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Monday, February 28, 2022

5 Tips To Avoid Tired Skin As Winter Continues

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You don't need expensive treatments to keep your glow. Instead, you can avoid tired skin as Winter presses on with simple dietary changes and lifestyle routines.

Get A Full Taste Of Vitamins

Vitamins and minerals are essential for your health. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables will ensure you get most of what you need, simply from your diet. Getting all you need can be challenging, though. A simple trick to remember is you eat as many colors as possible. This way, you will intake all the nourishment your body and mind need to stay sharp and look good. You can supplement anything you don't like to eat with green smoothies of the most beneficial vegetables such as leafy green spinach and kale, bursting with protein.

15 Minutes Of Sunlight

Further to getting the vitamins you need, vitamin D is among the most deficient in the population. In fact, it is estimated that around 40% of the population is lacking in this essential vitamin in the USA alone. But don't feel too bad about it because your body doesn't produce vitamins naturally, and it isn't found in most foods. D is needed for healthy bones and skin cells. Fortunately, all you need to do is go outside for around ten to fifteen minutes a day to get the amount you need from the Sun. And even in Winter, UV rays provide a slight tan.

Avoid Hot Showers Or Baths

Taking a hot shower or bath is actually bad for your skin. Ironically, at higher temperatures, water will dry out your skin. The heat from a steamy soak will reduce your skin's oils and natural moisture. Additionally, you can suffer many adverse effects similar to a sunburn. If the temperature of your daily shower or bath is too high, you can get redness on your face, itchy or flaking skin, and dandruff. If you feel you need a steam bath or shower, try to keep it to once per week, on your day off, perhaps. Otherwise, shower at a comfortable level.

Keep A Moisturizing Routine

It's very few people who have naturally moisturized skin that glows. Therefore, millions of us prefer to get a little help from our favorite brands. You might even pay a lot of money for your creams, many of which don't do anything better than cheaper products. However, what you need to do is keep a routine. If you use moisturizing cream sporadically or stop and start, you won't see any real benefit. Most are designed to provide benefits like younger-looking skin and moisture barriers over time. For most, applications in the morning and before bed work best.

Drink Like A Fish

While you can moisturize all you like on the outside, internal moisture from drinking a healthy amount of water is the best thing you can do. Water is crucial for your bodily health, mental function, and skincare. Drinking too little will dry out your skin, making veins and muscles more visible. Additionally, your skin will become itchy and look dull. Hydration provides a natural glow to your skin, makes it soft, and encourages natural elasticity. However, you might find it hard to drink enough water, so try using a reusable water bottle with guidance marks for hourly intake.


A Summer glow looks great, but can fade during Winter. But you can keep your skin looking great with adequate water and vitamin intake, hydration, some Sun, and a skincare routine.

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