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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Momtrepreneurs: Remember These 4 Things To Keep Yourself Sane!

Hey Momma. Look at you. You’re doing it all! You’re running your own business while also being there for your family. You’re a Mom and an Entrepreneur… a Momtrepreneur if you will. You’re one of a growing number of women who choose to eschew the traditional career path after having kids and instead carve out a niche for yourself in the business world. After all, motherhood changes the way you think. In fact, it changes your whole brain chemistry. It empowers you. It reminds you what you’re capable of, and it makes all the anxieties and hang ups that used to paralyze you seem trivial compared to the demands of parenthood.

Moms have the innate skills that are perfect for running a business. They’re patient, resourceful, outstanding communicators and beacons of love, hope and reassurance. But, of course, that’s not to say that the life of a momtrepreneur is simple. There are times when you may be stressed, exhausted and as though you’re on a fast track to burning out. You may feel in constant danger of succumbing to exhaustion. You may feel like your best is never good enough in business or domestic life.

But remember these important things to keep yourself sane...

You can’t fit everything into one day… so don’t try
Managing your time is one of the steepest parts of the learning curve when running your own business. Many a well-meaning Momtrepreneur has exhausted herself because she’s tried to take on too much too fast. You can’t fit everything into one day… so don’t try. Compartmentalize your time and be realistic about what you can achieve. Establish set working hours and make sure you stick to them. Otherwise you set a dangerous precedent for yourself. One that will see you burn yourself out. If you struggle with time management, there are lots of apps that can help.

Believe in your brand and customers will respond to you
Your brand is more than just your logo, your slogan or the color scheme on your website. It’s the values and ideals upon which your business is built. It’s what people say about you when you’re not in the room. And you need to have a clear idea what your brand is and what you want it to mean to your customers. Use this as your guiding light and your brand will resonate with your target audience.

Never take complaints personally
We all make mistakes when running a business. They’re an essential part of the learning curve. But as you learn and grow you’ll come to realize that you can’t please all of your customers all of the time. Customers may complain, and they may do it in public spaces like social media platforms. Never take complaints personally. They’re not directed at you. See them as what they are, an opportunity to show the customer (and anyone else who’s watching) that you value feedback from your customers and are committed to giving them the highest standard of service.

Make time for you
Being a momtrepreneur means that you’ll spend most of your day elbow deep in Attends diapers, invoices or boxes of product. You may feel that every waking moment is occupied by either the needs of your family and the needs of your business. Which is why it’s important to make time for you, even if it’s just a long soak in the tub of a half hour spent with a good book.

Charge what you’re worth
Finally, in your zeal to make an impression on your target audience, you may want to enter the market with low promotional prices… but make sure that customers know that these are promotional prices. Charging less than you’re worth will inevitably mean that your business starts off on the back foot.
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