cosmomag snapchat 

I hope you're not hungry :) Last Thursday was National Junk Food Day! These two ladies gave Cosmopolitan Magazine Snapchat followers a visual treat to the best junk food restaurants in NYC! They went to Catch, Black Tap, BingBox, Joe's Pizza, Union Fare, Brother Jimmys, The Smith NYC, and Cool Mess! I have to go to New York. I want to eat and visit ALL of these places!

Hello Kitty Cafe Truck

via popsugar snapchat

A Hello Kitty Cafe Truck! How cute is this!?! I forgot what event they were at, but they serve bottled water, donuts, petit fours, cookies and a plethora of sweet treats. The packaging is adorable!

Bare Minerals Bare Pro Foundation

via lusterlux snapchat

Boxes of Bare Pro Bare Mineral foundation were sent out to influencers (available at Ulta). Not familiar with their products and no swatches, but ummmm that cake tho!?! LOL

LUSH Hair Treatments

 via lusterlux snapchat

LUSH has NEW Hair Treatments! They look like cake pops! LOL You melt them down and apply them to your hair. There are a number of different kinds. I want to try.

Beauty Bakerie

via beauty bakerie cosmetics brand snapchat

I have never heard of this brand! But the packaging & names are so pretty!

Laura Geller's NEW Just Blushing Palette

via lauragellerbeauty snapchat 

No swatches, but Laura Geller has a new blush palette. 

NYX Vivid Lights Eyeliner Swatches

via ultabeauty snapchat

If you like bold color, then these NYX Vivid Light Eyeliners are for you! 

Maybelline Photoshoot

via maybelline snapchat 

Can you believe model Adriana Lima is 35? And she has 2 children! I wish they would've taken a still snapshot of her romper because it was too cute. Also loved the way her heels tied in a bow.

Illamasqua Sketch Markers

via illamasqua snapchat

So I showed you guys the Too Faced markers a couple of weeks ago. Illamasqua has some also! Pretty colors. 

Popsugar DIY Sharpie Tie Dye Sneakers

via popsugar snapchat

I so want to do this! You only need several things and you'll have some cool sneakers.

MAC Star Trek Collection (Swatches & Events)

via glamtrashmakeup, maccosmetics, trendmood1 (instagram), popsugar snapchat &

It was all about Star Trek & The Star Trek MAC Collection on Snapchat this week. I tried to find the best swatches! Ummm, look at those blues & purples. Anyone gonna be an Orion girl for Halloween? LOL

Clinique Summer Proof Your Makeup 

via clinique snapchat

Clinique took their snapchat followers to Bloomingdales this week in NYC. I keep eyeing that gorgeous sand castle. So pretty! They featured some products that will keep you shine free.

Lush Cosmetics Beat The Heat

via lush cosmetics snapchat 

Are you a LUSHIE? Lush gave some tips on how to keep their products cool and you too :)

Tata Harper Tour

via totalbeauty snapchat

I have never tried any Tata Harper products, but now I have a new respect for how they're made! She invited some influencers and gave them a tour of her home, land and how products are made BY HAND.

Chapstick NEW Total Hydration Tinted Lip Balms

via glamourmag snapchat

Chapstick has some new tinted lip balms. I always love their Christmas ones :)

L'Oreal La Palette Plum

via loreal snapchat

Here are some swatches of L'Oreal's Lip La Palette in PLUM.

Ever Blinks Mink Strip Lashes

via arshia snapchat

I want to try strip lashes just once. I'm more of a natural girl. I hear the Ardell Wispies are really light and good. These were pretty also. Never heard of Ever Blinks!

NARS Fall 2016 Color Collection

via narsissist snapchat

I better get on the ball and swatch their Summer Collection. They're already talking about FALL :S

Jo Malone Holiday 2016

via beautylogicblog snapchat

Jo Malone candles & packaging are so sleek & sophisticated. She's come out with some sets for holiday.

