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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Snapchat Story Favorites No. 8

Here's a round-up of my favorite Snapchat Stories! See others HERE
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Kendra Scott 

(via whowhatwear snapchat)

Jewelry designer Kendra Scott (Austin, Texas) gave WhoWhatWear a lovely tour of her headquarters. The tour showcased her beautiful jewelry designs, office & work spaces, and perks (employees have an area to get pedicures, workout, eat special delights). Can I work there? LOL She also treated everyone to dinner & a fancy bbq. What really caught my eye, were the nail lacquers she's about to come out with in August. Look at the bottle design! Aren't they gorgeous? So my question is will she come out with more beauty products? Hmmmm

Chateau Labiotte & Other Asian Treats 

(via glowrecipe snapchat & it's korea instagram)

It's a miniature wine bottle! It's a miniature wine bottle that is LIPSTICK! I thought this was so cute! I so want to add a couple of these to my collection. I've never heard of this brand, but the concept is fantastic. There's even a lip balm! Another product they showcased was an Espresso Stout Body Wash and a treatment for tired legs! All the packaging is so cute.

Sleek Barekissed Illuminator 

(via sleekmakeup snapchat)

Sleek just came out with these liquid Barekissed Illuminators! They're offered in 4 colors and at only $13.49 they definitely beat the prices of those $40+ CoverFx Liquid Drops! HaHaHa I can't vouch for their quality, but they look good here.

Sleek Power Plump Lip Crayon 

(via sleekmakeup snapchat)

These are also new by Sleek! I'm not a big fan of lip plumping. Companies say tingling sensation, but often the reviewer describes an uncomfortable "burning". :( It may or may not be the case for these, but I wasn't too impressed with the color pay off from their lip swatches below. But they're new! So I just wanted you to see them.

Becca Champagne Splits & Shimmering Skin Perfector Slimlights

(via trendmood snapchat)

Becca Cosmetics, is coming out with some spin-offs from the Champagne Pop Collection. These compacts are basically highlighter & mineral blush DUOS. The colors are Prosecco & Amaretto, Prosecco & Pamplemousse, Champagne Pop & Hyacinth and Champagne Pop & Flowerchild. A brush to apply these will also be for sale. They're also coming out with Shimmering Skin Perfector Slimlights. Bottom line, they're highlighting sticks, in which a lot of companies are coming out with at the moment! The compact will be $38 and comes out July 14th at Sephora. Not sure about the price of the brush or Slimlights. I'm just going to stick with my face palette & skip these LOL

NARS Undercover 2016 Summer Collection

(via narsissist snapchat)

NARS came out with a beautifully packaged Summer Collection. The artwork is gorgeous! I purchased some things from this collection. I have to review it on the blog. But these are some of the lip swatches. I have Overheated & Get Dirty. I'll review in the next couple of weeks.

Sigma Sale, Shimmer Creams & Eyeshadow Palettes 

(via sigmabeauty snapchat)

When I think of Sigma, I automatically think of makeup brushes & brush cleaning mats. HaHaHa I wasn't aware they had makeup! They swatched some of their Shimmer Creams in Sultry, Brilliant & Superb and I was impressed. So pretty. They also have eye shadow palettes (names) in Brilliant & Spellbinding; Smokescreen; Fall Softly; and Warm Neutrals (SHOWN BELOW). Sigma is currently offering 30% off ALL of their products through July 4th.

Hourglass Ambient Light Correcting Primer 

(via ipsyofficial snapchat)

Hourglass seems to be ahead of the makeup game. Many people are now mixing highlighters & illuminators in with their primers. Well Hourglass has three that will give you a glow PLUS correct! They look beautiful!

Laura Geller Baked Balance Brighten Color Correcting Foundation 

(via lauragellerbeauty snapchat)

I never knew (these even existed, let alone) about the other shades, but here are 4 new ones! LOL They're suppose to be used in replacement of a foundation. I wonder what kind of coverage these give?

Colourpop Tie Dye Highlighters

(via colourpopcosmetics snapchat)

This week Colourpop mixed various colors of pigment together and created 3 Tie Dye Highlighters. They asked for people to vote and whichever "mix" won they would put it on their website & sell it. It (middle one CHURRO) sold out in minutes! I bet they're going to do a collection of tie dye highlighters and sell them. No word as of yet! I think it's a pretty cool concept, because as of right now highlighters are just one dimensional. This gives you a mix of pigments!

