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Thursday, November 26, 2020

4 Self-Care Mistakes For You To Avoid

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It might sound peculiar, but it is possible to make some mistakes when trying to practice self-care that could easily lead to self-sabotage. Unfortunately, such errors are more common than you may think. Even though you may have the right intentions, there are some actions you may take that may cause you more harm than good as far as your health is concerned. Most of the time, these mistakes are born out of a lack of information. If you are trying to select some self care product, you must check its reviews from a trusted source such as DrinkQii.

So, are you on a journey to wellness through self-care? Be careful of the following mistakes.

1. Not doing enough research

There is an abundance of self-care tips, hacks, and techniques available on the internet today. While this makes for easy research, it also means there is a lot of misinformation available and readily accessible. Therefore, it is essential to conduct thorough research to decipher authentic and proven self-care tips that yield results and unproven suggestions or myths. If you doubt some information on the internet, you should consult a health expert first. The last thing you want is to spend a lot of time, energy, and even money on self-care tips that do not work.

2. Over-indulging

It is easy to over-indulge in the name of self-care while chasing speedy results. Many people end up being consumed by almost anything they think makes them feel better (from binge shopping to alcohol and food) after a long period of self-restraint. Indulging after a period of constraint comes with side effects that slow down our self-care process. Beyond that, a period of self-guilt usually follows overindulgence, and this mostly leads to self-punishment.

It is good to treat yourself as a reward for achieving self-care or self-restraint goals, but it has dangers of its own and should be done in moderation.

3. Treating the symptom and ignoring the cause

Every problem has a cause, and treating the symptoms while ignoring what causes them is only a waste of time. For example, one of the dangers of self-treating with certain drugs is that you may confuse the relief it offers from your symptoms as a cure. That means the underlying health issue may still be present even though the symptoms may be fading.

4. Relying on too many self-care activities

Another mistake many people make when it comes to self-care is engaging in too many self-care activities, which unfortunately, can lead to self-sabotage. Rather, take enough time to look for simpler options that yield equal (if not better) results. For example, you can use healthy elixirs as an effective replacement for many self detox treatments. The excitement that comes with embarking on a self-care journey for the first time can easily tempt you into taking on too many activities. For example, you may want to try exercising, skin care, meditation, journaling, etc., all at the same time. Unfortunately, all these take a lot of time and effort. Instead, develop a plan which will help you decide which needs come first and which self-care activity best addresses it. You can take on more activities as you progress.

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