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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

How To Increase Deep Sleep

Whether you are having problems with falling asleep or facing issues with staying in bed through the night, a lack of proper rest can take its toll on you. From fatigue to depression, this can cause a world of problems that could affect your personal and professional life alike.

That is why it is incredibly important that you focus on the quality of your sleep and ensure a good night’s rest for your wellbeing. Doing so doesn’t ask you to go above and beyond normal practices either. In fact, a few modifications to your daily routine can often work like a charm.

To help you get the rest you deserve each night, here’s a lowdown on how to increase deep sleep.

1. Look Into Mindfulness Meditation

Mediation has long been considered one of the most popular methods that lead to a healthy lifestyle. Mindfulness meditation, a technique that focuses on your breathing and anti-stress response, is also known for its positive effects on sleep and stressors that typically cause insomnia.

By looking into this type of meditation, you can ensure to improve the quality of your sleep. This helps you rejuvenate after a long day without frequently waking up in the middle of your slumber. In turn, you can benefit from a more relaxing rest each night.

2. Explore Weighted Sleep Accessories

Sleep accessories such as a weighted blanket are gaining popularity by each passing day. It is for good reason as well. The gentle yet noticeable weight of these blankets not only instills a sense of warmth, but also washes away stressful body responses. This helps you become calmer before bedtime, and lets you stay comfortable through the night.

When you are not moving your limbs so much during your sleep, your chances of waking up abruptly also reduce significantly. As a result, simply covering yourself in such a blanket can work wonders for deeper sleep.

3. Enjoy a Warm Bath Before Bed

No matter your age, a warm bath sounds like a delight right off the bat. When you factor in the use of aromatherapy scents such as a lavender bath bomb, it becomes a mix of fun and relaxation alike.

When you use your favorite yet calming scents in a warm bath before bed, it helps soothe your body and mind to a significant degree. This helps you sleep not long after you hit the bed, and also allows you to retain the same sense of relaxation through the night for a deeper slumber.

4. Adopt Sleep Hygiene Activities

Sleep hygiene sounds like a highly technical term, but it simply refers to cutting back the clutter of activities that may affect our sense of relaxation. In addition to keeping your surroundings free of distractions, this includes reducing the use of social media and blue light devices that may interfere with your sleep.

To ensure proper sleep hygiene, make sure to roll back on your use of blue light-emanating smartphones and turn on their night mode or night shift feature every single night. You can also invest in a sleep-friendly night light to steer clear of disturbing lighting tones.

5. Consider Using CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of two most popular marijuana plant compounds that is known for its calming properties. The compound doesn’t induce recreational psychoactive effects, but it still allows you to feel soothed and relaxed after its use.

By using products such as a CBD cream, you can easily make this compound a part of your daily routine for a good night’s sleep. This ensures that you can reap the rewards of this natural ingredient for deeper sleep, but without getting into convoluted mechanisms to consume it.

Keeping these tips in mind helps you adopt healthy sleeping habits and ensures that you enjoy uninterrupted sleep every single night.

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