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Thursday, March 2, 2023

Choosing Wholesale Bodysuits

Styles and Materials for Your Store

It's no secret that bodysuits are in. They've been in for decades, and they're not going anywhere. Bodysuits originated from leotards worn for dance and gymnastics long ago and they still have an air of athleticism to them stemming from this sporty background. Even current styles of bodysuits are often reminiscent of ballerinas wearing form-fitted leotards that look sleek and show off the dancer's movements. There are now endless styles and fabrics to choose from for bodysuits, and countless occasions that are bodysuit-appropriate. They can be worn day or night; casual or formal; on the beach or during a night out! Properly stocking your retail store with a good selection of wholesale bodysuits is essential to stay current and capitalize on this huge trend.

Evening Wear

In order to choose the perfect array of wholesale bodysuits for your store, you need to understand how they're worn, and what styles and materials are popular for each of their uses. The most famous bodysuit outfit is undoubtedly the "going-out" look. Many women are turning to bodysuits as a sexy yet sophisticated option to spice up evening attire. Most often these styles will have a flirty detail. This could be in the neckline with a sweetheart cut, a scooped neck, or a deep v-neck cut. Halter top bodysuits have also become increasingly popular and are a particular craze with younger demographics.

Other feminine and sultry details could be a strappy back, puffy sleeves, cutouts, or combination of any of the above. A final element often used to make bodysuits evening appropriate are luxurious fabrics. This could be satin, silk, velvet, lace, faux-leather or even a sheer mesh fabric. Making sure to include some wholesale bodysuits with these features will ensure your customers come to you for their going-out attire.


The other major bodysuit moment to include in your shop is everyday wear. Bodysuits are slowly replacing the humble t-shirt. Soft and comfortable fabrics like cotton and jersey are generally extremely popular for casual bodysuits, and basic cuts like a crew necks, turtle necks, or boat neck are most used. It's worth mentioning that the fit of a casual bodysuit could be form-fitted with the use of expandable fibers like spandex, or more draped and modest to allow every demographic and body type to feel comfortable in this sort of outfit. Sleeve length could also be anywhere from long sleeve, to capped sleeve, to even sleeveless for warmer weather. Choosing an array of comfortable day-time wholesale bodysuits will give your customers options and allow them to rely on your inventory for closet staples.

Semi-Formal and Business Casual

This smaller but still valuable portion of the bodysuit wearing pie will allow you to attract professionals of all ages into your shop. Bodysuits can be worn in semi-formal situations as long as the cut remains reasonably modest, and the fabric looks chic. High-collared bodysuits are often popular for office wear, or bodysuits that appear to be a perfectly tucked in button down shirt. Fabrics like cotton, polyesters, or even satin and silk can all be perfectly suitable for these styles.


A final type of bodysuit that will round out your shop falls under intimate apparel. These likely have risque cuts and plenty of flirty details. Sheer mesh and lace are popular with these styles as well as luxe satin and silk versions. They often have underwire since they're meant to be worn alone, and could perhaps even have a corset bodice. These are clearly worn privately, but they're also often worn with pants or skirts for a bold evening wear look. Stocking your shop with these beautiful wholesale bodysuits will attract buyers of all ages to channel their inner minx.

Selecting from the categories that best suit your shoppers needs is a sure way to boost your bodysuit sales. Properly curating suitable versions of this clothing item can bring you new business, and keep your current clients happy, no matter their personal style, age, or lifestyle.

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