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Monday, July 18, 2016

Snapchat Story Favorites No. 10

Here's a round-up of my favorite Snapchat Stories! See others HERE
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 Nicole Ritchie x House of Harlow 1960

via glamourmag snapchat & getty images for Amazon

I've been crushing all week on the top Nicole Ritchie wore to her House of Harlow 1960 party. How gorgeous is it? I'm not a fan of all types of lace, but this top is just awesome. Plus it's black. Jump into my closet. I would wear this.  From glamourmag's snapchat I thought it was a dress. But it's a top. Plus the SHORT dark nails...Hell Yeah!

Blushington Makeup & Beauty Lounge

via ipsyofficial snapchat

I thought this was the cutest makeup & beauty lounge. They do makeup application, classes and all kinds of good stuff. They're located in California, New York and Texas. I included their video below.


  The Beauty Chef - Hydration

via the coveteur snapchat

I've never heard of The Beauty Chef until after watching The Coveteur. Look at this elixr! Hydration Inner Beauty Boost. It's supports gut health and skin hydration. They have a number of products that help with different things. I want to try!


via camila bravo snapchat

Have you heard of Lipland before? I haven't! LOL But these swatches are gorgeous.

Maybelline Color Correcting USING LIPSTICK ft Deepicam

via maybelline snapchat

I do plan on trying color correcting. Peach for dark circles. But Maybelline did a very interesting snapchat tutorial this week. They used LIPSTICK as a color corrector! #805 below! Deepicam placed it underneath her eyes, added concealer and the outcome was amazing. Who would've thought lipstick!?!

MAC Cosmetics Trolls

via cosmomag & kandeejohnson snapchat

I was never a Trolls fan, so I'm passing on this collection. But one who loves's all here.

L'Oreal True Match Highlighters

via lorealmakeup snapchat

L'Oreal is coming out with liquid highlighters! 

L'Oreal Pro Glow Foundation Swatches

via lusterlux snapchat

Look at the GLOW on lusterlux's face! So pretty! She also did some swatches of L'Oreals NEW Pro Glo Foundation. I want to try this one and the old one. She's my new Snapchat fave. She's so funny and down to earth.

NARS 413 Blakr Palette

via narsissist snapchat

Looks like a new cheek & lip palette from NARS. No swatches, but pretty.

Sinful Colors x Kylie Jenner

via kandee johnson & instyle snapchat

So Kylie is taking a stand against bullying. Anyone else watched the Kim Kardashian & Taylor Swift rift unfold on Twitter & Snapchat? Well anyway, Kylie Jenner has a consistent relationship with Sinful Colors. Here are the three new colors and names.

OFRA Cosmetics Metallic Lipsticks

via ofracosmetics snapchat

Three new metallic lipsticks from OFRA Cosmetics.

Charlotte Tilbury

via trendmood snapchat 

HOT LIPS! These lipsticks are named after popular celebrities. Buy 12 and you get the lipstick holder.


via beautylogicblog snapchat

Only know the price of this palette! Here are the swatches. Coming out in November.

Urban Decay Fall 2016

via trendmood & urbandecaysnaps snapchat

I am very interested in trying this new foundation. I included the color charts below.
Looks like they'll be following the same number system as the current foundation.

Boscia Sake Bright White Mask, Skin Cleansing Water &

via lusterlux snapchat

I've seen Boscia skincare but I've never tried it. They're introducing a Skin Cleansing Water and interestingly Sake Bright Whitening Mask.

MAC Cosmetics Vamplify Swatches

via maccosmetics snapchat

Vamplify is BACK! Seven new colors. Swatches below.

Sigma Sigmagic Brushampoo

via sigma beauty snapchat

Sigma is coming out with a new brush cleaner. I just purchased their F80 brush & brush mat.

Benefit Brow Zings

via benefitbeauty snapchat

Brow Zings! There are 6 shades! Cute tutorial below.

Makeup Forever Artist Rouge Lipstick Swatches

via kandeejohnson & lusterlux snapchat 

Massive lip collection here from Makeup Forever. It's called Artist Rouge! Some swatches below!


via lusterlux snapchat

So if you purchased any Kylie mattes, she is now offering (not all...yet) them in GLOSSES.
She's also coming out with 3 new mattes (listed below.




Sephora Holiday Preview

via beautylogicblog snapchat

Tis the season for new makeup! It's going to start early. But I don't see anything I want :(

ULTA Holiday Preview

via beautylogicblog snapchat

Same for ULTA. I don't know. For the past couple of years, I haven't been too thrilled about Holiday Collections. Sometimes I feel they're thrown together. I always look forward to Spring/Fall Collections.

Popsugar Fruit Water

via popsugar snapchat

I often use fruit in my water, but here are some really good explanations on WHY YOU SHOULD!

2016 US Women's Gymnastics Team - More About Them!

via popsugar snapchat

So last week I was wondering WHO they were going to pick!
This snapchat was very nice, because it gave us a very nice introduction about each girl.



  1. Oh my gosh, that lipstick under the eyes trick is a life saver! I mean, who would have ever thought to do that?!

  2. If I get everything I want from these snapchat photos, then I will go broke for sure! Hourglass palette took my attention, I want to get the one with 6 products in it and now I am not sure if I should get it or wait for this one... Decision, decisions!

