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Monday, December 14, 2020

9 Ways You Can Organize Your Life Online

The internet is a resource that offers so much to us who have access to it, and there’s so much of it that many don’t make use of. There’s a tool for almost everything you can think of, and a lot of them can help to streamline our lives! Whether it be a website or an app we can download to our phones, it’s out there; and we should be using it! Here are some examples of the apps you could be using.

Losing Weight

For many, losing weight is never going to be an easy task, because it can take so long to feel rewarding. On top of that, logging everything that you eat can be quite tiring and bothersome - which can be an easy deterrent! Well, luckily there are many tools out there for us to use and help with that. Some apps help you count and log your calories, some can help you track how many calories you’ve burned; it’s never been so easy!

Planning Events

With your calorie goals off of your mind, you can focus your energy on other things, like actual plans and events! At some point in life, everyone misses an appointment or a planned outing with a friend - which can be quite tough to deal with! Thankfully, that can be streamlined too! Whether you use your phone or a computer, you can be notified of upcoming plans that you’ve scheduled into your calendar - and you can choose how long in advance you’d like to be notified! Google Assistant is built-in on most android devices, and there’s likely an equivalent on non-android phones that will help you keep track of important dates and times!

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Your Work

For more than just important appointments, some apps help you log the work you need to get done, and the deadline that it needs to be done by. These are great if you find yourself often busy and getting buried by a mountain of tasks. Sometimes putting all of your work in one place and getting a good perspective on what needs to be done now, and what needs to be done later can really help you get things done properly and efficiently. Avoid a last-minute panic by keeping your work and tasks in one place! These apps don’t always have to be used for work, they can be used for studying too; great for anyone who needs to organize themselves!

Your Shopping

Going out shopping can take a lot of time, and it can cost you a lot more than spending online. You have a much broader access to stores when browsing online, which means that you’re likely going to see a lot more sales and lower prices. You can save yourself the time of going from shop to shop and have everything ordered right to your door! The downside to this, however, is usually delivery times and cost - no one really wants to wait for what they just bought to arrive in the mail.

For a lot of people, online shopping means buying clothes and other shopping that you wouldn’t really do constantly, but it can also be used to buy your groceries. Having scheduled grocery delivery means that you’ll never forget to buy milk or eggs again, so no more revisits or first thing in the morning trips to the store to pick up what you’ve forgotten!

Keeping Notes

Everyone needs a way to keep notes, there’s no way anyone can remember every important detail they want to. Phones and computers both have access to apps that let us write down quick notes whenever we need to, and it’s super convenient! Having an app for keeping notes on your phone means that you will always have a way to write something down at any point in the day. You’ll never forget anything again with such a tool at your fingertips! - unless you forget to check your notes.


There are many apps out there that allow you to write a blog of your own, on any device too! Many like to blog as it serves as more of a digital scrapbook and lets you document your life in a fun and creative way while sharing it online with others! Keeping an active blog means you have access to fun and fond memories whenever you want to go back and look at them. Memories aside, they’re a great place to share your experience and knowledge with other people - a win for everyone!


You have access to all of the information you could ever want, and there are a lot of apps that can help teach you exactly what you want to know! Maybe it’s a new language, or a new skill, there’s something there for everyone. Along with that, many of them are free; so you won’t have to pay a penny - can you really ask for more?

Language apps like Duolingo offer a competitive side to them too, to keep you engaged and up to date with your studying. A leaderboard that comes with rewards can help incentivize you to keep on learning, and for a lot of people that can be very helpful.

Your Music

There’s so many music apps out there, which means that there’s likely one out there for you! If you’re an avid music listener and not using an app to organize your tracks; you’re missing out. You can have your own personalized playlists ready to go for any occasion at any time of the day, no more manually messing around with music, or listening to someone else’s picks. There is a catch though, as many require a subscription to their service to keep them ad-free. If you’re not the type to be fussed by ads, then you have yourself a free to use music library to keep all of your playlists and favorite songs!

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Family Connections

While most apps are great for keeping yourself organized, there are some that let you connect with your family on a lot of levels! Sharing a photo album online or a way to quickly chat to those closest to you is a great way of keeping track of the things you do with your loved ones! It’s like using social media, except you only post things privately to those that you shared it with! Not that it’s restricted to just families - It’s great for friends and colleagues too!

Of course, with the large reach of the internet, there are even apps and tools that you didn’t know that you needed! To list a few, a fact-checker, conception calculator, an app to tell you the best time to use the restroom during a movie, and the list goes on! With all these things readily usable, it’s surely tempting to look into making your life a lot more convenient!

Any app to make your life easier is definitely going to be worth a try. Some are bothersome to set up, as they require you to make an account and such before you can get started, but it will be worth it if you can make full use of it.

It’s not like you’re going to want an app for every single thing you do, but having a place to organize your thoughts and remind you of important notices every now and then can really help you out a lot in the long run - just imagine not stressing out about remembering things when you run a busy schedule. A little help goes a long way, especially when it’s free.

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