Sigma Smoke Screen Eyeshadow Palette

via sigma beauty snapchat

There are 3-4 of these palettes (I featured them several weeks back), but I keep looking at this one. 

Kat Von D at Sephora Singapore

via sephorasg & katvondbeauty snapchat

There's a Sephora in Singapore! Kat Von D met up with fans! And can we just admire that huge lipstick!!!

Jeffree Star & Kat Von D Feud

via jeffree star snapchat

Onto some beauty sour news. Kat Von D & Jeffree Star have ended their friendship. I hated to see this. Kat Von D ended things first. View her video here. And here is Jeffree's reply.

CHI x Zendaya Collaboration

via readysetsnaps & totalbeauty snapchat

CHI has partnered with Zendaya. She has a new cordless curling iron. 

OFRA Cosmetics Foundation Swatches

via OFRA Cosmetics snapchat

Since I don't know much about OFRA, these foundations swatches should be helpful.

Hourglass NEW Vanish Foundation Stick

via hourglass cosmetics snapchat & website

I've been watching beauty influencers and this foundation is THICK! It's a foundation + concealer. I see more people using it as a concealer. This is definitely full coverage and you can also use it to contour. I need to go to Sephora to see this in person.

Lime Crime SADDLE Velvetine Lipstick

via limecrimemakeup snapchat

 Can't you tell we're jumping into Fall? New shade from Lime Crime!

Coming Soon from L'Oreal Cosmetics

 via lorealmakeup snapchat

Oooh! L'Oreal is being hush hush!  New eyeshadow palette. New mascara. Intrigued.

Physicians Formula

via physicians formula snapchat

 Lots of sparkle here! There are a couple of these palettes. This one is in Copper Nude.

The Balm Custom Single Eyeshadow Palettes

via thebalmofficial snapchat

Did you know The Balm has single eyeshadows!?! They also have 8 & 16 pan holders to hold them. Their packaging is always so cute.

Popsugar When To Trash Your Makeup

via popsugar snapchat

So after all of that makeup talk, this handy chart tells you when to get rid of it. LOL
I keep things a little too long. LOL

Building Block LA

via the zoe report snapchat & the new york times magazine

 If you're a fan of Black & White clothing, feast your eyes on Building Block LA! Their handbags are so beautiful. I love their geometric shapes. Looks architecturally designed :)
Loved their birthday celebration also. Those cakes!

Who What Wear: How To Plan Outfits Like A Celebrity Stylist

via whowhatwear snapchat

I've always wanted to do this, but never had the time. It's a great way to mix n match outfits in your closet. Maybe I'll do one outfit post a week next year on my blog. Something like What's in Kim's closet? LOL Maybe. Maybe not.



  1. All that junk food looks soo good LOL! I shouldn't be looking at that when its 2am hahah!! The hello kitty cafe truck is so so cute! I would love to try those Lush hair treatments! Those Nyx and illimasqua eyeliners are pretty. Seems like everyone is coming out with them! Those toe dye sneakers are so cute for summer time! Those Mac eyeshadow look so gorgeous, and so do those lipsticks and gold liner from the collection! I love the tips from lush- totally makes me want to put my toner in the fridge haha! Sounds so refreshing. I'm super curious about those Loreal lip palettes. The nude one they have looks so pretty, and so does that plum one they showed! I watched those Kat and Jeffree videos, sad they ended their friendship too but I'm unsure of what to think about them making it so public lol! I love them both haha! The hourglass foundation looks so interesting! I love the tips on when to get rid of your makeup, I wish I could follow those rules but I don't lol!

  2. ooh, i've never heard of beauty bakerie either. very cute.

  3. Big YAY, for national junk food day. I feel like I celebrate that every weekend ;-) Those food snaps got my mouth watering for days! Those hello kitty snaps are too cute. I don't own any hello kitty merchandise.

