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Friday, June 16, 2017

Makeup Revolution Ultra Pro Glow Highlighter Palette Review and Swatches

Hey Guys! Happy Friday! Really quick review today. I get makeup inspiration from bloggers I subscribe to, and from various YouTube beauty/makeup gurus. When I saw Makeup Revolution's New Ultra Pro Glow $18  highlighter palette on What Would Lizzy Do's channel, I was like WOW! You get EIGHT (8) highlighters in various shades. The pigmentation for these are very impressive and they're also creamy. You can use these as highlighters, blush toppers, in the corner of your eyes for a pop of sparkle and even as eye makeup. It's a great all in one highlighter palette, that won't break the bank. I swatched the shades for you below and also included her video which talks about them in detail.

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
  Makeup Revolution Ultra Pro Glow Highlighter Palette is Sweet

Swatch these in-store! See how they work with your skin-tone! I didn't blend the color (last one in the palette) out below with blush, because I wanted you to see it for what it is (luminous, creamy & pigmented).



  1. Makeup Revolution can be such good value for money. I love highlight palettes personally as you can mix and match them depending on your makeup. I don't need any more highlighters but I may have to add this to my collection!

    Amy -

  2. This looks like a good multi-use palette Kim! I've always heard good things about Makeup Revolution's products and their prices are so affordable. I will have to see what my local Ulta carries.

  3. This reminded me of NYX highlighting palette that I dislike. I haven't seen this palette where I work but we don't get the whole range so I might need to get it online.

  4. I do like some of their makeup, but I haven't tried this highlighting palette from them. Looks gorgeous though x

    Pink Frenzy

  5. This is so nice. It looks so matte and not so shiny. Love the colours too.

  6. Makeup Revolution is a gorgeous brand for the price. Will check this out for suere xxx

  7. I cannot even begin to explain how much I've been eyeing this palette. I'm way over due for another makeup revolution order and this will definitely be on the list. Great review!

  8. Although I'm not a highlighter person I love that you can get so many different uses from this pallette Kim - the shimmers are lovely and they do look great on you! :)

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  9. Oh wow these look beautiful! I'll have to look for this next time I'm in Ulta! The swatches looks nice,Kim! I love the variety you get in this palette, and it's so affordable!

  10. Man...look at the size of that thing! Thanks for the swatches, Kim! Imma really gonna try hard to find this brand around here:)
    Hope you have an awesome weekend!

  11. Make-Up Revolution really is such an amazing collection, especially for the price point! I haven't seen this palette in stores in Canada yet, but I'm keeping my eye out because all the results I've seen with it, especially yours, are just gorgeous.

  12. I absolutely love this palette. The shades are so flattering on my skin tone and apply beautifully. x

    Jordan Alice

  13. Holy cow, those swatches are beautiful! Love how affordable it is too!

  14. This is a really great value and those swatches are beautiful. It also looks great on you. Thanks for reviewing this!

  15. That's a lot of great shades for the value !
    I would not know what to do with 8 shades ;)

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