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Thursday, February 17, 2022

8 Fashion Tips For Women With Big Busts

It can be a blessing to have big busts that give you a shapely figure and make others envious. That said, it could also make you look top-heavy, and finding clothes that fit and flatter your asset can be quite frustrating.

If you’re a busty girl and wondering about what to do with them so you can live your best fashion life, then consider the following tips on how to make your boobs look flattering on you:

1. Find The Right Bra

A well-fitting bra is essential for all women, but it’s even more important for those blessed with a big bust. The right bra can support your breast and lift them. It’ll make your bust look perky and keep your breasts safely intact. You don’t want your chest area to look like a big mono-boob with tight-fitting bras. Similarly, you don’t want to pick too-big bras that’ll make your boobs wander off into areas they don’t belong to.

So, make sure to get fitted regularly. This is important, especially for those with larger chests due to the fluctuating size of breasts. The best bras for large busts will provide you with the right support, coverage, and cut in order to make the most out of your full chest.

2. Think Your Necklines Carefully

Necklines play a critical role in how busty women look. As a rule of thumb, busty women should avoid high necklines like crewnecks and turtle necks. The problem with high necklines when you have a full bust is they tend to make your torso look larger and shorter.

Instead, you want to go with dresses and shirts with open necklines like V-neck, scoop, square, and heart necklines. V-necks can optically extend the line of the neck and ensure a more balanced proportion. Meanwhile, a heart neckline with its curved line can help emphasize your cleavage. Plus, it also helps in concealing a little more of your chest than the V-neck.

The same goes with scoop and square necklines which allow the eyes to focus on your exposed skin and not on your breast.

That said, you don’t have to wear a low neckline that can expose ‘too much’ of your big chest. Having a minimal open neckline can help break up the space around your neck and chest so it can give your torso an elongated effect.

3. Cinch Thy Waist

Your large breast can make you look top-heavy. Thus, it’s important to wear tops that cinch your waist. Belts are also handy in this situation. It doesn’t have to be tight. You only need it to define your waist to control the volume of your upper body.

Not cinching your waist can make you look like a ‘tent,’ a loose top hanging down from your waist, which can make you look bulkier and fuller. 

4. Love Wraps

The most flattering dress style for those with larger busts is the wrap. While wrap dresses are flattering for women of many shapes, it’s the most flattering for those with big busts, whether you’re looking for casual or formal dresses.

A wrap dress provides the two previous elements that are a must when you have a full chest. For one, it has a v-neckline that can elongate your chest and neck area. Second, thanks to its wrap design, it can also highlight the waistline. It provides a cinching aesthetic to slim and define that area which takes some of the attention away from your large chest.

5. Go With Simple Layering Pieces

The big trick to styling a big bust is to wear pieces that are minimal in shape and reduce the detailing on the top half of the body. And this also applies to any layers that you want to wear over clothing.

Go with cardigans without closures. This can help flatter your big bust more, but also makes it easier to wear and provides versatility for different outfits. If you’re picking blazers, then go with a single-breasted style. Anything double-breasted can make your bust look larger and make you feel restricted in the chest area due to the additional line of buttons.

Also, you want to stay away from blazers with a lot of extra designs like extreme collars and pockets. These will add too much volume to your bust area and make it look bigger.

6. Forget The Halter Tops

Halter tops are best for flat-chested and the worst style for those with big busts. While it does showcase some skin like other open necklines, halter tops tend to bring in more focus to your chest and make it appear much larger. So, stay away from this style, whether it's dresses, tops, or swimwear.

7. Minimize Your Accessories

As mentioned before, you want to keep your upper half look less cluttered. So, don’t pile on the necklace or use excessive accessories that’ll make you look top-heavy.

In particular, long necklaces can be tricky as they either get stuck on one side of your chest or rest in between them.

If you want to wear accessories, you can opt for rings, bangles, or earrings to spice up your outfits. But if you want to wear a necklace, you need a length that won’t fall below your chest area and keep it simple.

8. Don’t Hide Behind Loose Tops

It’s common for women with big busts to feel as though tops that are boxy or loose can help ‘hide’ their shape. The problem is that loose tops tend to hide your entire shape, making you look shapeless and bigger as well.

Whether or not you have an hourglass figure, wearing clothes that highlight your body will always be the flattering route to dress. So, avoid the loose, boxy tops and replace them with options that clearly define your waist. Peplum tops are the best options to try.


And there you have it! Instead of constantly trying to cover them up or unintentionally showing off too much of them, make friends with your big boobs and follow the above tips to strike the perfect balance and flattering look. Appreciate what you have and make these assets work for you!

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