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Thursday, November 5, 2020

4 Ways To Improve Employee Wellbeing

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Employee wellbeing was something that wasn’t all too common in the workplace decades ago, but luckily employers have progressed and adapted to the times. These days, most organizations know how important it is to look after their employees’ wellbeing as it can affect their ability to perform well at work. It’s crucial for any business to make sure that their workers are well looked after, especially during these uncertain and strange times that we find ourselves in. Keep reading this post if you are looking for ways to improve employee wellbeing at your company.

Provide mental health support

Mental health can have a direct effect on business, therefore it is important that you provide your employees with the right support. Anxiety and depression can often go undetected for years, so you need to try and encourage employees to seek support if they are struggling with mental health issues. Providing your workers with the right training and tools can help to reduce the stigma of mental health and help employees find ways to cope with it. Training should involve teaching managers how to spot signs of mental health issues and raising awareness. 

Put a drug-testing program in place

In some industries, drug testing is essential but if you wish to carry this out in your company, it can damage the relationship between employer and employee. However, if employees are under the influence of drugs it can affect their productivity and put themselves and co-workers at risk. It’s important that as an employer, you explain why you are putting a drug-testing program in place because it is for the wellbeing of employees. Drug use can lead to workplace accidents caused by a person’s judgment being impaired or their concentration and perception decreasing.

Offer flexible working hours

To improve your employees’ work/life balance, you should offer flexible working hours. While work is important, so are other aspects of life, and you don’t want your employees working ridiculously long hours without taking adequate time off as they will end up burning themselves out. Work can often get in the way of other important things like spending time with family and friends or doing the things we love. When you offer your employees flexible working hours it allows them to create a better schedule that works for them, as everyone’s needs are different. This can result in a healthier work/life balance that will boost your workers’ wellbeing.

Give employees room to grow

Employees don’t want a job where they can’t progress, they want to make a name for themselves and want to work for a company that can help them grow personally and professionally. If they start to feel like they’re in the wrong job they will start looking for better opportunities. This is why you need to encourage personal development plans that allow employees to work with their managers to produce better results, meet targets, and develop goals to work towards.

By following these four tips outlined in this post, you can help improve your employees’ wellbeing.

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