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Friday, December 4, 2020

Try These Effective Digital Advertising Strategies for Your Business

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Advertising as an entrepreneur is easier now than it was decades ago. The internet's rise, together with the popularity of other digital spaces, has broadened your business' range of advertising options. Indeed, companies focus more on digital advertising than traditional advertising today. eMarketer predicted in 2019 that total digital ad spending in America would account for 54.2% of ad spending in the country. So, do you want to learn about what digital advertising strategies to use for your business? Take a look at this list below.

1. Target mobile spaces

Several advertising experts agree that directing your advertising efforts towards mobile platforms is an effective way to promote your company in the modern business landscape. These experts advise targeting mobile for apparent reasons- 3.5 billion people own smartphones globally, making phones an effective advertising platform. As such, direct a substantial part of your advertising efforts towards social media platforms and mobile applications. Creating a mobile app for your company is also a direct and more engaging way to be visible to your audience as an alternative to advertising on other apps and websites. Therefore, consider building a mobile app to reach your audience. The right app marketing agency can help you advertise in mobile spaces and make your app a big hit with your target audience. So, consider engaging one to make your brand more visible and boost your business.

2. Advertising with search engines

Many businesses are engaging internet advertising methods like Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to promote their businesses, and you can also do the same for yours. Search engine advertising is a favorite tactic of advertisers whose primary focus is conversions and web traffic. Being the most popular search engine, Google naturally champions this aspect of marketing through methods like Google AdWords. Advertising on search engines helps you to place your website more strategically on the internet through paid advertising. Experts recommend combining Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) tactics, ensuring that your business and adverts will appear in users' relevant search results ahead of your counterparts. Several advertisers attest to search engine advertising's efficiency and simplicity. Therefore, prioritize these tactics as a useful digital advertising tool for optimum outcomes.

3. Video advertising

Statista data reveals that American marketers and agencies spent over $10 billion on mobile or desktop video ads in 2018. Video advertising has emerged as a popular and effective way to reach your audience across several digital spaces in today's world. Many experts say this is because video formats have natural storytelling tendencies, making them more engaging to both large and selected groups of people. Consequently, you can target viral video platforms like TikTok and YouTube to advertise your products and services because data shows they are useful. Furthermore, video advertising has several options that you can use to your advantage. You can now use videos as banners and other pop-ups that will show up on websites and apps, attracting nearly double the number of users than text or images. Therefore, whether six-minute flash ads or multi-minute compilations, try video advertising as a great way to reach your audience in modern spaces.

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