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Monday, November 14, 2022

10 Ways To Save Money On Beauty Products

Not Sponsored: I LOVE beauty products! You must as well ... or you wouldn't be here reading this post! With words like inflation and recession now being used commonplace, I thought I would put together a series of topics that will help you save money on various things ... one of them being beauty products. I've listed some ways to help you save money below. You may not have thought of some of these before. When money gets tight, one tends to get creative when trying to save a dollar or two. Below are some things that I do, and thought they would benefit you as well.



 Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

1. Buy Travel or Deluxe Size, Instead of Full-Size Products 

When prices go high, downsize! Most beauty companies offer products in 2-3 sizes. I've always purchased full-size products, until the economic crunch hit. So what's a girl or guy to do? Downsize. For example, I love Fresh Beauty's Kombucha Antioxidant Facial Treatment Essence. It's offered in three sizes. Instead of purchasing the largest size at $108, I now buy the travel size at $36. It lasts me the entire year, PLUS I can take it with me when I travel. Before I was purchasing BOTH sizes which was not necessary. So consider buying a smaller size of your favorite product.

2. Shop Around! Know Where To Buy Your Favorite Beauty Products

First make a list of all beauty products you purchase. Write down the cleanser, moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, body wash, etc. you use. Next research WHAT STORE OFFERS THE CHEAPEST PRICE FOR THAT PRODUCT? There are so many OPTIONS as to where you can buy products nowadays. There's more to life than ULTA and SEPHORA. Have you thought about purchasing those same products from Amazon, Target, Walmart, Sams, Costco, CVS, Belk, Kohl's, Walgreens or even eBay? Yes, eBay! I've sold beauty products on there. REN Skincare sold a 3-piece skincare set and I could only use 2 out of the 3 full-size products. I sold the third product on eBay! Guess what!?! Someone needed it and purchased it. You can buy NEW products (beauty, makeup and skincare) on eBay. Amazon usually offers really low prices for in stock items AND they're delivered to you even more quickly than shopping at your favorite beauty store. So think out the box when deciding where to buy products.

3. Subscribe To Brands Via ....

I must admit this solution is not my favorite way of saving, but unfortunately (in today's age) is a necessity. To get any kind of DEAL or SAVINGS from the brand itself, you must subscribe either via email, text (SMS), or their Instagram page. The reason I say this is because many brands are leaving you no choice, but to subscribe. They desperately need subscribers (YOU), so you must give them what THEY WANT in order to get WHAT YOU WANT (cost savings). Brands are now giving discounts ONLY TO SUBSCRIBERS. Sometimes it's not good enough to be a subscriber to their email, the most recent and POPULAR way to issue discounts are via TEXT/SMS (what a pain, I know ... an added text a day on your cell phone ... but if you want the deal??! ... it's what you must do.).

4. Follow Trendmood On Instagram

Who is Trendmood? She is the most popular beauty diva on Instagram, that showcases the newest beauty, makeup and skincare products. Many brands flock to her site to get their products SEEN. She has a huge following. Brands often give her a 10% discount for her followers to use when the product comes out. So if you see a product on her page, most likely there's a 10% discount waiting for you in the description. Take advantage of that added discount.

5. Get Money Back By Using Rakuten And Other Cash Back Sites

So you buy a lot of beauty products you say!?! Are you getting cash back for your purchases? This is an oldie but goodie, but some people are still not doing it!!! So, let me show you. Go to Rakuten. Look for Categories. Click on Categories and then click on Health & Beauty. Ta Da! Do you see all the stores you can shop at for BEAUTY and get MONEY BACK!?! Don't miss out on that money honey! Other great places for cash back: Retail Me Not, Ibotta, Shopkick, Fetch.

6. Subscribe To TV Talk Shows

Oh! You haven't heard of this one!?! I hadn't either, until recently. Television talk show are now the place to get beauty product discounts. For example, The Tamron Hall Show recently featured Sara Happ (my favorite lip scrubs) for 40% Off! I couldn't believe my eyes. Tamron's SHOP TAM FAM discount lasted for a WEEK! Now, that is major savings. The discounts change every week, but there are some really popular products on there. The Kelly Clarkson Show, The Talk, Sherri's Pop Up Shop, Entertainment Tonight and Inside Edition also sometimes offer deals.

7.  Join A Beauty Loyalty Reward Program

To accrue money for FUTURE discounts, join your favorite store's Beauty Loyalty Reward Program. I think the most popular one is ULTA BEAUTY.  Their rewards program is absolutely superb. As you make purchases, you accrue points that eventually (depending on how many points you accrue) turns into money off your next purchase. ULTA, Sephora, Sally's, Fresh Beauty, MAC, CVS, Smashbox, Walgreens, The Body Shop,  all have these loyalty rewards programs. 

8. Create A Beauty Sale Calendar For Yourself

The beginning of next year, I want you to start jotting down when your favorite stores have SALES. Write those dates down! Sephora has a sale twice a year. ULTA has a 31 Days Of Beauty and Hair Care Sale. Nordstrom has a popular Half-Yearly Sale. Amazon has a Prime Day Sale. Archipelago Botanicals seems to offer a Quarterly Sale. Wherever you shop, write down the dates as to when those sales happen. That way you can be prepared. These dates may slightly vary, but are usually consistent. This will allow for you to prepare for the sale (gather money for the sale).

9. Jot Down Big Rebate (Cash Back) Dates

Once a year, Rakuten offers a huge cash back percentage (15% cash back - usually the first week of May). They also offer cash back on dates like 11/11, so look for those. There's also a National Cash Back Day (November 3) where the percentage is pretty high (10% cash back).

10. Have Choices! 1st Choice. 2nd Choice. 3rd Choice. Price Points

What are you talking about Kim!?! Let me explain. I use The Body Shop's Banana Shampoo & Conditioner. It's not expensive, but let's just say I'm running low on money and need another option. I would then use AVEENO's Oat Milk Blend Shampoo & Conditioner. You need to always make sure you have a 2nd and 3rd option to ALL of the products you use. More concisely inexpensive options. When money is tight and you can't buy your favorite, what is your alternative. Always have CHOICES and OPTIONS!

BONUS: It's YOUR Birthday!

The good ole birthday deal! It's tried, true and WORKS! ANYWHERE you shop, create an account and make sure your birthday is on file. They will give you some kind of discount, if they want to keep you as a customer. Some brands are so nice, that you can use the discount the entire month. But take advantage of your special day. You're worth it!


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