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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Take Your Career Up A Gear With These Driving Jobs

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Looking for a new career? If you can drive, why not take up a driving job? Some driving jobs can be very well paid and could offer the chance to travel all around the country. Below are just a few driving jobs to consider.

Delivery driver

Delivery driving is the most popular driving career. There are lots of different types of roles within this industry including takeaway drivers, parcel/mail delivery drivers and heavy load delivery drivers.

Heavy load delivery drivers tend to be the most well paid - you’ll likely need a HGV license to get a job in this field. If you enjoy your alone time and don’t mind travelling long distances, it could be a rewarding career to get into. You could work for an employer or you could work freelancer picking up shipping bids. The latter could require you to own a van or truck.

Bus/coach driver

Driving a bus or a coach could be another option. You’ll need to apply for a special license to drive one of these vehicles.

Bus drivers tend to drive a familiar circuit, while coach drivers get to go on much more varied journeys. Some coach driving jobs can be very well paid and could even provide the chance to drive abroad. Like a truck driver, you’ll be having to steer a much larger vehicle, however with a bus or a coach you’re likely to be dealing more regularly with people.

Taxi driver

Driving a taxi could be another option. To get involved in this career, you’ll need to apply for a taxi license.

Taxi driving can be a much more social job and while you’ll mainly stay local, every day will be varied. You could get a job working for a firm or you could become an independent taxi driver. Apps like Uber have it easier to pick up work as a freelancer.


A chauffeur is in charge of driving, cleaning and maintaining a car for a private employer or a firm. You can become a chauffeur with a regular driving license, although having many years of driving experience could help you to secure a position.

Chauffeurs can be very well paid, and the work can be glamorous and quite varied. Unfortunately, such work isn’t as easy to find as with many other driving jobs. You can become a self-employed chauffeur - this could include offering limousine hire for parties or wedding car hire. Such work may offer more flexibility and could be easier to break into.

Driving instructor

Feel that you’re a competent enough driver that you could pass on your skills to others? A job as a driving instructor could be worth considering. This will require you to apply for an instructor’s license.

Driving instructors tend to work on a self-employed basis. You’ll need to be good with people and very patient. It’s possible to make good money as a driving instructor, but you need to be willing to work flexibly to meet others’ availability.

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