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Monday, September 10, 2018

How To Pick The Perfect Dress For Your Bridesmaids

Well, if it is the wedding season at your place, then brace yourself, the wedding preparations list is going to be endless. From deciding the guests list, to choosing the venue theme, curating the decorations and shortlisting the sumptuous menu, there will be a plethora of responsibilities that you will have to take care of. And not to mention, you will have another ‘to-do’ list for your hen do ideas and activities. Let’s not even get there because that will be another saga. If you don’t believe us, try and get a consensus for the hen party destination only and you will know what we are talking about!

Another thing synonymous to weddings is shopping! And trust us, there is nothing more complicated than deciding the wedding gown or as a matter of fact, the perfect dress for your bridesmaids for your big day! Take our suggestion, be done with your personal shopping first and then start finding out the best dress for your best girls.

It is never too easy to select the perfect dress for yourself, let alone when you have to do that for your entire gang. We bring to you a few tips that you should keep in mind before deciding upon the bridesmaids’ dress.

Consider the theme of the wedding
You cannot just barge into a designer store and choose 8-9 dresses of different sizes and think you are done with the shopping for your bridesmaids. No! That is not the way out! When you are on your hunt to find the right dress for your girl gang, make sure you consider your wedding’s theme. Your photographer would want your bridesmaids to be dressed according to the theme and time of the day so you better get the dress right in those aspects. Even though you are thinking of going the ‘mismatched bridesmaid dresses’ route, make sure the dresses fit in one category, even if they are different colours.

To each her own
Not everyone has the same body type and the body shape. Some of your girls will be the athletic type, thin and slender and some may find happiness in gluttony. When you are out buying the dress you would want your bridesmaids to wear, you should know what type of dress will be suitable for all body types. Some may not be comfortable with showing off their legs, some maybe a bit apprehensive with a sweetheart neckline or there maybe some adventurous girls who would not give a second thought before donning even the most revealing outfit! So before you decide upon the dress, make sure you know which dress will be the most suitable for all your girls so that they are not uncomfortable in it.

Colour and complexion
Another very important aspect to consider before finalising the bridesmaids’ dress is the colour of the dress. If you have a dress code decided for your wedding, then it is obvious that your bridesmaids will have to abide by that. But that does not mean everyone will be comfortable with the colour of the theme. When you finally decide the style of the dress, make sure you search out for a few lighter or darker shades of the theme colour so that you can buy the dresses of all shades. This will make it easier for all your girls to wear the dress and carry it with perfect glamour.

Money matters 
Remember weddings are a costly affair, not just for the couple but also for the nearest kin and friends. Your girls will already be paring for the hen party and your wedding present, so make sure that the dress you finally decide upon is not very highly priced. It would be great if you sponsor the dress partially but still keep the price tag in mind. Not only that, you may prefer renting the dresses as well if you do not want any extra financial burden on your girls and yourself!
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