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Thursday, November 12, 2020

4 Hacks To Reduce Stress In Your Life As An Employee

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The fast-paced world of work often leaves many employees stressed out round-the-clock. According to the American Institute of Stress, workplace-related stress is the leading source of stress among American adults, with 40% of workers saying their work was very or extremely stressful. As such, it is essential to find the right work-life balance to ensure that you aren't overwhelmed by the many demands from these aspects of your life. Here are four ways you can reduce your stress.

1. Good sleeping habits

Studies have shown that sleep is a significant de-stressor of the human body, and as such, getting enough sleep is vital to lowering your stress. Lack of sleep makes you irritable and affects how you cope with even minimally stressful events- this tendency will only worsen in a fast-paced work environment. Experts suggest taking a maximum of 20-minute short naps during your lunch break. Doctors also recommend at least eight hours of sleep daily for optimum rest. You must endeavor to follow this advice to enjoy sleep’s numerous regenerative benefits.

2. Establish work-life boundaries

Refusing to draw a fine line between the demands of your work and personal life will get you overwhelmed and, in turn, increase your stress. You can create a to-do list to plan activities for both aspects of your life and ensure that none overlap. At work, try to prioritize and organize your schedule by clarifying your objectives and focusing on a minimal number of things at a time. Stick to a rule of not receiving any calls from home when working. Hire a nanny if you have kids and find caregivers for your aging parents from trusted sources like if needed to enable you to concentrate better while at work. Likewise, don’t bring home any office work, as this would interfere with your personal life.

3. Form positive work relationships

Forming positive work relationships can significantly impact your mood at work and positively affect your stress levels. Such relationships can relieve tension and boredom, which improves your motivation and productivity. The average workweek has 40 hours, meaning most people see their co-workers even more than they see their family. Therefore, friends at work can eliminate monotony and increase job satisfaction. Also, work friends provide you with a support network to help you through tricky times and positively impact your overall health and well-being. Consider socializing more with co-workers to build relationships that will lessen your stress.

4. Healthy diets and exercising

Health experts advise that you deal with workplace stress by making healthier lifestyle decisions instead of junk food or alcohol - healthier options like exercising and eating right, two proven de-stressors. Your brain releases cortisol when you're stressed, and this hormone makes you crave junk food for temporary relief. However, these foods only worsen your stress. Therefore, substitute junk food and snacks with healthier options rich in vitamins and fiber. Exercise regularly to keep in shape while lowering your stress levels. Walk a lot during the week or join a yoga class to stay fit and reduce your stress.

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