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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Making the Perfect Summer Garden

Image Source: Pixabay

Another summer is nearing an end but do not fret. You can start planning for summer 2021 right now by redesigning your garden and giving it a whole new lease on life!

One way this can be achieved is by adding new flowers. You may wish to have several flower beds added to your garden. It is best to have the tallest flowers of such beds at the back and the shortest flowers in the first row. As an alternative, you could have potted plants fitted throughout your garden such as on the decking and next to the walls. Having flowers and potted plants added to a garden can revitalize its appearance by giving it a more colourful aesthetic.

On a similar subject, if you have a strong interest in gardening and growing plants or vegetables, you might like to construct raised beds. A raised garden bed can come in various different forms ranging from a raised ground bed to a containerized raised bed. Raised garden beds are a great way to hone your gardening skills and establish a new hobby to enjoy.

When it comes to water features, examples include but are not limited to water blades, fountains, drilled rocks, streams, rills and ponds. One thing worth noting is that water features can attract wildlife which may not be suitable if you have created a raised garden bed. It’s important to consider how each possible installation works with each other! Water features can be a fantastic addition to any garden. They provide aesthetic value and the sounds of running water can also create a tranquil environment where other outdoor sounds are for the most part, drowned out.

If your garden looks too bland or lacks any social focal points for summer use, perhaps you’d like to have a patio installed. Alternatively, you may be interested in a decking installation. Both have their own pros and cons. If you wish to choose one or the other, you should take on board factors such as the cost of laying a new patio and the durability of a decking based on your preferred material (e.g. softwood, hardwood, composite or PVC).

If you have children, you might like to have PlayMor swing sets, slides or playhouses added. With a mixture of elements from water features to a patio for the adults to children play equipment you can create the perfect summer garden for the whole family!

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