ELF 2016 Holiday Collection

(via beautylogicblog snapchat)

Elf is bringing you "beauty blenders", highlighters & an eye shadow palette for the holidays.

L'Oreal Lip Palette

(via beautyconsnaps snapchat)

Finally found some swatches of L'Oreal's NEW Lip Palette! The colors are beautiful. 

Benefit Ka Brow 

(via benefitbeauty snapchat)

Benefit came out with SO MANY eye & eyebrow products (28+) that my brain just shut down & disregarded them all when they first came out. I'm not much of an eyebrow person in the first place. I have Anastasia's brow wiz and have yet to use it. Maybe I'll change my mind. Well, Benefit explained one of them (Ka Brow) this week on their Snapchat and hopefully they'll do the same with the rest of them. The swatches did help. Beforehand, I felt like they were saying HERE ARE ALL OF THESE PRODUCTS! YOU NEED THEM RIGHT NOW! BUY! LOL Well, explain them Benefit! Explain them! Looking at the YouTubers receiving the packages, they look just as overwhelmed! They love the cabinet that holds all the products but are overwhelmed by how many are in it and how many they have to explain to their subscribers. Some never explain! Can you blame them?

OFRA Cosmetics

(via ofracosmetics snapchat)

Just familiarizing myself with OFRA Cosmetics. These aren't new, but they have a lot of products.

Pinky Rose Cosmetics

(via pinkyrose snapchat)

I knew they had lip glosses. I didn't know they had eyelashes >.<  One day, I'll get the nerve.

Melt Cosmetics 

(via meltcosmetics snapchat)

Melt came out with a Nood lip collection awhile back. Well now they're introducing them in eye shadow form and also a rust stack collection (which seems to be sold out currently but back July 5th)

Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Swatches

(via katvondbeauty snapchat) 

Here are some swatches of Kat Von D's Studded Lipsticks

Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder

(via Jeffree Star snapchat )

Jeffree Star swatched Bobbi Brown's Highlighting Powder in Sunset & Bronze Glow. Very pretty!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Liners

(via abhcosmetics snapchat)

I didn't know ABH had METALLIC eyeliners. They're so pretty swatched below. She also has creme (pot) liners. 

JK Rowlings Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

(via popsugar snapchat)

I haven't kept up with Harry Potter anything, since it ended. Have you? Well JK Rowlings is introducing a North American Wizarding School (this is the second installment). Did anybody see the first installment? LOL The installments are suppose to prepare you for her Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them movie/book. Sounds interesting! If anyone can clarify, please leave it in the comments below :D. Well, there are FOUR HOUSES you can be sorted in. Go to the pottermore site to be officially sorted. I took the quiz and I got Horned Serpent! EEK YIKES! It favours scholars... but it's a serpent...EEK! YIKES! LOL Tell me yours if you take the quiz. My Harry Potter house results are also below...GRYFFINDOR!

My Results: Named by Isolt Sayre after the great horned river serpent that has a jewel set into its forehead; Horned Serpent house is sometimes considered to represent the mind of a witch or wizard. It is also said that Horned Serpent favours scholars.

Welcome to House


You probably know that some of Gryffindor’s most renowned members include Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter. But did you know the sword of Gryffindor was made a thousand years ago by goblins, or that Head of House Minerva McGonagall’s hobbies include correcting articles in Transfiguration Today and supporting the Montrose Magpies?

Popsugar Beach Bag Essentials

(via popsugar snapchat)

Popsugar Netflix Movies To Make You Feel Patriotic

(via Popsugar snapchat)



  1. Wow I've love to work for Kendra Scott too! That office space is incredible and the perks sound pretty sweet. Her jewelry has always been so fun so I would imagine her nail lacquers would be as well. Those bottles look like gems :) And those Sleek Barekissed Illuminator sound like such a bargain. I'd be curious to see if they wear as good as they look. Hope you're having a fantastic long holiday weekend Kim!

  2. I want to work for Kendra Scott too. How awesome is she with the perks she offers her employees? If all companies were like this we would have a happier society. :) Fun selection of patriotic movies. I love Forrest Gump for its historical bits. Happy 4th to you Kim!

