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Thursday, February 9, 2023

How A Luxury Apartment In London Can Be Perfect For A Special Birthday Surprise

You have just returned home from meeting your friends for coffee with many things on your mind, the most important of which is what can you do to make your husband’s 50th birthday extra special.

You gain inspiration after your son joked that your man would be missing anyway as his favourite football team was playing in London that weekend. Problem solved. You will celebrate his birthday in the city!

This will work perfectly. You can send him away with his son who is telling his dad that it’s his birthday present to him to pay for the train and tickets. Little does he know that you are heading to London on the next train after his departure with your daughter-in-law and simply wait for him at one of the Park Lane Apartments Piccadilly Circus locations you have booked that a friend recently recommended.

Something Extra Special & Private

You have good reason to choose the accommodation. It would be easy to book a hotel, but you want something extra special and private, and your selection certainly provides that. When you arrive, you will be greeted by a concierge before you head upstairs to your apartment, which offers the epitome of luxury and style.

5-Star Facilities To Enjoy, Just Like Being In A Hotel

By having booked a unit through operators such as, you will have all the 5-star facilities that any hotel can offer; even better - it will feel like your own home. You girls can kick back for a few hours and use the en-suite bathroom while watching a bit of TV and appreciating the strong Wi-Fi signal, which you know would also be perfect if you wanted to do some online work at the same time.

A Full Kitchen To Cook His Favourite Food

Then there is the superb modern kitchen, which will allow you to cook at any time, using all the best facilities and utensils. It will also provide you with the means to make this a special birthday as you can get on with preparing food for later when you are hosting a surprise party with his London-based sister and her family.

Spacious Areas All To Yourselves

The spacious living areas will make it ideal for this special gathering, not least the dining area providing extra space, along with a private balcony so that you can steal some precious time away for a special moment or two. Sleeping will also be enjoyable and relaxing in a double bed in surroundings that exude elegance only with a modern touch, allowing a good night’s rest to recover from enjoying all the capital has to offer.

The Perfect Location

Being close to the best of what the city has to offer, these serviced apartments are often the perfect choice especially for those with limited time to spare. You cannot wait to see your husband’s face when he is led to a pub after his football, only for you and his son’s wife to be already sat there waiting with their drinks. After he gets over the shock, you can walk him a few minutes to the apartment where his sister’s family will be waiting to spring a further surprise.

The Perfect Start For A Leisurely Walk

You have plans for Sunday too after you have used the kitchen to make breakfast. Because the apartment is near so many attractions, you will be going for a walk to take many of them in. There was also a wide choice of options for you to select from, when booking somewhere for a roast dinner, prior to enjoying some pub entertainment while relaxing followed by a hilarious show in the West End. There is no need to be concerned about the following morning as you know you are nearby to public transport that will take you back to your mainline railway terminus in no time.

Photo by Rahul Chakraborty on Unsplash

Yes, choosing a luxury apartment in Piccadilly will be the perfect way to celebrate the special birthday of your nearest and dearest.

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