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Friday, February 17, 2023

Why Lakeside Weddings Are The Best!

For many people, before they are even engaged, they know that when they do get married, they want a specific type of venue.

When you think about getting married, many people think about the joy of the people celebrating there with them and their comfort—the food that they want to serve, the party after, and more. And unsurprisingly, one of the biggest things is the wedding photos.

Wedding photos are, for many people, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have a stunning backdrop surrounded by people they love and, of course, the love of their life too.

Weddings in Lake Arrowhead and other lakeside venues offer so many great benefits that a lakeside wedding might end up being at the top of your list - if it isn’t already.

Photo by Mathijs Beks on Unsplash


Specifically looking at drones here, which are becoming more commonly used in wedding photography. Drone usage is much easier when there are fewer people around and a lot more space. Not to mention that lakes look spectacular on drones meaning you can have a beautiful wedding video filled with water and nature.


For those who just want to make sure they have water in their photos, you’ll be happy to know that most often, the severe and sometimes unpredictable weather conditions that happen over bodies of water are usually the sea- not lakes. And the ones that do form over lakes are often short, less dangerous, and cause less damage to the area.

With more predictable weather, it is much easier for your photographer to be able to plan the perfect sunrise or sunset photos accordingly.


The coolness of large bodies of water can actually help the day feel a little cooler. Humidity can be awful for wedding hair and guests who don’t like warm or clammy weather. Although the humidity won’t be completely gone, it will be lower than in other areas.


One of the best things about the spaces around lakes is that they do change over time, and a photo that another couple has the year previously is likely to look completely different for you.

There are plenty of secluded spaces around the lakes too, which are ideal for getting photos that look candid and elegant.

Lakes typically have a range of different shore types, too, so if you want to stand in the water, on a dock, or tucked into the greenery, you can. You can get the perfect ‘just us two’ photos.

Recreate the ocean

The magic of the lakeside is that there will be areas that look closer to the ocean than a lake. And with some editing from your photographer - the ocean can be created. With such a diverse range of options, it is easier than ever to turn your lakeside views into almost anything, from forests to oceans and secluded magical places into big group photos with a sunset backdrop.

Weddings, even the intimate smaller ones, can be a nightmare to plan, so it is a great idea to make use of the wedding planner from your venue - or hire one! 4 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Wedding Planner | A Very Sweet Blog

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