    Ela BellaWorld

  3. Ooh what a great list of snapchats! I'm still clueless about Snapchat and have to get my intern to teach me how to use it, lol! The lipstick as color correcter is a great trip. Ugh, I didn't love trolls either so will pass, but I do think the packaging is really fun!
    Oh and I love the new US Women's olympics team! It looks like such a fun and diverse squad!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  4. I was invited a Blushington event awhile back but couldn't make it at the last minute. I really hope they'll do more. That LIPSTICK as a color corrector trick sounds crazy but it looks like it totally works! Thanks for these updates Kim! It's great for someone like me who's clueless about Snapchat ;p

  5. I have to stay away from watching too many beauty brand Snapchat videos or I wind up wanting everything! That Nars palette looks so lovely - I'm such a sucker for all of their cheek products. I'm really intrigued by the Hourglass palette, I've heard amazing things about their highlighters but haven't yet tried them myself.

  6. Nicole Ritchie looks amazing! I have always admired her style. Interesting bit on using lipstick as an under eye concealer. As long as they are lead free, I may give this a try as it probably has great smoothing coverage!

  7. So much stuff that I want to comment on but I can't remember half of them lol Nicole Ritchies lace top is sooo awesome! I think Lipland is the brand Amrezy did liquid lipsticks with. I def want to try the L'Oreal Pro Glow and the new UD Foundation coming out. I love the look of Kylie's lippies but I hear alot of mixed reviews on quality as well as the products being close to empty on the metal liquid lipsticks. The brand seems really inconsistent and overpriced. Those holiday snaps got me a little excited!!!!

  8. Wow thanks for sharing this awesome snap chat makeup roundup!! So packed full of inspiration!! :)

  9. Oh man! I'm gonna start saving up for that Hourglass palette! That's TDF! And I've never heard of Lipland before, but so agree with you, Kim...those swatches are pretty fab:)

    PS Nicole Ritchie can do no wrong...seriously...I mean fashion-wise anyhoo:P

  10. I have so much respect for Nicole Ritchie, she was a mess, not even a hot mess but just a mess and she changed her life around. Now a mum of two, a businesswoman and happily married, she really showed the world that you can change when you put your heart and mind to it. Good for her.

    And OMG, Kim, that Hourglass palette...I need to start saving up for it from now on. Or maybe something for Christmas wish list?

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  11. So much goodness in this roundup! First off, I LOVE Nicole Richie's top, too! I just love her style in general, she's too fab for words and she just keeps getting more and more beautiful! I'm not going to lie, when I do see her, I often think of The Simple Life, haha! Ah, the beginning of "reality tv"! The Makeup & Beauty Lounge sounds great and kind of reminds me of inside a Benefit store a little. I'll have to perhaps stop by and take a class with my mom, she LOVES makeup! I actually saw these Lipland lippies for the first time today on Huda's page and of course my eye went straight to that bright red shade, so pretty! They look so pigmented and creamy, too! I actually collected trolls, haha. I had SO many, as you could imagine, my dad worked at a mom and pop of toy store, I had them ALL! Just looking at these photos are brining back some memories, I'm loving how everything '90s is coming back! Oh, and how GORGEOUS are those Hot Lips lipsticks! So pretty! Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have a great week ahead!



  12. I'm with you on Nicole's top! Hell yeah is definitely appropriate.

  13. I'm missing very good things in the Snapchat, there is so much to discover in this network, I love how it looks Kylie! Top of Nicole Richie is perfect!

  14. Looking forward to read your post about you wearing the black lace top. Go for it. The Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are just fabulous.

  15. Love the colourful treat, Kim! I'm not in SnapChat, there're just too many to follow & not enough time. Have a great week, babe! xoxo

  16. I loveee that top Nicole Richie is wearing too! That is so cute and I've always been a fan of hers! I haven't heard of Lipland before either, but yes to those swatches and that gorgeous packaging! I would have never thought to use lipstick for color correcting either! I would be worried that it would be too thick and heavy for my under eyes lol! The new Nars cheek palette looks so pretty! If there isn't already blush shades that I own in there, I'll definitely want it! The hourglass palette looks pretty too, but ugh $80! Hopefully it's out for the VIB sale LOL. I'm super interested in that new Urban Decay foundation too! I watched a video on it from xsparkage on YouTube and I definitely will be picking it up! It's more full coverage, but i think she said that dispute the same number system as the last one, they weren't identical to the old ones but who knows. The swatches of the Kylie lippies look super pretty. I love all the Kat Von D holiday stuff! The urban decay lip palette looks interesting. The Too Faced holiday sets look nice, as they always do! I use fruit in my water very often too, so I love all those pictures and now I have some new ideas of what I could put in there!

  17. OMG, a celebrity that has NORMAL human nails?? I just gained respect for Nicole Richie. Haha, and ahhh all the makeup! All the swatching!
    Those Makeup Forever lipsticks look ah-mazing 0_o
    Haha I just follow my favorite beauty gurus and YouTubers on Snapchat. This reminds me of Claire Marshall's mail time Snapchats. Have you heard of her? I swear, she is straight up #goals to me lol.

    The Dragonfruit Diaries
    Visit my YouTube channel!

  18. Who would have thought that you could use a peach lipstick as a colour corrector. That snap story is super interesting. I might just try it in the comfort of my room :-) Loving the way the new Urban Decay foundation looks. I haven't tried the original yet. Interested to know what this one has to offer. Xoxoxo

  19. Ooooft Nicole Richie is so pretty! I love her! and I'm also super excited for MAC Trolls.


  20. This post is amazing! So mani tips! Thank you! Keeps sharing!
    Greetings from

  21. yes, i've heard of lipland and have been wanting to try! also love lustrelux; i watch her on youtube.

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