  3. Wooow, how amazing is the Sleek Barekissed Illuminators!? I love the colours and the packing of the new Nars collection too! I swear I get all my beauty updates from your snapchat posts!

    I'm also a huge Harry Potter fan but didn't know about this new school so I shall be running over to Pottermore shortly!

    Musings & More

  4. I really enjoyed this post! Love your blog

    Elle x

  5. I totally agree with you that the design of those nail polish bottles are stunning!! I would want to work there too lol!! Those wine bottle lipsticks are adorable. Both the sleek products look nice, that's a brand that I haven't tried our yet! I'm dying over those Becca duos with the blush/highlighters!! I decided not to get the face palette, so I'm considering picking up one of those instead! In excited to see your reviews on what you picked up from the Nars collection! All the Sigma makeup looks beautiful, I haven't tried any from them. Like you, i always think of brushes when I think of Sigma and forget they have makeup too. Those Colourpop highlighters look so pretty! And so unique! The Elf collection looks nice, I would love one of their highlighter palettes, and I'm so curious about those sponges! The nude Loreal lip palette looks so pretty! And oh gosh that benefit brow collection is overwhelming and I feel like I'm the only one he doesn't like the packaging. I think it's flashy and just as overwhelming as all the products LOL! The Melt rust shadow collection is sooo pretty! Those shades are my favorites. And he Bobbie Brown highlighters look stunning too!!

    And yes the Ilvermorny story that JK wrote that was on Pottermore was an introduction to tell how that school came about and was created to get us ready and more intro for Fantastic beasts! At least I'm pretty sure! I was sorted into Pukwudgie and Ravenclaw!

    Also I'm sorry again that I write sooo much in the comments for your snapchat stories Kim! LOL! I can't help it! You post so many goodies and I really look forward to your post every week! I don't keep up much with what brands and coming out with so its really nice that you share them!

  6. Ummmmm can I work at Kendra Scott please and thank you?? Can't believe she's expanding into beauty, that shall be interesting! I think I need one of those Becca duos- they look so pretty! I'd love the Jaclyn palette but just can't justify lol and I actually don't own anything from Becca surprisingly.

  7. Love these! Such a fun idea!
    -Kate //

  8. a Potterhead, it's embarrassing how behind I am in keeping up with everything, and have no clue at all right now about the Ilvermorny school:( Must change that soon! And I seriously want everything in that new NARS collection. The packaging alone.
    Those Sleek illuminators look and sound pretty fab. And OMG! I want those Kat Von D lippies as many things to add on my wishlist!:D
    Anyhoo, wishing you and your loved ones a great Happy 4th, Kim:) XOXO

  9. I want to treat my employees just like Kendra when I grow up. What a treat! Can you imagine opening these wine lipsticks at a church bathroom? All the ladies would know where you were the night before. But I'm gonna get'em. I love wine.

  10. After seeing Kendra Scott's office tour on Snapchat, I was so ready to quite my job to go work for her! Seriously - what an amazing space she has and to think that people actually get to work there...! I love the look of the Sleek illuminators as well, and the price point seems so reasonable. I'll definitely be checking those out.

  11. Hi Kim, once again a fun post and a lot of makeup to read about. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you a Happy 4th of July!!
    Julie xo

  12. I love this series! There are so many things I'm excited about in here! I really want to get the Becca Champagne Splits and the elf beauty blender dupe! I'm going to add some of these to my snapchat now!

  13. Those Kendra Scott snaps...oh pretty! Those nail polishes are crazy! That food is making me so hungry..I think ColourPop will come back out with the mixed highlighters because they were such a hit. Those wine bottle lipsticks and wine glass lip balms are so cute! I don't like the burning sensation of lip plumpers either. Those Nars lip colors you have are so pretty! Get Dirty is def my fav but the two you have are def colors I would wear. Thanks for sharing!

  14. The Chateau Labiotte lipstick products are the cutest things ever!! I need those mini wine bottle lippies in my life!! ;-)

  15. Also will wait for the subsequent post. Great and extraordinary you can fight up to this point to make this blog more interesting again. This Blog

  16. the Labiotte wine lip tints are so cute ♥ I mostly want them for the packaging ^-^ ~ boo >.< I didn't get my hands on the Colourpop highlighter!


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