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Monday, February 27, 2023

Diamond Shapes & Their Meanings

Image by Barbara Jackson from Pixabay

Diamonds are steeped in history, with many traditions, beliefs and values that are attached to these highly valued gemstones. In this short article, we examine various shapes that are used in the cutting and polishing process, along with the meanings.

  • Radiant Shaped Diamonds - Very similar to the emerald shape, a radiant fancy coloured diamond is a real head-turner, and one that attracts women who love a challenge. Typically entrepreneurs, these girls are always ready to move out of their comfort zone; if that is you, this is the perfect shape for your diamond engagement ring.
  • The Classic Round Shape - This is the oldest shape used in the making of diamond jewellery, mainly due to the high sparkle factor that is achieved using the brilliant round cut. One could say that a round diamond symbolises traditional love. Check out the current blue diamond carat price, commission a custom jeweller, and you will be pleasantly surprised.
  • Pear-Shaped Diamonds - The pear-shape diamond denotes individual strength and is one of the most popular with romantics. Many famous celebrities proudly wear pear-shaped diamonds, which signifies a person who sets trends rather than follows them.
  • Oval Shaped Diamonds - The oval shape is for creative spirits, for girls who love to express themselves in unique ways. For most couples, bespoke solutions are preferred when it comes to an engagement or wedding ring, which costs no more than an existing ring from the shelf of a jewellery store. Talk to one of the loose diamond broker Sydney or your city trusts about acquiring quality loose diamonds for an oval shaped engagement ring.
  • Heart-Shaped Diamonds - Traditionally, the heart shaped has been connected with romance, yet this shape is also suited for women who like adventure or a girl who thinks outside the box. When you approach a custom jeweller, you can design every aspect of the ring, from the base metal used to the gemstones and cuts. You can select the loose uncut stones and the jeweller will cut, polish and send the diamonds for grading.
  • Asscher Shape Diamonds - A rectangular shape using the famous Asscher cut is the ultimate in vintage luxury. Sophisticated and outgoing women embrace the Asscher cut, with its bold facets that cause diamonds to give up their brilliance. The custom jeweller has access to the wholesale gemstone markets and he or she can select the best diamonds for the Asscher cut, ideal for the girl who loves fancy jewellery.
  • Square Art Deco Shape - The Art Deco period is trending and outgoing, vibrant personalities love the bold geometric shapes that the Art Deco period brought us. Show a custom jeweller a hi-res image of an Art Deco diamond engagement ring and he or she can base the design on this. The emerald, Asscher and marquise cuts work well with Art Deco jewellery; the custom jeweller has 1000s of images to give you some inspiration.

Photo by Sabrianna on Unsplash

As you can see, there are many diamond shapes, each with its own set of traditions and beliefs. When you find the right shape for you, approach a custom jeweller and he or she can work to your budget. If your diamond engagement ring is truly a one-off creation, it will make the piece much more valuable to you.

It is a common myth that bespoke jewellery is very expensive. Whatever your intended budget, the custom jeweller can work with that and design a ring that you will cherish forever. Choose a diamond shape that expresses your personality, and work with the ring designer to design the ultimate symbol of your undying love. 

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