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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

5 Ways To Do Christmas On A Budget

Not Sponsored: Did you enjoy my Ways To Save Money Series on beauty, fashion and food? I thought I would write a couple of posts on ways to save money for Christmas as well. With inflation at an all time high (and it doesn't look like it's getting any better for 2023), it's important for you to save as much as you can and spend as least as possible. However, this doesn't mean you have to sacrifice Christmas. With Christmas only a couple of weeks away, let me give you a few suggestions to have an awesome holiday without busting your budget. 

Photo by Anastasia Belousova from Pexels

You Don't Need A Christmas Tree!

They're really nice (artificial or real), but you don't need one. You and your family will survive. I've gone two years, without putting a Christmas tree up (I had to deal with my health) and I survived. Give yourself a break this year! You won't have to water a real one or decorate it either. HaHaHa So what can you do to replace a Christmas Tree? Think smaller. Decorate using poinsettias (cheaper). Use Christmas greeting cards given to you by your employer, businesses, friends, co-workers and family. Do you have a small nativity set? Use that on a table as a backdrop. Maybe you celebrate Kwanzaa or Hanukkah. Use those candles as your centerpiece. Place all of those things together and place your presents around that area. Scent your home with Christmas candle (candles are super cheap this year). Use family pictures. The idea is to create your own centerpiece for Christmas.

Don't Buy Expensive Ornaments Or Gift Wrap

Ornaments can be very expensive. If you do wish to decorate your Christmas tree, consider paper ornaments. Think of it as an art project. Have everyone sit down at a table and make ornaments. They can write messages, draw pictures etc. Consider using family pictures and travels that showcase what you did this year. Your ornaments will have a lot more meaning!

You also don't have to buy wrapping paper! Consider using brown paper bags (store - solid side) and simple string to wrap your presents. You can add a candy cane, sprig from a tree, and/or pine cone from a tree to add to the gifts festivity. Use can also use old ornaments (from years past) as embellishments. 

Divvy Up Christmas Dinner

Instead of trying to pay and cook everything yourself for Christmas. Think about splitting up those dishes amongst others (friends, family etc... whomever you invite over). You may be responsible for the turkey or Christmas ham. Let others bring a dish! Let them bring sides or desserts or paper-ware. Usually people don't mind. Don't be afraid to ask. 

Also consider shaking up your Christmas menu! Do you really have to have a turkey or ham again!?! Why not have a roast, chicken or theme Christmas dinner!?! You can have a country Christmas, southern Christmas, international themed Christmas food. Use your imagination. Make it different. Sometimes you get tired of eating the same thing every year.

Don't Break The Bank With Christmas Gifts

Did you read my post, 10 Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas? I thought of so many ways you can give someone a perfect gift without your budget going haywire. They will love anything you choose from that list. Trust me.

Christmas Music

You don't have to buy Christmas music! Go to YouTube and put together a music playlist. It's FREE! There are countless songs from classical, vintage, current, reggae, instrumental artists. You can put a playlist of thousands of songs. Play them at your next get together or even for yourself.


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