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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Tips On Choosing An Extra Special Engagement Ring

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Choosing an engagement ring is a magical experience, the chance to find the perfect piece to symbolise your love and relationship. When you’re looking for a ring you’ll likely want to choose something extra special. These tips will help you to find the engagement ring of your dreams.

1. Personalise your ring

If you’re keen to choose a special engagement ring it’s a great idea to personalise your ring. For example, you might have your wedding bands engraved, you could choose a saying that means something to you, such as the date of your wedding, or your initials.

Designing your own engagement ring is the perfect way to express yourself and choose a unique ring. You can choose the preferred metal for the ring setting, and the gemstone that you prefer.

2. Take your time

Choosing a wedding ring is an exciting time, but it’s important not to rush the process. Taking your time will help you to make a mindful decision, and choose the ring that’s perfect for you. Spend time with your partner trying on different rings, and researching different brands and styles. It’s all about choosing a timeless ring that you’ll love wearing for years to come.

3. Think carefully about the style

There are many different types of engagement rings to choose from. If you’d like to choose something extra special, it’s well worth learning about the different styles, and figuring out which one you like best. Here are a few example styles:

Three Stone Engagement Ring

One of the most popular styles of engagement ring is the three-stone engagement ring. These are perfect if you’re looking for a classic style. Some prefer four or five gems in a row, for a slightly more elaborate look.

Solitaire Engagement Ring

This style of ring features one stone, the wedding band can be either plain or embellished. It’s the perfect style if you’re looking for one special gemstone that stands out.

4. Represent heritage

For some people, choosing a wedding ring is an opportunity to represent their heritage. For instance, if you have Irish heritage you might choose a traditional Irish ring, such as an engagement claddagh ring. Irish Claddadgh rings represent friendship, loyalty, and love. The symbol originated in Claddagh, an Irish fishing village that’s part of County Galway.

5. Trace the diamond

For some people, choosing the perfect diamond ring is about knowing where the diamond was sourced from, and tracing its history. You can ask your jewelers where the gemstone has come from. You’ll want to choose a gemstone that’s come from an ethical and responsible source. Learning about where the diamond has come from feels a little bit more special.

Focusing on these areas will help you to choose an extra special engagement ring that you love. Before you start the process it’s important to figure out your sizing and your budget. Preparing your wedding is all about personalisation, there are plenty of ways to customise your wedding, from the ring to the dress and the wedding theme.

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