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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Use Essential Oils: Improve Your Quality of Life!

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The pharmacies around Australia have never been so abundant with over-the-counter medications, beauty care and health product as they are now. And despite this, odd as it may sound, it’s never been so confusing to find the best items for promoting and maintaining optimal health and well-being.

All this vast assortment casts a shadow of doubt over the brands, ingredients, benefits and side-effects, so much so, we often forget that nature is the most trusted and potent pharmacy people have resorted to since antiquity to treat their ailments. Aromatherapy is a great example of nature’s gifts we can use to our advantage.

As a form of alternative medicine, it continues to grow in popularity due to the way it enhances the quality of life. Unlike standard medical practices, the use of essential oils happens to be non-invasive and therapeutic, ideal to address various health problems and concerns.

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Thanks to the increasing interest, you won’t have to look internationally to be able to come across products of quality, such as certified pure organic aromatherapy oils Australia wellness stores carry. Easy to use and incorporate into your daily life, you won’t have too much trouble as a beginner in aromatherapy practice.

Feel the Power of Essential Oil Scents

When you first make essential oils part of your lifestyle, you might be looking for those easy-to-incorporate solutions that neither take up much time nor require much knowledge. This is certainly the case of inhalation, one of the most user-friendly ways of reaping the benefits aromatherapy has to offer.

The reason inhaling the scents is so useful for our well-being has to do with the fact they trigger our central nervous system, specifically the olfactory part related to smell, thus generating an incredible emotional response. In addition to assisting you with handling feelings of anxiety and stress, relieving tension, and boosting the mood, oils can be your first line of defence against respiratory infections and nasal congestion.

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There are also those that are most helpful with uplifting your spirit, productivity and energising you – exactly what you need for a day full of errands. Another aspect that would greatly benefit from this method is your sleep as something that mostly suffers from the toll of modern fast-paced lifestyles. As science has proved the connection between nice scents and quality of sleep, you have the green light to inhale essential oils for sleep to promote a restful night. If you aren’t up for this kind of inhalation, just refresh your bedding and room with the oils.

Make Essential Oils Part of Your Bathroom Relaxing Routine

Now that home décor trends have shifted towards creating a relaxing, stress-free oasis, that includes the bathroom, it’s only logical to want to improve your pampering routine with aromatherapy. Regardless of whether you have a luxe bathtub even celebs would envy, or a shower for quick refreshing washes, it’s possible to make way for oils either way.

For soothing therapeutic soaks that improve mental health, besides the physical, you can try adding a few drops in the water of your chosen certified aromatherapy oils Australia suppliers offer, along with Epsom salts. I don’t have to tell you how potent of a treatment this is for people with chronic or acute pain, sore muscles, menstrual cramps, headaches, joint and back pain, conditions like arthritis (both rheumatoid and osteo), and sprains.

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The combination of magnesium from the salt, plus the potent substances of oils known for their pain-relieving properties, can work wonders for you. Oils you should welcome in your bathing are the mighty peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus, ginger, lemongrass, clove, clary sage, frankincense, lavender, and Roman chamomile. In the shower, you can implement the power of evaporation by placing a cotton ball soaked with essential oils on the shower pan, avoiding direct water flow.

Another handy strategy is to add a few drops in your bathing essentials, be it the bodywash, the shampoo, or the conditioner. While I’m at hygiene and beauty care, you can significantly increase the dose of your pampering experience if you enhance skincare with a curated set of pure aromatherapy oils.

Needless to say, your skin would show off great improvements too, like flawless complexion, without the addition of any OTC products. What happens when you simply have no time to indulge in self-care rituals, you ask? Choose roll-on essential oils and blends can be your pick-me-up! Best of all is you can carry them with you wherever you are as they’re compact and lightweight. No more excuses that you can’t find the time for aromatherapy!

Revolutionise Your Home Cleaning with Essential Oils

Applying the oils topically, diffusing them, or adding them in your personal care products are all solutions you might be aware of, but did you know your home can benefit as well from the high-quality aromatherapy oils Australia shops provide? If you want to pave the path to a non-toxic home environment with a clean sweep, this is the way!

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From everyday cleaning sprays, air fresheners, and deep clean scrubs, to leather furniture polish, mould and dishwasher cleaners, there are various recipes you can try out with your selection of oils. Some of the options famous for their anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-viral properties are of course the most beloved lavender, followed by citrus oils, like lemon, and wild orange.

Extra oils you can incorporate include peppermint, pine, oregano, rosemary, cinnamon, thyme, eucalyptus, and tea tree. Now, a word of caution is to avoid using your tap water when mixing up your oils for aromatherapy and creating the cleaning products. This is important for a non-toxic home, considering tap water can consist of many contaminants that would never even cross your mind.

Chlorine, lead, mercury, fluoride (yes, it is an endocrine disruptor!), herbicides, nitrates, MTBE, perchlorate, and even pharmaceuticals are just some of the nasties that can make their way through. To be on the safe side, you might want to stick to using distilled water – and if you haven’t done it by now, buy that water filter! If you don’t want these pollutants on the floor and furnishings, you won’t want them in your glass either.

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