  4. Aaaaaaaah....Kim, I want everything in that Hello Kitty Cafe, including that rockin van....seriously! I can so drive that thing around...hehe....and that MAC Star Trek collection looks pretty freaking fantastic. I wish MAC would do more movie collabs like Urban Decay and Alice in Wonderland.
    And you know, I've been following that whole Kat Von D and Jeffree Starr debacle since Day 1. So sad how the whole thing went down, but what's even sadder is how the fans from each side are so brutal. I've been reading the, really?!? I must admit though I'm on Kat's side just because I've seen some of the stuff that happened with JS (ie leaving that comment on RockyRoadKill's vid) but I don't know him personally so I can't judge.

  5. Nars looks great and oh boy to the junk food roundup. I'd be so hungry if I followed them on snapchat lol.

  6. Come to NYC and let's go eat Kim! There is so much good food in this city but I have to pace myself or else I'd be the size of a house haha ;p Those influencers are so lucky to have gotten a personal tour of Tata Harper's home and see how her products are made. I've tried a few samples and have been very impressed.

  7. Ooh I'm getting hungry! i haven't eaten at Brother Jimmy's forever and i also want to try those matcha croissants. Can I join you and Rowena on a food tour?
    Ooh and how CUTE is the hello kitty truck?
    I love hourglass and am intrigued with their foundation stick - so much to try!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  8. I think my heart skipped a couple of beats when I saw those stunning MAC Star Trek collection, I'm a huge Star Trek fan! And holy cow, that mac & cheese, yes it looks freaking delicious but I think my heart just stop beating when I saw the picture. LOL!

    Onto, JS and KVD debacle,'s always sad when friendship comes to and end but that said, I'm not a fan of JS. I find him to play the victim card too well and he's done so many things that made me frown. That said, KVD is no angel herself but I will continue to purchase her stuff but never JS stuff, he ain't getting my money.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  9. Oh my goodness Kim, all of those junk food restaurants!! I'm going to New York in six weeks and I think I'm going to have to write all of them down, particularly the one serving that macaroni and cheese, it looks so indulgent and delicious. Gosh, I'm hungry after reading this post, ha ha!

  10. I missed National Junk Food Day! Those goodies look delicious! The Hello Kitty Cafe Truck is adorable. What an amazing idea! I imagine that owner does quite well.

  11. I don't ever know where to begin with these posts! All that food got me SOOOO hungry! YUM! I read the drama about KVD and Jeffree Star too..smh..the Hello Kitty truck is so cute! Beauty Bakerie packaging is very cute! Never heard of them before. I will have to check them out. I am also interested in trying more Ofra products.

  12. National junk food day!? It's probably a good thing I didn't know about that one, eek! The food looks amazing though! I always forget to get rid of my make-up after a certain amount of time, this is a great reminder and I think I need a clear out!

    Musings & More

  13. I'm not a fan of MAC collections anymore, but that Star Trek collection is so stunning!!! There's a lot that I think I'm gonna need! I need to follow the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck because I need to know where to find them! That is just too cute!

  14. The hello kitty cafe truck looks so cute I would totally stalk it

    Beauty Candy Loves

  15. OMG, I'm not going to lie and say that my stomach hurt just looking at all the junk food, haha! The food looked good, don't get me wrong, but to eat it all in one day? That's A LOT, haha! I really love the look of that Laura Geller blush palette, they kind or remind me of Hourglass'! I think it's so unfortunate what happened with Kat & Jeffree, but I can't say I blame her for dissociating from someone she felt wasn't really demonstrating the morals she lives by in general, be it Jeffree or anyone else. The way it was done, I don't know, but I can understand her feelings. Thanks so much for sharing your favorite snaps and I hope you're having the best start to your week so far, beauty!



  16. I did not know there was a day of junk food seems so tasty, I want the hair curler of Zendaya too!

  17. I think I just put on 10kgs just looking at all that "junk food". Gosh, also seriously salivating. Loved the Hello Kitty snaps! Need to look a few of these peeps up on Snapchat now!


  18. I love New York, Kim! You should go visit. I never new they had a national junk food day! And you sure made me hungry.

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