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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

7 Ways To Save Money On Fashion

Not Sponsored: Purchasing clothes and accessories is expensive. With inflation and a looming recession, I decided to put together a series of topics that will help you save money on various things ... one of them being clothes and accessories. Yesterday, I wrote about how you can save money on beauty products. Today I am listing ways you can save money on fashion. You may not have thought of some of these before. When money gets tight, one tends to get creative when trying to save a dollar or two. Below are some things I do, and feel they will benefit you as well.



Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

 1. Buy Second-Hand Clothes

I use to turn my nose up at the idea of buying second hand clothes. Not anymore! Not only do I buy second hand clothes, I now sell my own clothes when I no longer want them. There are some really awesome fashion items out there for sale and the pieces are not old either. People are not holding onto  clothes for as long as they use to anymore. You can find a range of inexpensive brands (Target, Gap, etc.) to designer fashion (Chiara Boni, Eileen Fisher, Anthropologie, Garnet Hill, Tommy Bahama, Ralph Lauren, Michael Stars, Moschino etc.) right online. 

Where can you buy these clothes? The old adage would be to visit your local Thrift or Consignment Shop (Goodwill, Salvation Army), but you don't have to do that anymore (unless you really want to). Online websites such as eBay and Poshmark are very popular places to buy clothes and accessories. Another great place to shop is Thred Up. Thred Up has their own website. They also have a store on eBay. I have found a number of dresses on that site, at amazing prices. I've even purchased things for my mom. They have all sizes. What's really great about eBay and Thred Up is the ability to narrow your search while browsing their websites. You can shop by garment type (dresses, skirts, pants), size, color and even sleeve & hem length. Use those tools to narrow your search. I promise you will discover some great finds. Other great places to shop online are at Swap, Mercari, The Real Real, Tradesy, Rebag, and Thrifted.

2. Buy Clothes On Amazon

If you're a fan of minimal fashion (solid colors, simplicity) like me, then Amazon is the place to shop. Many of the clothes on Amazon are inexpensive and look great. Let me share some of my favorite shops with you. I love Amazon Essentials, Daily Ritual, ESTEEZ, Dress The Population and Maggy London. You can find some really great basic clothing items on there without emptying your bank account. Those brands offer everything from basic work wear, to a date night out or evening out ensemble. So don't let your bank account dictate whether you can go out (and look nice) or not. A simple black ANYTHING will get you through.

3. Buy Handmade Clothes And Accessories On Etsy

There's a lot of talent on Etsy. This is a realm I haven't yet dabbled with, but will do so soon. I've mainly purchased home decor from Etsy shops, but there are people on there that make the cutest sandals, dresses etc. If you have children, there are a plethora of shops that make the cutest clothes for children. Also, if you're looking for a great costume there are many shops that do such (great prices). You can also find handmade handbags, jewelry, vintage clothes & accessories on Etsy. If you're looking for something original, one of a kind or vintage, definitely shop Etsy.

4. Shop For Clothes And Accessories At Walmart And Target

I was heading to a doctor's appointment and was on the elevator, when a lady said I love your sandals. I said thank you! I told her, that I loved her dress. It was a basic tshirt style dress with 3/4 sleeves and a beautiful blue color. She said, I got this from Walmart. I said WOW! I loved it, because I had a black tshirt style dress on similar in the same style but mine was Eileen Fisher (which cost a lot). I haven't been in Walmart or Target in a really long time to browse their fashion items, but after seeing her dress I need to AND YOU NEED TO AS WELL! Again, great basic items that will look awesome on you. Plus, these items are probably on their online website. So you can order them and either have them delivered or pick them up. 

5. Sell Your Clothes ... To Buy New Ones

It wasn't until I started blogging, that I learned about selling my old clothes to make money. In the past, I always either donated my clothes or threw them away. Blogging taught me how to sell things. So when I clean out my closet, that is what I do. Here are two posts you can read about selling on eBay and making money on eBay. Other ways to make money selling your items: garage sale, Nextdoor, Thred Up & Poshmark. You can use the money to buy something else. 

6. Subscribe To Store Emails And Texts (SMS)

In order to know when a store is going to have a sale, you must subscribe to their email or text (SMS) messaging. That is the only way to know, unless you visit their website daily. I've noticed a lot of big stores do not always advertise their sales on Instagram or Twitter. So the safest way to stay in the know is via email and/or text.

7. Use Coupon/Cash Back Websites And Apps To Save Money

Below are some popular websites and apps that will either help you save money on purchases or give you cash back for your purchases. They are: Rakuten, BeFrugal, Ibotta, MyPoints,, TopCashback, Retail Me Not, PayPal Honey, Coupon Cabin, Coupert and Receipt Hog. There are others, but these are the more popular and reputable sites.


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