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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Get to Know the Me2 Club Charity with Boyes Turner

Social isolation and loneliness can be extremely difficult for youngsters and lead to a number of issues during their development into adulthood. Unfortunately, it is something that many children with additional needs face as a result of exclusion from mainstream activities, such as after school clubs and social events.

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Me2 Charity Interviewed by Boyes Turner
This is something that the Me2 Club in Wokingham feels passionate about and is doing some fantastic work to help youngsters that suffer from social isolation. The charity was recently interviewed by Julie Marsh from Boyes Turner - a leading personal injury and medical negligence legal firm specialising in cases such as PTSD.

The interview was with Vicky Fisher from Me2Club charity and gave an insight into the great work that the charity is doing along with the action that they have taken during the pandemic to continue supporting children and their families while protecting public health.

Me2Club’s Mission
Vicky explained that the charity is designed to support children with additional needs and help them to participate in mainstream activities, such as sports clubs, drama groups and other activities that are so important for children and their development. The charity is able to transform the lives of children with additional needs thanks to their fantastic volunteers who are trained to act as a “one to one buddy” and provide individual support to the child during these activities.
Location & Additional Support
Me2Club started in Wokingham 16 years ago but they have now expanded into the whole of Reading which is a huge move for the charity and a sign that they are finding success. Vicky also went on to explain the importance of supporting the wider family and how the family events that they hold allow parents to meet other likeminded parents and those going through similar experiences which can be a great source of help. Not only this, but the “weekly respite” that is provided by the charity by looking after the children during the social activities is helpful for both practical and mental health purposes.
Of course, COVID-19 has interfered with the charity this year and Vicky states that the changes to the children’s routines has been difficult for them to manage. Despite this, the online sessions have been helpful and particularly for the teen-age groups that had started to build up relationships with one another prior to the lockdown. Technology has been vital to this and is able to provide as close to face-to-face interaction as you can get.

Julie asked how the wider public can support the charity and Vicky explained that they are currently running a COVID-19 appeal in order to raise funds to keep support going and any donations would be incredibly beneficial. Additionally, supporting them on social media is all valuable during this time.

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