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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

5 Tips To Preparing For Move From An Apartment To A House

Making the jump from apartment dwelling to living in a house is an exciting period of change. While some aspects of moving are intriguing, the extra space and added privacy do not cancel out the need to determine exactly what you plan on bringing with you. In this article, we discuss five tips on how to prepare for the big move and offer simple solutions that dial down the hassle of the moving process.

1. Follow “Spark Joy” Rules

Marie Kondo was right when she told you to ask yourself, “Does this spark joy?”. Consciously considering the items that you own and deciding if they’re worth keeping will prevent you from lugging extra junk to your new house. For many of us, apartment living comes with an interest in curbside finds like furniture in questionable conditions and other frugal-minded collections. Eventually we realize that you get what you pay for. So, what do you do with all the junk? Let go of anything you don’t cherish. Organize your donations in one pile and your keepsakes in another. Box everything up and send you giveaways to Goodwill.

2. Wrap Your Fragile Items

It is tempting to prepare your apartment for move-out as quickly as possible. Ignore the urge to place your fragile items in moving boxes carelessly. Take time to wrap anything that might break during traveling with newsprint boat sheets to protect your items. Wrap everything from your  collection of mismatched mugs to your pet’s ceramic food bowls. Assuming you’ve followed step one, then you know that these items have value, so don’t treat them with indifference just because it’s faster to pack this way. Make a plan to take care of your items and pack them with sincere consideration.

3. Take Damage Recordings

To add more credibility to your time as a tenant, take recordings of damages noted that you are not responsible for. Ideally, the day you move in, you should take and date recordings so that there is more proof that damages were not your fault. In either case, you want to make a statement denying damages that you are not responsible for. Your landlord will feel more comfortable handing back your security deposit after seeing these recordings and reviewing your unit’s good standing. You will make the moving process less stressful having documented your efforts.

4. Invest in Moving Tools

Even if you own a pickup truck, you might not be able to fit all your belongings in one trip. Get the assistance of moving containers from 1800-PACK-RAT for anything you don’t want to carry using your vehicle. You might also be able to track down a professional driver open to helping you move. You’ll save money and time sticking to these moving solutions and won’t need to hire an entire moving crew to get everything to your new home.

5. Hire a Cleaning Team

Once you’ve emptied your apartment, hire a cleaning team to have your apartment looking move-in-ready. Your landlord will appreciate the efforts, and you will be on the right track to getting your security deposit back. Do your part to patch up any scuffs or holes in the walls and consider adding a fresh coat of paint if your rental agreement allows for such changes. It’s not just a cleaning crew that you’re going to need, but there’s a very high chance you’re also going to need a dumpster rental, such as CFL Dumpsters, for old broken furniture or items that are simply too large to it in a trash can. You want your apartment to look as presentable as possible for the sake of your deposit return.

The Bottom Line

Going from an apartment to a house requires mindful decluttering and simple and effective moving plans. Using moving tools and recordings to guide the transition will make the moving experience much less of a headache for you.

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