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Monday, September 10, 2018

Becca Royal Glow Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter Review and Swatches

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Not Sponsored. Hey Guys! Fall begins September 22nd! I thought I would take this week & next to review some of my Summer makeup purchases, that I feel will carry you into the Fall Season. Let me start with the brand Becca. They're known for products that will give your skin a beautiful glow. Mid-year, they came out with a shimmering skin perfector pressed highlighter, called Royal Glow. It's limited edition (but it's still available) and at the time it could only be purchased in the UK/Europe. I was so upset, because I thought the color was so beautiful. Speaking of the color, it's described as a bronzed opal, with shimmering gold pearl. I'm a huge fan of Becca's OPAL highlighter (poured here and pressed in Becca's Sunchaser palette / review here). Well, I purchased this several months ago on QVC's website and have been loving it all Summer long. FYI, on QVC's website they give you Royal Glow +  the brush ($38.26). Royal Glow alone on Becca's website is $38. So yes, I purchased mine on QVC! HaHaHa The angled highlighting brush on Becca's website retails for $28 alone! So QVC has the better deal. Do I like this highlighter? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! I have a lot of highlighters. Some are super strong. Some come off lightly. This is the first powder highlighter in my collection that I can put all over my face. I used about 3 strokes of this highlighter in the picture below to emphasize it, but if I just wanted a subtle glow all over all I would only need one swipe of this across my entire face. It is truly beautiful and very natural for a powder highlighter. There's nothing glittery or sparkly about it. I was worried when the package said shimmering, but it's a gorgeous effect. I was very impressed. I think this color will compliment many skin tones. I loved it for Summer, so I know I will enjoy it for Fall/Winter. I'm wearing Becca x Chrissy Teigen's Glow Gloss in Beach Bum on my lips below. Look for my review on that collection tomorrow. The brush that comes with this (only on QVC's website) is very well made and angled. It makes applying this highlighter very easy. It will work well with any other Becca powder blushes/highlighters you have in your collection. I think many have let this beauty fly under the radar. If you were thinking about it, get it. I'm glad I purchased it. Beautiful color and who wouldn't want a CROWN!

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   Becca Royal Glow Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter is Supersweet

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