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Thursday, April 29, 2021

OPI Rapidry Nail Polish Dryer Review

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Not Sponsored: For the past couple of years, I've been polishing only my toenails (sandals) and not my fingernails. I've just been keeping the nails on my hands short. Well, sometimes (many times ... often) I change the color on my toenails RIGHT BEFORE slipping on my sandals. Yeah, I know! LOL Sometimes you make it. Sometimes you don't. Which leads to a smudge. So that brings me to today's review, OPI's Rapidry Nail Polish Dryer. This is WONDERFUL in a little bottle (small enough to transport anywhere). Right after your last coat (top coat ... something else I should be doing), you mist this on your nails and wait 2 minutes. Really, it's a little less than that. No accidents. No smudges. No bubbles. No dullness. I love that you still have SHINE from your nail color after applying this dryer. Some dull the color and shine, which I hate. I love this stuff. I have all brands of nail polish. Of course this stuff works with OPI, but I also tried it on Zoya and Chanel. It did great on both. OPI also has a Drip Dry that takes only 60 seconds to dry, but it didn't get as great a review as the Rapidry. So I purchased this instead. A long time ago in a galaxy far away ... I use to have one of those nail dryer machines, but I like this much better. Just wanted to share my experience and thoughts with you. Don't be afraid to run your fingers through your hair or put your toenails in the sand. 

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