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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Embracing Your Beauty in 2021

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Everyone has felt the burden of 2020 as the year has gone on. With the corona-virus pandemic and other sociopolitical factors at play, it has been a turbulent year for each and every one of us. As women, many of us have felt the brunt of this on our self esteem and confidence. Staying indoors and being online all the time, with no reason to dress up, feel fabulous and go and have a blast with friends - all this can wear down our belief in ourselves and our beauty.

We are about to enter a new year, and with a new year come new reflections on our futures. Whatever your situation as you exit 2020, it is likely you could do with embracing your confidence and your beauty as you head into 2021.

Here is how you can embrace your inner and outer beauty in the coming new year.

Image Source: Pexels

Looking Inward

One thing that people always tell us is to ‘embrace our inner beauty.’ But what does this actually involve? In a world that is so focused on appearances, it can be a struggle to even conceptualize what inner beauty means, let alone find it in ourselves. One way to do this, though, is to practice something introspective in 2021.

If you are unsure where to start with this, let’s take a look at some good habits and practices for introspection and self love.

Image Source: Pexels 

1. Yoga. Yoga is a caring action that you can do to make yourself feel calm in your mental state, while also giving gentle love to your body too. Yoga doesn’t have to be difficult or intimidating; if you practice at-home yoga, there is no judgement from anyone except yourself.

2. Affirmations. If you have never tried using positive affirmations in your life, 2021 is the year to give it a go. Affirmations, such as ‘I am strong’ or ‘I am capable’, are a powerful way to reinforce kindness towards yourself.

Looking Outward

When it comes to physical beauty, many women are feeling un-confident heading in 2021. People are talking about how we have all gained weight, and lost our sense of sass and power because we are staying at home in lounge-wear most of the time! Here is how to embrace your physical beauty in 2021.

1. Invest in yourself. If you are financially able to do so, it is fun to make an investment, big or small, in your beauty in 2021. This could be getting your teeth straightened with SmilePath, having a particularly luxurious haircut or seeing a personal trainer, to name but a few. You’ll feel like you’re entering 2021 with a bang!

2. Follow positive accounts on social media. Social media can affect our body confidence so heavily, so it is crucial that you follow people who inspire you, not people who make you feel like you aren’t enough.

In conclusion, embracing our beauty as we head into 2021 should be everyone’s goal! Looking inward and outward to be the best version of ourselves is the perfect vibe for 2021!

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