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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

10 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Not Sponsored: Valentine's Day is right around the corner. I do believe in the philosophy that you should love someone everyday and be giving throughout the year, but it is nice to honor someone you love on this day. Have you purchased a gift? Have you made plans? If not, no worries. I've come up with some really great gift ideas to make your day extra special. These ideas go beyond red roses, candy and dinner. And the best thing is, they are all still doable (within this tight time frame).  So lets get started, shall we not! Dream Big! Think Big! That's my philosophy!

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

1. A Shopping Spree

I know you're saying, WHOA KIM! But this does not have to be on a large scale. You control the money. Pick your significant other's favorite store or stores and either give them gift cards to those stores or money to shop them. For some people, it can be really stressful picking out a gift. And who's to say, your loved one will like your choices. By letting them pick things, takes the guesswork out of the equation. Your significant other will be tickled pink. 

2. Instead Of Dinner, Book A Private Dining Experience

Why not elevate your Valentine's Day dinner? THINK BIG. Many restaurants now, offer private areas and rooms as dining options. They're usually specially decorated and the staff gives you extra attention. Your special one will feel extra special that you went to such lengths. And just think of how romantic the evening will be! If you can't get reservations on the big day, book an alternative day.

3. Book A Private Movie Experience 

Nowadays, you can rent a private movie experience at your local movie theater. I've always wanted to do this. Did you know, you can rent a theater for only 1-20 people. The pricing is not that bad either (last I checked $200 and less). You will have the theater all to yourself. How romantic is that? Your Valentine will giggle with glee. 

4. Book A Couples Massage

A massage is a great way to unwind and relax. Why not book a couples massage session? Exclusive hotels usually offer this option. People can also be hired to give massages at your home. 

5. Concert Tickets

What's your significant other's favorite artist? Is it Andrea Bocelli? Marc Anthony? Taylor Swift? Bruno Mars? Beyonce? Are they touring? Secure tickets for the both of you. This will make an excellent gift that both of you will look forward to doing in the future. 

6. A Date At The Jewelry Store

It's often suggested that YOU pick out a ring, necklace etc for your significant other to give on Valentine's Day. Why not shake up that idea!?! Set a budget. Then tell your loved one that they can pick out anything they want at a particular jewelry store. They will have free reign at the place! Again, they can pick out something (ring, earrings, bracelet etc) they will love and cherish. This takes the pressure off of you.

7. Hire A ....

I think everyone nowadays has a To-Do-List a mile long. How can you make your loved one's life easier? Do they need extra help cleaning around the house? Hire a cleaning service. Do they get tired of grocery shopping? Subscribe to Shipt. Do they get tired of mowing the lawn? Hire a grass cutting service. Hire someone that will make your loved one's life EASIER.

8. Weekend Getaway

Long trips are wonderful, but we also need breaks in-between those times. Weekend getaways can be just the ticket that both of you all need. Check out your local city and state tourism website. Then check out the websites of all the states that surround you (that are drive-able). There are a host of Bed & Breakfast's, Hotels, Local Events, Campgrounds etc. They should give you a number of ideas. 

9.  Box Seating At The Theatre

What theatrical performances are coming to your city? Elevate your theatre experience by giving your significant other the VIP Experience. This could be by booking seats in a VIP area, Club or Box Seating. And don't think you have to have membership to do this? Many season ticket holders, sometimes sell their seats for a performance if they're not in town. You can usually purchase these through reputable resale ticket sellers. This is what I did when I went to see the musical Waitress.

10. Romantic Photo Shoot

When was the last time, you as a couple took pictures together? Ahhh, its been that long? Why not book a local photographer to take some impromptu pictures of you two together. What's your favorite place? Try to make it FUN and not stressful. Impromptu pics are the best. Even throw in some money for your loved one to get their hair, nails done and an outfit. 

I hope this post stirs up your creative juices and that you have a great Valentine's Day!



  1. Your valentine ideas are lovely.


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