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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Wrongfully Terminated? Here's What To Do

It may seem obvious what to do when you've been wrongfully terminated from your job. However, no one ever wants to be in this situation, so there are many things that can go wrong if those who were wronged don't fix the problem as soon as possible. This article will tell you how to proceed and resolve matters quickly and efficiently once you have been fired for an unjust reason.

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Here Are Some Steps You Can Take

Stay Calm and Call Your Expert

The first step is to stay neutral and not overreact by getting into a heated argument or using profanity with your employer or anyone else involved because that will only prove that you lack self-control and exacerbate the current issue at hand of being terminated. Instead, contact your Wegman Partners attorney about what your options are for your wrongful termination.

Gather Information

Don't leave the office immediately. There may still be some hope if things have been done incorrectly by management or on legal grounds, so gather as much information as possible before leaving the office. For example, if the firing was unexpected and swift, sit down with your former co-workers and record exactly what happened from their perspective.

This will be useful later on when you need statements from those who have been witnesses of wrongful termination. Also, collect any and all relevant papers and emails that were sent between co-workers, as these records will be helpful later on. Having paper trails of evidence can make a big difference in court.

Do Not Explode!

This next step is important, so listen up - DO NOT go on a rampage, swearing off this employer forever and putting them on blast via social media or other means of communication with everybody else.

If an unbiased investigation is possible (i.e., there has been no collusion among the witnesses), an official report may lead to reinstatement and compensation (if applicable). However, do not ever underestimate how important it is to remain professional during this process—whether or not they believe you, your behavior will be documented, and it can and will be used in court if necessary.

Know Your Rights

It is also imperative to remember that you cannot be lawfully fired for reasons such as age, race, gender, or national origin; however, these laws often protect only the most blatant forms of discrimination.

Suppose you believe your employer is discriminating against you based on one of these reasons. In that case, it is advised that you do not discuss the situation with them and instead seek legal counsel immediately.

Suppose this issue is occurring within a state where there are no applicable laws protecting employees from wrongful termination due to discriminatory behavior. In that case, it may be time to contact a federal labor board (such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission).

Knowing your rights in this situation is incredibly important. While it may seem like there are no rules or regulations protecting employees, they exist for many reasons—including the employer's benefit (to ensure they keep quality employees).

Being fully aware of what to do when you find yourself in this type of situation will help make things go more smoothly. With any luck, your employer will realize that their decision was wrong and reinstate you; however, if not, then at least you tried everything within your power to right their wrong.

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