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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Impress On Your First Day Of Work! Here Are Some Tips!

The first day of work can be quite complicated and stressful, especially your first job. You don't know how to act, what your future colleagues/bosses will be like, and you ask yourself a thousand questions. It can become all-consuming and lead you to feel as if you will not be able to cope. First of all, keep in mind that if you have been chosen from among all the candidates, it is because you meet the profile that the company is looking for. Use this thought to calm your nerves a bit. Once you have it clear, we will see a series of useful tips for your first day at work.

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How to dress: dress to impress!
Surely you have been wondering what clothes you should wear on your first day of work. If you have done a personal interview in the company, you will have seen the clothing the workers wear. If you are a boy and have seen that everyone in the office wears a suit, that will be your work attire. It's the same for girls, check what kind of clothes they wear. If you haven't seen anyone wearing jeans, avoid them. Of course, when in doubt, it is always better to ask before arriving the first day. Be sure that you have the appropriate footwear, and look at the best commuter shoes to ensure that your feet don't get too tired.
Punctuality is key.
Being late on the first day of work is a big mistake, although it is unnecessary to arrive half an hour before. The person in charge of accompanying you on the first day may have to prepare things before your arrival, and the fact that you are there half an hour before is uncomfortable. Try to arrive 5 minutes before.
Pay attention!
On the first day of work, they will introduce you to your colleagues, and they will explain the basic things you will have to do in the coming months. Sometimes this can be a lot of information for a single day, so you must have any questions you ask at the time. It is preferable to ask them again if you haven’t remembered an hour or so later - the chances are they will be patient with you. Please write down the tasks, names, keys, etc., that they give you. Of course, ask logical questions and try to point out the solution to your problem, so you don't have to ask the same thing again.
Do not isolate yourself.
If you are a shy person and it is difficult for you to start a conversation with people you do not know, it is most likely that you tend to stay seated at your computer without moving at all. It is recommended that you try to talk a little with your colleagues, ask them questions, etc. If you are going to have a coffee, try to do it with them and take advantage of that break to start a conversation. Take an interest in the job, its experiences, etc.

It's time to rock that first day of work and become the professional, successful person that you always dreamed of.

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