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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Yankee Candle | Caramel Apple ScentPlug Diffuser With Light Review

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Not Sponsored: I love anything with a food theme, so I had to share this cute Yankee Candle Caramel Apple ScentPlug Diffuser with you today that I just purchased for my home. One of the things I always look forward to around Halloween time, are candy and caramel dipped apples. They are the epitome of the season. I love looking at them (how they are decorated) and of course eating them (slowly and carefully because you don't want to crack or lose a tooth HaHaHa). Well aren't these caramel apple diffusers the cutest!?! They are red in color. Each have an authentic looking candy apple stick. I love the realness of the caramel coating they're dipped in and sprinkles (dimensional). They're truly eye candy for your eyes. There are three different settings to control the amount of scent released. It also lights up when plugged in. The only thing I wish, was that there was a way to turn the nightlight off during the day. So if you're a candy and/or caramel apple fan, put them on your list. I always look forward to seeing the various style of diffusers Yankee Candle comes out with this time of year. Last year (still available), I purchased their hot cocoa and mulled cider diffuser. I think they add a touch a fun to the season. Besides diffusers for my home, I also love candles. I started gathering Christmas candles. One of my favorites from Yankee Candle is Christmas Cookie. It smells like sugar cookies.


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